UK ‘dangerous’ bill provides MI5, police with crime license: Amnesty

Press TV – Oct 16, 2020

Armed police in Birmingham, UK. Click to enlarge

Amnesty International has warned against passing “deeply dangerous” legislation into law, saying the proposed law would give devastating power to undercover agencies to authorize torture and murder in the United Kingdom (UK) and overseas.

Responding to news that the controversial Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill has passed its third reading in Parliament, the amnesty said that the legislation creates a legal license to agencies — such as the UK Security Service (MI5) — to commit crimes as part of their work.

“This dangerous bill appears to give police and other government agencies legal license to sign off on serious crimes — including torture and murder — without any apparent limit,” said Director of Amnesty International UK Kate Allen.

“It’s hugely worrying that we’re a step closer to seeing this deeply dangerous bill become law,” she said on Thursday.

“Giving such disturbing powers to bodies including MI5 and the police could have devastating impacts,” Allen added.

She also warned that if signed into law, the “deeply shocking” bill could authorize “appalling acts” for all purposes across the UK and overseas.

Allen also urged “peers who care about the rule of law to introduce urgent amendments before the bill progresses further through Parliament.”

Currently, there are laws that allow security agencies and the police in the UK to recruit and authorize an agent to go undercover.

The latest bill, however, will allow the agent and the officers overseeing the operation to commit a specific crime as part of that job, without being prosecuted.

At the end of each year, the watchdog overseeing covert powers will report on their use.

The proposed law will not specify exactly which crimes can be committed, though.

The legislation came after a legal battle to force MI5 and the British government to reveal secret rules governing when an informant can break the law.

A court ruling last year found that while MI5 had an “implied” power to authorize crimes, it did not mean anyone involved was immune from prosecution.

This prompted the decision in the UK to create the new law, which will require MI5 officers and others to show the crime is “necessary and proportionate.”

While the legislation calls on agencies not to breach the Human Rights Act — which requires the government to protect life — there will be no role for prosecutors in reviewing the crimes.


12 responses to “UK ‘dangerous’ bill provides MI5, police with crime license: Amnesty”

  1. The police, the military MI5, and MI6 have been breaking domestic and international laws for decades. By implication, the current regime and previous regimes are crooks as well. Most ministers and MPs have no idea what goes on. They don’t have a clue what Amerika and Israel gets up to in the UK. Almost every week of the year, the SAS and MI6 are in foreign lands committing serious crimes. I’m not talking about gathering intelligence, I am talking about acts of terrorism, sabotage, bringing aircraft down, attempting to micronuke the Crimea Bridge, ect.

    Who cares about these laws, no one ever got arrested and charged in the past & Amnesty is part of the deep state anyway, so what.

  2. re Renegade UK Security “Sevices”

    SHOCKING news…. for those who still believe in the Easter Bunny

  3. So now the constitutional laws of this country have been totally ignored, and yet they still hold primacy , the question must be asked how far and how deep does this level of political corruption and treason go ?.

  4. Yes, they have always done it. I was a British National Party organiser 2004-2007, and believe my line manager, West Midlands organiser, and party Deputy Leader Simon Darby was an MI5 infiltrator. I give reasons elsewhere for this belief.

    Idiosyncratic , but honest leftist Larry O’Hara has done a good job documenting infiltration/agent provocateuring of Nationalism by the state for those interested. I recommend his “Note From the Borderland”, and perhaps the edition “At War With The Universe,” describing among other things an agent provocateur infiltrating the BNP as well as the UFO circuit (!?!?). (Overlapping interests of mine as it happens.)

    MI5 infiltration goes back as Peter Wright – and further back – who admitted MI5: “burgled and bugged its way around London.” I have to thank a Truthseeker contributor for motivating me to read Roland Perry’s “Fifth Man” which nails (Lord) Victor Rothschild as part of the infamous “Cambridge Spy Ring”. This is where we see again money power and state intelligence intersect. Rothschild was also working for the Zionist Haggadah – a Mossad predecessor – as well as the Soviet Union.

    Back in history – before MI5 – we have the “Gunpowder Plot” as very likely a deliberate aided and stymied lintel op. See :

    Let’s not forget British intelligence is at very least complicit in the 7/7 tube bombings. They are enemies of the people and friends of the secret rulers.

  5. I suggest all disidents (like folk who post messages on sites like this) start getting their act together because the roundups and assassinations will soon be starting.

  6. This is only a miniscule part of what is coming. They have no intention of stopping no matter what data is thrown at them. This is creepy, sleepy Joe just being one of them:

  7. What Carl says is true but the crimes he refers to were committed covertly.

    What this law does is open the door to state agencies OPENLY committing such crimes. Maybe our rulers are intending to go full Bolshevik in their tyranny. Snatch squads breaking down front doors and taking people away. Slaughtering dissidents in detention and imprisonment facilities.

    For what other purpose could such legislation be carefully written and consciously placed before parliament?

    The shocking thing … THE GREAT BETRAYAL … YET ANOTHER ONE … is that they voted it in. THIS OBSCENITY IS NOW THE LAW OF THE LAND.

    It beggars belief that braying posh-boys, virtue-signalling feminist/equalitarian and other assorted representatives we call parliamentarians could give the green light to such horrors being inflicted on their own people.

    Utterly shocking.


  8. @grimsson “I suggest all dissidents (like folk who post messages on sites like this) start getting their act together because the roundups and assassinations will soon be starting.”

    This is a very common and understandable sentiment.

    The underlying mechanism of the state is driven by an ideology that uses ego and reward – through the creation of credit – to organise itself. Any “organisation” by “us” risks infiltration and subversion using individual egoism – that we all have – to to defeat “us”.

    This is asymmetric warfare we have to engage in…

    We cannot “organise”. We lack the means. The “means” include private methods of communication and the right to hold public meetings in places that one way or the other are controlled by the “system”. In connection with all of this, it has to be said that YouTube personalities, however right they are, are not “leaders”.

    However, we can speak and write the truth to those willing to read and listen. In this asymmetry we cannot form successful hierarchical organisations, which are liable to becoming subverted or destroyed.

    We can be as truthful as possible. And when called for, as brave we allow ourselves to be. Party of the asymmetry of the conflict is the material nature of the state’s onslaught against the people and eternal nature of truth that transcends considerations such as our own assassinations etc

    The bottom line is that the world is run be evil people. We cannot use the same weapons against them as they use against us. Their reward is very temporary material rewards, no doubt accompanied by sleepless nights. Our reward in contesting this are the opposite: “treasures in heaven”, or whatever karmic judgement that must surely await those of us who “follow the path”…

  9. Horrifying!

  10. I believe the reason why they need these laws is that the UK is bankrupt & there is going to be a massive fall in the standard of living. This is related to the general collapse of the West since the 1970, which further accelerated after Dotcom, 2008, 2019 banking collapse which was averted with Fed QE, the Brexit and Covid. So we are going to see instabilty and the rise of internal threats. I realise that many don’t click on links, but this Keiser Report covers some interesting bases.

  11. When you are born, the government does not give you the right and freedom to breathe: you breathe as a part of Nature. Later in life the government may try to choke you e.g. with a face-mask, but, again, there was no right or freedom to do this and, this time, it was not part of Nature and they had to do some active work and have an unnatural will to get you choked. We need rights and freedoms neither in ourselves nor in the government, but we need to assert the enemy’s lack of rights sometimes. Unfortunately the discourse has been polluted by criminal scheming since about 1700.

  12. “The proposed law would give devastating power to undercover agencies to authorize torture and murder in the United Kingdom (UK) and overseas.”

    “The latest bill will allow the agent and the officers overseeing the operation to commit a specific crime as part of that job, without being prosecuted.”

    This is absolutely outrageous.

    But ti shouldn’t really come as a surprise as your criminal governments, and the even more criminal shadow rulers calling the shots to your criminal treasonous governments, have turned on you and declared YOU and the rest of the citizenry to be the enemy. Decades ago.

    Whomever came up with that legislation to allow the police state to run absolutely wild and commit crimes without accountability, and anyone and everyone in Parliament who would support such a shockingly grotesque act, should be named, shamed, publicly flogged, stripped of any and all power and forbidden to ever run for public office, and imprisoned if not executed.

    We have long been in the realm of excessive taxation without representation. If you think your government represents your interests in any way, shape, or form, you are thick to the point of official mental retardation or clinically insane. Unless you’re a Jew, a banker (yeah, redundant), a multinational corporation, or other special interest who buys government hacks like cheap whores.

    War has been declared and waged on citizens for some time, but the majority still don’t realize it. And they are as good as dead due to their ignorance and stupidity.

    In the Jewnited States, we have been in desperate need of term limits or “representatives” and senators for a long time. We have been in desperate need of viable alternative parties for a long time. We have been in desperate need of accountability in the media for a long time. But the Jewnited States is doomed without the destruction of the Jew criminal cartel that controls credit, currency, and markets, and destruction of the Jew controlled media narrative. And that ain’t gonna happen, as the Jews would start a massive nuclear war and destroy the whole planet rather than lose control.

    As for me, I’ve been getting familiar with the names, addresses, and habits of our oppressors and I’d recommend you all do the same. For the day is coming, and coming quickly, on which we will all have nothing left to lose.