I Had a Dream

David DeGerolamo – N.C. Renegade Oct 16, 2020

I grew up believing the American Dream where anyone could succeed and prosper. Apple pie for dessert and Disney on Sunday night portraying American heroes from the Revolution, the Alamo and the Western frontier were staples of this dream as a child. I did not grow up living in even a middle class home and we rarely had apple pie. But the American Dream shaped my future, morality and work ethic.

Fast forward to today where the country has been degraded into a socialist evil empire without morality. Actually, the nation has no soul as the number of abortions increase, politics is a blood sport for power and news is fabricated and wrapped up into a nice package of propaganda.

The main topic of conversation with a stranger today was what happens on election night. I was asked what I hoped our future would be and I was honest: I want the country to break apart into smaller geographic areas. It was like a weight was lifted from my soul as I came to grips with the fact that this country and its ideals were dead. Dead and about to be buried by a Communist illusion where everyone is equal except for the elites who ruled over their starving minions. No God, no Liberty and only submission to whatever we are told to bend the knee for their pleasure. Even if Trump wins reelection as I believe he will, it will only be a stopgap to prolong the agony of the country’s demise.

Let me be clear, I did not want to see this end to the Great Experiment. I wanted to live the American Dream as I wanted for my children and grandchildren but that is now an illusion. Tyranny has infiltrated our government, media and educational institutions. 2 + 2 = 5 and if we disagree, we are racists or whatever other label they apply to denigrate us. Because it is us vs. them and we are still pursuing a dream that is no longer viable. They stole our dreams and they bankrupted the country to enslave us. So we come back to how we delineate us vs. them. I am suggesting we abandon political parties or class structure for the delineation although I could make a case for both.

The easiest delineation would be geographic as I discussed with the stranger today. I have nothing in common with West Coast Communists, Northern Yankees or Upper Midwest Democrat Shithole cities. I apologize for being so blunt but reality is here and it is time to accept it. The devil is in the details for this “divorce” but I will ask you a simple question: do you see any reconciliation with “them” as they physically attack us with impunity, disgrace the flag, rewrite our culture, manipulate a two-tiered justice system and enslave our children?

I pray that the blood shed in the near future is minimal. I pray that God guides our hearts and souls with wisdom. I pray for Liberty for our children. What will these new countries look like? We have a good starting point from our own history and if we learn from the evil on the other side, we will do better. The biggest problem that I see in this type of scenario is how we hold those responsible for their crimes.

I believe any system of government designed by free men and women who have a moral foundation in God will be better than the swamp that could not be drained which destoyed our country.

David DeGerolamo



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  1. No David, I do not see, or even hope for, any reconciliation between the elites and the rest. And this is good, because the greater the separation between ‘us’ and ‘them’ the greater the chances of survival when, not if, evil destroys itself! Come that glorious day… and stay away from the ‘Doom, gloom and disaster merchants’ lest you go down with them in their self- fulfilling prophecy. And yes mate, prayer works… let peace reign!

  2. I am old enough to remember the presidency of Eisenhower, the assassination of JFK and RFK, the resignation of Nixon, the Vietnam War in which I served, and all the bad presidents after Carter. AMERICA IS DEAD! It is difficult to pinpoint the exact time of America’s death. Some would say 1914 when the Jew Federal Reserve system went into operations. Or, maybe 1948 when Freemason Truman recognized Israel against the advice of George Marshall. Many think the CIA assassination of John Kennedy marked the death of America. I conclude that all of the above contributed to America’s death, but the 11 Sept 2001 attacks by Israel and the Bush II criminals on the WTC complex and the Pentagon were the final nails in the coffin. Having the Kenyan Obongo in the White House illegally for 8 years was only icing on the cake. Living in the South, I am prepared for, and I hope for, a dissolution of the Union. The recent and current looting, violence, arson and destruction of public and private property at the hands of Marxists, which has been tolerated by Communist Mayors and Governors, has been long planned. It has nothing to do with the George Floyd hoax. Better have in your home the things you will need for 6-8 weeks, at a minimum, by 30 Oct. The coming violence will shock you.

  3. It’ll be the same as in Britain. Everywhere run by the opposition is starved of funds, then they blame the opposition for the pain and ruin caused by the under-funding.

    About twenty years ago the Community Charge (a local business and residential rate) in Westminster, an area of London with some of the highest-valued property in the country, had one of the lowest Community Charges of the time. The Conservatives who controlled the borough said many government buildings are in Westminster so the area has to be maintained and that’s why the residential rate was so low – which conveniently ignored the rate wasn’t set by taking property values into account as happens everywhere else.

  4. Excellent article and some (2 as I write this) good comments.

    Is there a God?

    Is there a devil?

    If we look at the destructive “work” of the jew over time, we are forced to equate world jewry with evil. Everything they do is evil. They destroy everything that’s right, proper and good (or “of God”). They hate beauty in all it’s forms. They have no Human values like Love, Compassion and Empathy. They imagine themselves to be somehow “superior” to REAL Human Beings. Some of the most depraved actually imagine themselves superior to God the Creator, whatever we may individually envisage the Creative Force to be.

    Working together as they do to destroy the whole of creation, collectively they ARE the devil in that they consciously align themselves with evil.

  5. @waw
    I believe you just totally nailed it. I was born and raised in the south. I’ve been trying to warn for years. I would add 1865 to the timeline. Kudos on you.

  6. A country that is an HQ for the Jew Satanist mafia, having established rights and freedoms mainly for that group probably could never last very long.

  7. The bloodshed is inevitable and a must. There are simply far too many, of the younger generations who are utterly contaminated with Marxist crap, truly believing the rants of that mad man, while failing to see the outcome of communism in the many places it was introduced. “Marxism can work. It’s just not been implemented properly into society” is the mantra of these fools. It beggars belief.
    No, the bloodshed has to come. The complete eradication of millions of peoples, within all generations, infected with this ‘red’ malady. There has to be a cull of the population, not for the sake of population control, good heavens no, but for the fact that these idiots cannot be reprogrammed. Their brains are mush and they will always be striving to bring in a communist state, no matter if their 18 or 80.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the author. Not just the US, but ALL countries in the west need to break up into their separate nations, regions, boroughs, cantons, provinces, states in order to destroy any attempt at centralized control. Bring back the walled cities/villages. Have the gatekeepers (as we saw in Bree in Lord of the Rings), not allowing anyone in who shouldn’t be in. The whole plan of the elites was to conglomerate all nations into one, under one government, one banking system, one religion, one emperor. In order that we succeed we do EXACTLY the opposite.
    Bring about a large program of repatriation of non indigenous to their own lands. Certainly allow tourism, but only that they are allowed to come once, every 10 years and stay no longer than 2 weeks. Allow no immigration meaning no non indigenous can buy/own businesses/property, nor be employed as a member of the workforce. And of course, no state benefits, which hopefully should be phased out completely. When this happens, immigrants will have no choice but to leave and go back to their ancestral lands.

    When you understand WHAT the elites want you have to counter them to defeat them. The want mass immigration, you simply stop and reverse it. They want the minority to control, you simply remove all minorities from positions of power. They want centralised government, you remove that and create local governments, if at all. They want police on the streets and armed, you arm yourselves and drive the police off the streets. They want an armed force to crush the population when they rebel, you remove all armed forces within your lands.
    You defeat the elites by not complying to their world. You boycott their shops. You don’t use their moneys. You don’t work for their companies. You unite when the police come to arrest neighbours and make a stand showing them it ain’t happening. They turn up with 50 armed police, you turn up with 100 armed citizens. You stop paying taxes. You end the money supply. You stop supporting the police and end the police force. You counter every strategy with exactly the opposite to what they plan. This is how you win.
    You take back the msm, by shaming the journalists, by talking of them on the street and passing the information on. You stop buying their newspapers. You stop listening to their radio shows. You throw out the TV and stop watching Hollywood. You end the money supply to their industry. You do the same with academia – you stop sending your children to school. When you are called to court, you don’t go. When the police turn up to your house, rinse and repeat as already mentioned above by supporting your neighbours.

    Eventually the police will stop policing. The soldiers will stop soldiering. The teachers will stop teaching. The journalists will stop their journalism. The judiciary will stop judging. You bring society to a grinding halt. They will soon get the message. And when that day comes, the elites will be like the new born calves, in the African savanna, with no protection and completely helpless. That’s when, as the lions of justice you move in for the kill and you rip them to pieces, limb from limb.

    They control because they have built the system to protect them. You destroy it and in doing so you destroy them. They know this. They are terrified hence why they’re ramping up the control. They’ve reached the point of no return. They cannot go back to normal, because they’ve now shown their true colours. Their plans are now out in the open for all to see. You’d have to be an idiot savant to not see this. Therefore more and more draconian measures will come in, to stop the public who are now beginning to awaken. They have a limited amount of time to roll in their total, control, network their globalist, communist state. One slip up and they know it’s curtains for them.
    We can win this.
    We can and we will destroy them.

    We will finally rid this world of the evil that control this world. The Jews, the Jesuits, the phony Roman Catholic church and all churches, the committee of 500, the council of 33, the 13 ruling family bloodlines with all world aristocracies, the freemasons….all will fall and be completely annihilated in the coming war. They know this. They are terrified. Once you start taking out high profile peoples you will see the panic, as they flee the west to their foreign abodes, thinking they can escape justice. They cannot. They will now. They know this. You know this. Make it so.

  8. Someone should inform the author of this article that it wasn’t ‘liberals’ who ruined & refashioned the city of Detroit into rubble, but hordes of congenitally criminal bipedal apes…

  9. As George Carlin said: It’s called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!
    Nonetheless, imagine if the US media broadcast mostly truth– rather than non-stop lies. How different would the country look, today?

  10. And don’t worry about the apple pie, America. We have apples.

  11. Thanks for reposting my article. To our friends in England, let me just say that we will never give up our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. After the civil war and the balkanization of America, you are welcome to immigrate in the new Southern Coalition of States.

  12. After the civil war and the balkanization of America, you are welcome to immigrate in the new Southern Coalition of States.
    Ha-ha! Under this balkanization of America do you mean tsiganization?
    America was tsiganized long ago- do you remember that you used to send there tons of gypsies in the colonies and some of the states, then still ununited, were penal colonies?
    Guy, study your own history with understanding!

  13. Dear Lucid & Ferrous
    I would love to emmigrate from the UK to the Southern Staes. But being white I would have to be smuggled in by a coyote through the Mexican border! My sister-in-law who is also white has been waiting for 17 YEARS for a immigration visa!

  14. More fear porn