A Lie Pitched From The Pits Of Hell

Pastor Chuck Baldwin – Chuck Baldwin Live.com Oct 15, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) and Centers For Disease Control (CDC)—who together orchestrated the biggest global fraud in world history and who put the entire planet on military and police lockdown resulting in millions of lost jobs, millions of people thrust into poverty, millions of people becoming prisoners in nursing homes and even their own homes, untold broken families, ruined careers and suicides—recently published two reports that shatter the accepted corona narrative fostered by both organizations. Typically, almost no one in the mainstream media will cover these reports, so you probably have heard nothing about them.
First Report:
The World Health Organization has finally confirmed what we (and many experts and studies) have been saying for months – the coronavirus is no more deadly or dangerous than seasonal flu.
The WHO’s top brass made this announcement during a special session of the WHO’s 34-member executive board on Monday October 5th, it’s just nobody seemed to really understand it.
In fact, they didn’t seem to completely understand it themselves.
At the session, Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO’s Head of Emergencies revealed that they believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with Sars-Cov-2. This is their “best estimate”, and a huge increase over the number of officially recognised cases (around 35 million).
Dr. Margaret Harris, a WHO spokeswoman, later confirmed the figure, stating it was based on the average results of all the broad seroprevalence studies done around the world.
As much as the WHO were attempting to spin this as a bad thing – Dr Ryan even said it means “the vast majority of the world remains at risk” – it’s actually good news. And confirms, once more, that the virus is nothing like as deadly as everyone predicted.
The global population is roughly 7.8 billion people, if 10% have been infected that is 780 million cases. The global death toll currently attributed to Sars-Cov-2 infections is 1,061,539.
That’s an infection fatality rate of roughly 0.14%. Right in line with seasonal flu and the predictions of many experts from all around the world.
0.14% is over 24 times LOWER than the WHO’s “provisional figure” of 3.4% back in March. This figure was used in the models which were used to justify lockdowns and other draconian policies.
In fact, given the over-reporting of alleged Covid deaths, the IFR is likely even lower than 0.14%, and could show Covid to be much less dangerous than flu.
Think about it: The American people have allowed themselves to be put in a giant open air prison, prohibiting them from going to work, from going to church, from going anywhere without a stupid face diaper, from going to movies, from going to concerts, from going to sporting events, from going to bars or restaurants, from going to hair salons or barber shops, forcing them to close their businesses, forcing them to close their stores, forcing them to close their shops, forcing them to close their churches—basically, forcing them to abandon virtually all of their God-given, constitutionally protected liberties.
FOR WHAT? For a virus that is less harmful than the seasonal flu. And WHO admits it.
Second Report:
The CDC document is titled, CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel. It is dated July 13, 2020.
Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”
The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”
Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.
A further tip-off is the use of the word “isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE.
As if this were not enough of a revelation to shock the world, the CDC goes on to say they are presenting a diagnostic PCR test to detect the virus-that-hasn’t-been-isolated …and the test is looking for RNA which is PRESUMED to come from the virus that hasn’t been proved to exist.
So, now the CDC is saying they cannot prove the coronavirus even exists.
I say again, this entire coronavirus narrative is the biggest global fraud in world history. In fact, this fraud is so large it cannot be explained in natural terms. The sheer magnitude of such global devastation, disruption and decimation of Liberty and natural living can only be explained in terms of the supernatural.
Yes, I’m saying it straight out: The corona fraud is a work of evil spirits. It is a lie pitched from the pits of Hell.
This means that the medical professionals, local and county health boards, State governors, mayors, city councils, county commissions, school boards, government bureaucrats, media professionals, Big Tech executives and PASTORS who are blindly going along with the corona narrative are being manipulated by evil spirits.
There can be no other explanation.
And the real lesson of the corona fraud is the almost universal lack of spiritual discernment and courage within the Church. If I am right that the corona fraud is a creation of the dark regions of the netherworld, the ONLY answer to it is the heavenly light of spiritual truth. That means THE CHURCH must respond.
Except it’s not!
Pastors are silent. TV preachers are silent. Evangelists are silent. Christian educators are silent. Christian authors are silent. Christian radio broadcasters are silent. Christian doctors are silent. Christian attorneys are silent. Christian businessmen are silent. Christians in the pews are silent. Save for a precious few, the entire Church is utterly, shamefully SILENT.
The only thing Christians can focus on is Donald Trump’s reelection. They are absolutely insensible to the fact that all of this happened ON TRUMP’S WATCH—and with his assistance. Donald Trump is as much a stooge of evil spirits as anyone else in Washington, D.C.
In fact, I just discovered that here in Montana, the governor’s Emergency and Disaster orders expired months ago. The only Emergency Order (EO) that is in effect, the EO that maintains the phony corona narrative, the EO that keeps businesses closed, keeps churches closed, keeps theaters closed, keeps concert halls and sporting events closed and that forces people into agonizing isolation and forces them to wear those stupid face diapers is Donald Trump’s Emergency Order.
Look hard at your State laws, folks, because I suspect that many states are likewise suffering primarily under Trump’s Emergency Order—the same Emergency Order that is funneling trillions of taxpayer dollars into the perpetuation of the phony corona narrative and the giant corporations that are profiting from it.
If Donald Trump truly wanted to end the lockdowns, shutdowns, closures, etc., if he truly wanted Americans to go back to work, if he truly wanted the American people to have their lives and their liberties restored, he would rescind his Emergency Order NOW.
So, why hasn’t he done it?
Christians foolishly assume that this nightmare will go away after Trump is reelected. It won’t, because this is NOT a political or natural attack; this is a supernatural or spiritual attack that can only be defeated by a supernatural and spiritual counterattack—a counterattack that hasn’t come. After this much time with no meaningful response from America’s spiritual leaders, the powers of darkness know that the Church is ignorant, impotent and indolent. As a result, nothing stands in their way.
The power elite have already started the next phase of our open air imprisonment. If you don’t believe that, read this:
Google recently teamed up with the Pentagon as part of the new, AI-driven “Predictive Health” program. Though only focused on “predictive cancer diagnoses” for now, Google and the military have apparent plans to expand the AI model for automating and predicting Covid-19 diagnoses.
Here is the rest of the chilling report.
They are planning the creation of a real-life Minority Report society, except MUCH WORSE.
Trump’s decision to use the U.S. military to deliver corona vaccines and/or other Big Pharma solutions to the faux corona pandemic is no small matter. It has nothing to do with speeding a wonder drug to America’s heartland for our medical healing. It has everything to do with merging America’s healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with the U.S. military for our near-future enslavement.
Of course Joe Biden is no better.
Again, this is not a political problem; it is a spiritual problem. And as long as Christians keep shirking their responsibility to apply spiritual solutions to spiritual problems and keep telling themselves that their national salvation depends on perfidious, unprincipled politicians, the more they aid and abet their own enslavement.
As already stated, the phony corona narrative is a lie pitched from the pits of Hell. It’s past time for Christians to stand up and say so. Christ told us that the gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church. So, why is the Church not storming the gates? Scripture tells us that when we resist the evil one, he will flee from us. So, when will the Church start resisting?
America’s future is not in the hands of the politicians; it is in the hands of the men in the pulpits. And so far, all most of them have done is wash their hands.
P.S. I again encourage readers to watch my new DVD entitled The Rise Of The Beast: Coronavirus And Antichrist.
This DVD contains FIVE of my recent messages:
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The Masks Of The Beast
The Marks Of The Beast
The propaganda and government overreach of the coronavirus is illustrative of the hideous damage being caused by C. I. Scofield’s false prophecy doctrines. These messages show how the evangelical church has become little more than a glorified special interest group and is unwittingly assisting the work of antichrist through these false prophecy teachings.
These five messages are a monumental wake-up call for the Church to cast off the complacency associated with Scofield Zionism and return to the clarion call of God to be the salt and light of our country—before our liberties are totally destroyed and it becomes too late.
Order The Rise Of The Beast: Coronavirus And Antichrist here.
P.P.S. I also again remind readers that we have introduced a blockbuster book that I consider MUST-READING. The book is entitled The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe.
Written by one of Israel’s most renowned historians, this is the true story of how Israel became a state off the blood, rape and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.
The State of Israel loves to play the role of victim on the world stage, but the truth is, since WWII, Israel is one of the most murderous aggressor/terror states in the world. Had any other nation on earth committed the atrocities you will find documented in this book, the entire world—especially the United States—would hold it up to global condemnation. But you have likely read or heard absolutely nothing about it. The truth of Israel’s murderous conquest of Palestine is even hidden from the people of Israel themselves.
Evangelical Christians who are enamored with the modern State of Israel, believing it to be a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, need to take a close, hard look at the brutal history of the Zionist state. Reading this book is the best place to begin.
Order The Ethnic Cleansing Of Palestine by Ilan Pappe here.
© Chuck Baldwin
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28 responses to “A Lie Pitched From The Pits Of Hell”

  1. This link will answer most questions regarding the (((group))) responsible for all evils in the world, the one group that consciously aligns itself with the devil.


    Also, the “virus” myth was a scam from the start. There never has been, and never will be, a “virus” capable of causing illness. The concept of “germs”, (Pasteur’s imaginary “animalcules”) and later of “viruses” was INVENTED as a way of convincing the people we need the dangerous drugs pushed by the Rockefeller Foundation, and ultimately Rothschild, the devil’s representative on Earth.

  2. I’m hoping that before they can use this phoney pandemic to get their totalitarian state up and running, it all kicks off in the US and unravels what they’ve achieved so far. That may well happen because the transition into techno-fascism still needs more time and the US elections are just over a fortnight away. If the US collapses into rebellion few there will continue this mask and isolation nonsense, and those who follow the restrictions in the rest of the world must see it’s all been a lie. Otherwise Covid-19 would end the rebellion.

  3. Emergencies in Heaven & Hell

    “Trump’s decision to use the U.S. military to deliver corona vaccines and/or other Big Pharma solutions to the faux corona pandemic is no small matter. It has nothing to do with speeding a wonder drug to America’s heartland for our medical healing. It has everything to do with merging America’s healthcare and pharmaceutical industries with the U.S. military for our near-future enslavement.

    Of course Joe Biden is no better.

    Again, this is not a political problem; it is a spiritual problem. And as long as Christians keep shirking their responsibility to apply spiritual solutions to spiritual problems and keep telling themselves that their national salvation depends on perfidious, unprincipled politicians, the more they aid and abet their own enslavement.”

    Christians have been “shirking their responsibilities” to apply spiritual solutions to spiritual problems for as long as I can remember! The very large majority are unprincipled order followers who pretend to believe any kind of nonsense as long as it comes from appearances of authority and is repeated over and over and over. They are a flock of mindless sheep waiting for Jesus, “the President, or some other Santa Claus figure to take care of everything for them. In the meantime, they accumulate trillions of Hail Mary’s and Our Father’s in order to secure their place in Heaven…. It would be hilarious if the consequences of this collective psychosis weren’t as catastrophic to all creatures on this fast decaying planet.

    Here are the topics covered in my latest post at Mami’s:

    The Electromagnetic Human Test
    All You Can Eat Corona Baloney
    Youtube Got Rid of Me – Amazing Polly
    The Dollar Vigilante Is Banned From Youtube!
    Arthur Firstenburg on Electromagnetic Pollution
    Dr. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell Discuss The Contagion Myth
    Professor Dolores Cahill, doctors, scientists and many others are all saying:
    “This COVID affair is not true”.
    “We want a BETTER Normal!”

    Emergencies in Heaven & Hell

    P.S.: Thanks to Amber for the following links:
    Taken from:

  4. If man was made in God’s image, why are vaccines necessary? Is not God perfect, and copies are of perfection as well??
    Closed churches showed the world how lame Christianity has become.

  5. Trump is the controlled opposition. They (Mossad, Rotchilds) probably have dirt on him

  6. “I say again, this entire coronavirus narrative is the biggest global fraud in world history.”

    No, its not the biggest.
    Its probably third or fourth biggest.

    The biggest has to do with ww2 history

  7. Those who love a lie and perpetrate it will be deceived because they did not receive the Truth (2Thessalonians 2:11-12).
    The world has rejected the only hope for mankind that God has provided, and that is the Lamb of God who was brutally slaughtered for our sins, Yeshua or Jesus.
    Jesus means “Salvation” Christ means “Anointed One”.
    If He is rejected, who will save you?
    No one.
    “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: that they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

  8. Thanks for the links, Voltman. Must be about 15 years since I’ve been to Mami’s. I’d forgotten the site even existed. I’ve bookmarked it now.

  9. While I agree with most of this man’s writing, I’ll question anything, especially the conclusions of someone who rolls holy for dollars.
    Since this happened on Trumps watch, does that mean he hath a devil?
    Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the “lemmings for Joe” support group?
    Do you believe that this too is Trump’s fault?
    A good article, till it got political .

  10. Ann Blue, name Jesus does not mean “Salvation”
    It means “Yah Saves”

    Why did you omit gods name from it?

  11. The first point is correct. The C-19 virus is no worse a threat than the average flu. The second point is not to be relied upon and especially from any sources in the corrupt CDC. This entire control-freak fiasco is likely to blow right up in the faces of the illustrious power elite. The virus is from a lab and has been identified. The first line of defense the actual perps will evoke is that already put out there by unreliable sources posing as independents saying that the virus does not even exists. They will say “prove it” in any actual allegation against them if things are exposed, like with 9/11. Then, your will hear this line that it has never been “isolated”, when in fact it is easily identified as a distinct variation of the Coronavirus. In fact it has been isolated and identified in many labs. It was isolated in India in January to the extent that the it was known that there were four “inserts” in the RNA sequencing to the Covid-19 Coronavirus specimens. The immediate controversy was over the use of the word ‘insert’, with mainly Western experts suggesting a “conspiracy theory”, in that natural mutations are in fact also called “inserts”. However, attacks on the Indian scientists causing them to retract the entire study, came mainly from our Western scientific “authorities”, and likely also directly from the power elite itself on the Indian government. Yet, in reading through all of the comments, and remaining unanswered, was the fact that the study showed that the “inserts” were all in a row, which was very odd, because that kind of sequencing with four inserts in a row, (which enhanced the infectability of the spiking or infectability of the virus) had never been seen before in any naturally mutating Coronavirus. Alter that, various actual independent scientists around the world commented on various other qualities with the virus on analysis that indicated that it was from a lab. That is mainly why in my view the US has done its best with its propaganda to call it the “Wuhan” virus.

    We have to realize that these tools of the power elite, the people who do these things, those who pull off these massive psyops, those who write the media scripts, are always deflecting from and discounting any evidence which may point back to them. The “power elite” is in fact the international banking cartel, which controls the purse strings of all major nations. After WWII the USSR, which from its inception was supported by the same power elite, played the roll of being our official enemy in the West while our nations for the most part continued trade with Russia while the cartel continued to fund it. Yet, the “threat” of the USSR was the basis for the huge defense allocations in especially all yearly US budgets, and especially to the entire military industrial and intelligence complex. This military power was in fact the backbone of forced trade in the petrodollar, and the actual back of for all corporate and cartel conquests around the world in resource-rich, third-world nations, where the economic hitmen and jackals failed.

    With the planned dissolution of the USSR (which was planned and known to our military brass a few years before it actually happened on a “need to know basis”), immediately on the scene came at the same time the 1992 UN Agenda 21 which was hatched in the 1980’s and which is being rolled out right now with all of the Great Reset launchings under the cover of the planned Covid pandemic. In this brave New World Order, and all the preparations, planning, and staging of it over the last three to four decades, the end-game requires complete control over us. We are the enemy. We the people. We have to be controlled according to all of the planning of that same power elite which has either debt rigged and owns our nations (like with most Western nations), or owns or controls either openly or covertly (like in China) every major equity. The New World Order is just one more stage of control in the lockstep hegemonic march of the old-world order made up of the same power elite.

  12. This is just beginning. Next year North America, Canada and Europe are under martial law, North America and Canada under FEMA camp programs.

  13. I believe this was phase 1 of the NWO rollout plan.A fake pandemic to get everyone and everything in place for phase 2.Phase 2 will probably be a real pandemic or 5G illness of some sorts blamed on a new virus.Miracle covid vaccine will be the cure and ready to force vaccinate the world in 2021.They got so far with a lie how far will they get when people start keeling over from 5G world wide and it then blamed on a new virus and a DARPAGatesModerna dna mutating vaccine shot ready to go.From Hell yes.No doubt.Trump is the biggest deception of our time.Very much in the deep pockets of our Jewish overlords.

  14. Everybody has its own perception who is bringing about World Government. The supreme Pontiff of the holy see claims to hold the right to rule the World since long. We are in a scripted movie, written by the Order of Malta, executed by their agents in the political and intelligence community under Jesuit order command. All the presidents and world leaders are submissive to Rome via their agents and thus loyal to Israel, more specifically, the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. He is in the know but the Great Vladimir Poetin has not told yet who and what was behind 9/11, the Knights of Malta run CityofLondon. So he is not completely gone rogue on the Roman Empire yet. You can allways tell who did. The important ones involved in this conspiracy hide behind a veil and another one, etc. But it is simple because it’s a Luciferian conspiracy.

  15. And, Ann Blue? Given that Cain & Abel were the alleged progeny of the alleged first couple. Who did Cain breed with? Oh, that’s right, the “holy bible” that you reference is flawed, SEVERELY.

  16. @ Rick
    Jesus and His Father, God, are One. Jah saves through the Lamb of God, Jesus, His Son.
    Let us not strain at a gnat. I do not profess to be a scholar of Hebrew or Aramaic or Greek. But I love the salvation that God the Father provided by the sacrifice of Yeshua or Jesus. Otherwise, I could not have received this glorious gift of eternal life that I have.

  17. Ann Blue, i knew you would answer just that answer – and i’m not even a prophet.
    I mean your claim that Jesus and “his father” are one

    I knee, because the latter heresy goes hand in hand with the former

  18. https://deuteronomy4verse2.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/gaza/
    23:8 But be not ye called priest (etc.): for One is your Teacher, [even] Christ; and all ye are brethren.
    23:9 And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
    23:10 Neither be ye called masters: for one is your Master, [even] Christ.

  19. Voltman in my view is right about Christians being sheeple waiting for Godot. About the virus being cover for 5G I doubt it. The link he gave https://grizzom.blogspot.com/2020/10/emergencies-in-heaven-hell.html
    relied on the late 2019 footage from China of people falling over and dying in the street, and it is a stretch to use that or any other jurisdiction which hyped the numbers as evidence that the Covid sickness is from 5G. It may be put the the virus has been identified and so have the symptoms with large infectious doses relative to the weakness of one’s immune system. That early Chinese footage was total fake news with awkward Chinese government propaganda drivers obviously doing the film directing. It turned out to be such a poor job of fake news that it was likely scrubbed by Psyop Control.

    5G was launched to the same degree in the north Italy but you did not have people falling over and dying in the street. There was no 5G in or near a nursing home in my area. The deaths like in Italy were cluster deaths of the nearly dead and they died either of the C-19 flu virus wiping out their immune systems and thus of other causes like pneumonia. That was before my area started using HCQ back in March. Also, the Diamond Princess, in my view the people were likely deliberately infected to provide a shocking basis for the very modeling that led to all of the shutdowns. The link suggests the deaths were from 5G and unintended. I seriously doubt it, although 5G may accentuate symptoms. This entire psyop is cover not just for 5G and AI resets but financial, economic, environmental, and social control Resets of just about everything. Like 9/11 having numerous stakeholders, so does the Covid scam.

  20. Someone who, for a change, sees what the “the gates of Hell” verses mean; the usual interpretation puts Christians on the defensive waiting to get mullered.

  21. The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown. (Genesis 6:4, NASB)

    Adam and Eve lived very long lives had many children and their children had children some where taken by fallen angels who created a fallen race which Cain joined.His grandson Nimrod with the knowledge gained from the fallen ones built the tower of Babel.This fallen or cursed luciferian seedline rules the world today and still practice the Caananite worship through sacrifice of infants through fire to their gods Moloch and Baal.They are posesed and guided by unseen fallen angels and demons.Many are so called Jews in positions of power and influence worldwide.They are the sons of Cain.

  22. During the time of Noah the Caananites grew so corrupt and powerfull and almost enslaved the entire world therefore God saved Noah and his family and destroyed the world.Remnants of Caananites survived also and regained power to enslave the world again under their New Order of the Age system being rolled out next year, the mark of the beast system.This satanic kingdom will rule for 3- 4 years and be utterly destroyed by God with fire forever, never to return again.This is a very simplified explanation of what happened and is happening now.Some will have to go through persecution to be tested, some that are pure and ready will be taken to escape what is soon to come.Christ will return soon and judge the world and setup His kingdom very soon.Nothing on Earth or in Heaven can stop these events from taking place.

  23. The flood wiped out the mess that the fallen angels had created with the DNA of humans and animals…

    “This is the genealogy of Noah. Noah was a just man, perfect in his generations. Noah walked with God”. Genesis 6:9

    Noah’s DNA was pure, unfortunately, that of His son’s wifes were not and the tainted DNA caused the re-erruption of the Nephilim post flood…Shem’s line remained untainted by giants and this is Christ’s lineage.

    Post Flood Nephilim – Chuck Missler

  24. @Fred B: All government is backed by the fear of death. Jesus’ message of everlasting life demolished the fear of death along with the control of the governed by the government. The Romans were amazed by Christians singing as the lions devoured them in the Colosseum and knew they had a problem. As the Empire became more polyglot, they decided on Christianity as the best way to rule its now multicultural population. Constantine declared the Empire as a Christian entity in the mid 300’s – taking care to remove most references to afterlife and reincarnation from its Scriptures and mixing in many Pagan figures and rituals. You will notice that the emphasis during Easter (Astra) is on Good Friday and the Crucifix rather than Easter Monday when Jesus rose from the dead, quite often dismissed as hallucination or superstition.

    From this point forth, Christians have been awaiting the “Second Coming”, while “rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesars.”

    Or, as Alexander Haig more recently said, “Let them march all they want – as long as they pay their taxes.”

    Which brings us to the current Covid Psy-op. Again they are reinforcing fear of death in order to change us for their own ends. Many in government (and I use that word in its broadest sense, not just the puppet show in our Parliaments and Legislatures) have long looked with envy at the CCP system, like they did with Hitler and other authoritarians, so don’t for one moment discount hand in glove collusion. The so-called Wuhan or China Virus (if you believe the official narrative), was developed in a bio lab, owned by The Pilbright Institute (UK), which in turn is owned by Bill Gates, with additional funding from board member Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIH).

    So who stands to benefit from this “pandemic”? No prizes . . .

    Re: The Diamond Princess – having worked on cruise ships, I can tell you that any infection will be transmitted through the ships’ AC system. I never had a contract that didn’t involve catching what the crew affectionately called “Ship’s Flu”, generated by mould in the AC. The constant humidity from time at sea aggravated this even further.
    So releasing a weaponised virus on a cruise ship will guarantee many casualties, and help to gin up the stats.

  25. Bickering about religious nomenclature is one of the most disgusting things–as if the names were just magic words like abracadabra.

  26. Well, O.
    They had more than two children.
    A fresh gene pool.
    So if you can imagine.
    Just think about the chessboard, with one rice-corn doubling.
    See, wasnt so hard, was it?

  27. Further to all of this, here is a must read: https://dissidentvoice.org/2020/10/superman-versus-the-davos-despots/

  28. When he “got COVID”, Trump did a good thing or two. He made it trivial, a two-day affair, and he treated it with drugs, including some cheap and effective ones, so that the fake panicky search for a vaccine has no legitimacy.