“Deliberate Stupidity” – Michael O’Bernicia is Suing UK Parliament for Covid Fraud

henrymakow.com – Oct 17, 2020

Private Criminal Prosecution of Parliament –  Top Legal Team Engaged to Sue Every Member of Parliament
Michael O’Bernicia has considerable experience fighting mortgage fraud in the UK. He has gained considerable support from the legal profession. 
One firm of Barristers told him this is the most significant criminal prosecution that has ever been pursued.  This article outlines other practical forms of resistance.

by The Bernician(henrymakow.com) 

Yesterday afternoon we received confirmation that the partners of the firm of barristers we are talking to about the Private Criminal Prosecution of Parliament are all in agreement – it is an argument that can be won, despite the hurdles that we will have to get over to achieve that.
This means that we are now moving forward into the preparation of the court papers, including an affidavit containing all of the allegations of fraud, treason, and genocide against every MP who voted to enact and retain the unlawful Coronavirus Act 2020.
It will be the first time allegations of treason have been made since the aftermath of WWII, whilst genocide is a crime under international law and such allegations would almost certainly be dealt with in the Hague.

Lockdown Genocide Continues


Continues …

22 responses to ““Deliberate Stupidity” – Michael O’Bernicia is Suing UK Parliament for Covid Fraud”

  1. Well, some good points there and good luck with that. Even if this was successful, & the courts directed the police state to act, I don’t think they’ll do anything. Look at the Brexit fraud? Amerikan Jew Boris Johnson, leader of the coup plotters regime is on the cusp of delivering a hard Brexit or a semi-hard Brexit, what they always wanted. And you know there is skulduggery going on when the fake news and politicos focus on fishing… fishing is a tiny, very tiny part of the economy & most fish caught goes to EU markets. No one is going to invest in a UK based fishing industry & most ports who still have fishing boats, they coexist with with another destroyed industry called tourism. Having a full blown fishing port does not work with tourism.

    As to resistance, it will be very hard to get the thicko sheeple to move on that one.

  2. The Irish YouTuber ‘Computing Forever’ likened such legal actions, well-intentioned though they are, to telling a mugger as he’s taking your watch and mobile phone off you,

    “Do you realise you’re breaking the law?”

    … then expecting him to reply,

    “Oh, thank you, I had no idea”, and handing your goods back to you.

  3. The opposition to this Covid farce is gaining steam in the north where they seem to be held to a different standard of cases for lockdown and monetary compensation. It’s not just the people rebelling, either. It’s politicians now, from both left and right, so it’s not so easy to dismiss as malcontent now it’s taking on political leadership from the elected political class. So whatever way they spin it the resistance has become a political movement.

    This could really go places because they’re just not kowtowing to it, and I’ve thought for a while the Johnson government hasn’t got the fortitude for a hard fight. A day or two before the election Johnson hid in a fridge to dodge the press so he’ll run from the crowd.

  4. Excellent, easy-on-the-ear conversation exposing the corrupt status quo perpetuating this massive fraud. All corrupt, dodgy politicians and their controlled mainstream media are now put on full notice. The public has had enough!

  5. Carl Jones; If… “The thicko sheeple” respect “authority” (whatever the agenda and politics) then the change needs to come from the top. Utilising the legal options is the only option.

  6. The Protocol By The Learned Elders Of Zion.

    Mystic and Yogi.

  7. Cycling shops in London used to sell Chemtrailing masks then they called them motoring exhaust safety masks, nw they are called covid masks
    a big seller in my local shop is the sarah nutenyahu special
    its really a pig face, ” satas is known as miss piggy” and they do look like her
    i could not attach a pic here

  8. There’s no more queen or royals to speak of (WTF are they anyway, José).
    The bloke you see is not the original Boris Johnson.
    An actor clearly impersonated Prince Charlie The Virus who wants to come back as your tampon
    Entire Hollywood is missing in non-action.
    The compromising files have been slammed on the desks of the Wutti Can, Eurofaggot Brussel sprouts, the entire top tier of the largest corps, so that´s TLC and CFR and Bildaburger in one fell swoop, so …

    This is not exactly a bad idea at this very precise moment.
    You hang them in court, not on the streets.
    One crack in the wall and you pry it open, smash the entire thing to pieces.
    It´s like a grenade taped to the failing Three Gorges Dam in China.
    Pull that safety pin, Eugene.

    And uhhhh … Karma´s a bitch.

  9. Do no harm but take no shit – perfect.

    This sounds very promising…what would help enormously is letting your MP know, that you know they’ve been given notice.

  10. Those that want power over others are exactly those that should never be given it.

    This “covid” SCAM is nothing but a power grab by insane jews, robotic creatures with no Human compassion or intelligence that just follow the plan through the centuries, and it’s long past time to send them back to their father, as identified by Jesus Christ.

    Some say Jesus never existed, but regardless, the “Jesus concept” remains a valid one, and the message attributed to Him has few flaws, so whether or not people believe He was a real person, we could do a lot worse than to unite under His banner for the coming final battle between good (or God) and the devil that calls itself jew.

  11. The sheeple will be kept in control by free sheeple comforts bestowed on them by their caring and sharing governments. However, when the comforts start to get too sparse and restlessness starts to infect the herd, the proven antidote will be that promised second wave of a much more lethal variation of the virus which will be released, with the intention being to get rid of most of the elderly and vulnerable others, in order to both renew the scare and the compliance, and of course the excess useless eaters of all the “sustainable” comforts. This plan may already be in the works, and the comfort-drugged sheeple will just keep comfortably believing everything they are told to believe, by the elite monsters and their lying minions, as they blindly follow in lockstep to totalitarian enslavement and their own demise. Can’t people see that when they agreed to leave unprotected and allow the sate or anyone to get rid of any “unwanted” member of any vulnerable class of human beings, that in effect they have endorsed totalitarianism, and murder, and have signed their own death warrants?

  12. 5G millimetre waves cause coronavirus – Coming soon: FBI-administered polygraph tests for Big Telecom executives – Yes, a signal creates a virus.

  13. To Kevin Boyle:

    The worthwhile thing about launching a lawsuit is not expecting the criminal to voluntarily stop…but acquiring the tools from the Court to FORCE him to stop. Injunctions can be won that will force the police authorities to act to stop the behaviour. That’s what the class action lawsuits being launched all over the world are all about.


  14. This is just un-belivable, the “barristers” are bound by oath to the BAR, the British Accreditation Regency, located in City of London, a sovereign state entirely outside of the UK jurisdiction. These “barristers” are now supposed to help the “people”, oppressed by the same group of fake Jews whom these “barristers” have sworn allegiance to..? Its just absurd and sick, simply a fake show to portrayal “the legal system” in light of moral and fairness, sick sick sick. The “legal system” is simply a for profit business, harvesting STUPID people, who think they are PERSONS(corporations) and Cestui Qui Vie trustees. Peoples ignorance is truly chocking. The only trustee, in a “court room” is the clerk of the court, no one else. The “Judge” is only an adminstrator, nothing else. There is no Common law, only Admiralty.

  15. How about ‘The Great Barrington Declaration ‘.
    Can’t even find it on Google now, except for a few negative things about it.
    Expect the same censoring for this one.
    No-one will hear more on this if it’s genuine.

  16. The whole thing that is going on is so mucked up that we do not know which way to go left right forwards or backwards. There needs to be an overthrow of government but for that there needs to be a reliable junta who is in tune with those who believe the real reason for all of this COVID HOAX is a reset of our way of life. I do not profess to know about the earths magnetic field or how 5G works but I read all the post and learn a lot but, I know this much something is very wrong and I am aware that we humans are being herded into oblivion. It does not matter how old a person is or how vulnerable no one has the right to decide who can live and who can die that’s just insane. I will never take the vaccine or be chipped I. have been given the custody of my soul and I intend to keep that covenant until I leave this planet and, I will stand with anyone against all those snakes until they are no more.

  17. Excellent, about time we had a voice that has to be listened to. and acted upon thank you so very much on behalf of joe public in the U.K and humanity .

  18. If there is a single shred of justice left in this country then this case will be triumphant BUT it will be an uphill fight all the way and the corrupt establishments both governmental and legal will plant their traps all along the way. Good Luck to all concerned.

  19. The Covid-19 Hoax is merely a duplicity test on the credibility of a benign public, to measure the acceptence of future, money grabbing death sentences. FFS wake up.

  20. Another free speech video channel to copy your videos to is brighteon.com It was set up and funded by The Health Ranger who has been publishing the truth about covid and how to stay healthy. Best advice to stay free of not just covid but other viruses such as flu is to supplement with vitamin D3 (2000 i.u. – the vast majority of us are deficient; esp people with black or dark skin) and zinc citrate (50 mg) a day. A years supply of D3 is £14.49 (less 10% if you sign up to Simply Supplements) and Zn is even less i.e. pennies a day. D3 supports our immune system while Zinc prevents/disrupts the attachment of virus protein spikes to the cells of the alveoli in the lungs). If you are worried about a positive test, the “Gold Standard” of prevention (prophylaxis) of developing full blown covid, that you should demand from your GP, is: –
    Ivermectin 12 mg 1 dose
    Vitamin D (dose dependent upon blood screening result but 2,000 iu will not harm)
    Zinc 50 mg once a day for 4 days on a 14 day cycle
    Doxycycline 100 mg once a day for 4 days
    There are more and more scientific/medical papers being published that support supplementing with D3 and Zinc.
    The NHS/Oxford University designed the UK “Prevent” trial of HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) to fail by giving 3 times the standard dose to hospitalised and intubated patients, killing them. HCQ is an ionophore that enables zinc to enter cells. Many countries have not banned HCQ as dictated by the WHO. They all have significantly lower case fatality rates than the USA, UK etc. This is largest worldwide meta-data analysis demonstrating this fact: – https://hcqtrial.com/
    By the way, the Chinese published information back in February of blood screening results of people who had died showing that they all had Zinc deficiency. The WHO and western governments ignored this information.
    Your government wants you dead.

  21. If our legal system is capable of delivering truth and justice, why has Julian Assange been incarcerated, mentally tortured and is undergoing a so called extradition hearing (in reality a star chamber) with a pre-determined conclusion? I didn’t know that Keir Starmer was responsible for not prosecuting Saville so thanks for that.
    If/when you get to needing crowd funding, how will you let us know?

  22. Greencrow!
    Excellent answer!