Macron announces four-week curfew in Paris region and other cities

Introduction – Oct 16, 2020

We are witnessing the emergence of totalitarian rule by stealth. Ostensibly to contain a “global pandemic”, the governments of the world are acting as one. Imposing restrictions on work and movement with barely any consultation.
Such is the urgent need to stop the spread of Covid-19 these measures need to be imposed. Or so we are being led to believe.
Now French President Macron has announced what amounts to a curfew in Paris and eight other French cities. Resident will not be allowed outside between 9.00 pm and 6.00 am.
Similar restrictions are being imposed in parts of Britain too. With Wales having just imposed what amounts to a travel ban.
Germany has likewise announced that tougher restrictions will be imposed to curtail a surge in the number of cases there. As has Belgium, although the restrictions in Belgium wont be as severe as the French curfew.
There’s only one problem. There are many who believe that these measures are an overreaction to Coronavirus, which is little more than a variant of the sort of seasonal flu we see every few years. In fact no less than the World Health Organisation has admitted as much, albeit inadvertently.
Sweden is the exception that proves this. It has not imposed lockdowns or such severe restrictions on movement and travel and yet it has the lowest Covid-19 fatality rate in the whole of Europe.
In fact tens of thousands of doctors and medical experts from around the world have spoken out against the imposition of lockdowns. Although you wouldn’t know it because the corporate media has pointedly ignored this while it broadcasts non-stop about the supposed threat posed by Covid-19.
As with 9/11, the corporate media is working hand-in-glove with the powers that be to usher in an oppressive new reality. With 9/11 we saw the start of the War on Terror, the introduction new anti-terror legislation and the onset of new wars around the world. Some of which, like the war in Afghanistan, continue to this day.
With Covid-19 we are witnessing restrictions being imposed on movement and association for ordinary citizens, ostensibly to contain a pandemic. Ed.

Covid-19: Macron announces four-week curfew in Paris region and other cities, starting Saturday

France 24 – Oct 14, 2020

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday ordered a nighttime curfew for Paris and eight other French cities to contain the spread of Covid-19 after daily new infection rates reached record levels.

In a televised interview, Macron said residents of those cities – which combined are home to close to a third of the French population – would not be allowed to be outdoors between 9pm (1900 GMT) and 6am (0400 GMT) from Saturday, for a duration of at least four weeks, except for essential reasons.

“We have to act. We need to put a brake on the spread of the virus,” Macron said, adding the measure would stop people visiting restaurants and private homes in the late evening and night.

“We are going to have to deal with this virus until at least the summer of 2021,” Macron said, saying “all scientists” were in agreement on that point.G

‘We won’t be partying’

He said new daily coronavirus cases must be brought down to “3,000 or 5,000”, from current levels, which have reached up to almost 27,000.

In addition to Paris and its region, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Rouen, Saint-Étienne and Toulouse were being targeted by the measures, Macron said. That meant that around 20 million people would be affected out of a total population of some 67 million.

“We won’t be leaving the restaurant after 9pm,” Macron said. “We won’t be partying with friends because we know that that’s where the contamination risk is greatest.”

FRANCE 24’s chief foreign editor Rob Parsons said that the curfews’ 9pm start time will hurt businesses that depend on evening patrons.

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4 responses to “Macron announces four-week curfew in Paris region and other cities”

  1. paris has shown the world the way forward
    The yellow vest movement against totalitarianism mass immigration and jew run governments, have ben an inspiration in 23 countries
    Th chinese have a saying beware the anger of the patient man
    and the dumbed down british man who has been asleep at the wheel for so long
    is waking up

  2. Hitler fought a war to prevent everything retrogressive (ape immigration-miscegenation-virus scam-communism etc) that is now occurring in the western world. But millions of white Communist-Christian morons from the UK-USA-USSR annihilated his nation & mission so you could live in a Jewtopia.

    Now there’s about 8 billion ‘humans’ on the planet, with well over 7 billion of them being bipedal apes (Negroid-Mongoloid) & mongrels. What do you think is going to happen? Just watch the movie ‘Planet of the Apes’ (1968) to find out….

  3. Macron has indeed been fortunate….just as the Yellow Jackets were gaining momentum….along comes this covid lie and saves his bacon…..”just by chance”….

    There he was swearing black and blue that no one can interfere with free speech after a French citizen had his head chopped off by an immigrant brought into France by Macrons cronies.
    WHEN are the French and British public going to figure it out???
    The comments of such Jewish politicians like Macron and Johnson are DELIBERATE… is a delaying action…THESE FIENDS WANT THESE PROBLEMS
    The solution is obvious…..overthrow these anti democratic fiends…..ALL it needs is one incident to set things off.

    The more of these Muslim outrages there are….the easier it will be for the Jews to use western armed forces to fight Israel’s Wars.
    Citizens of France and Britain have to get it through their heads….Macron and Johnson ARE LYING FIENDS.

  4. But they can’t police no go zones because
    they are used to take over those in the
    non no go zones. An army of savages being
    used by the PTB/NWO 1 percent.