The BBC is reviving the life and crimes of its former star Jimmy Savile

An ill-conceived drama nobody wants to see

Chris Sweeney – RT Oct 15, 2020

Jimmy Savile was allowed to abuse hundreds of children, some on BBC property, with the scandal only revealed after his death. Now the corporation wants to bring this monster back from the grave

No one does irony like the British, and the BBC have delivered a dose of epic proportion, announcing their new show ‘The Reckoning.’

It’s a mini-series covering the life and times of Jimmy Savile.

For anyone unaware, he was a national institution, known in every household for his zany personality. He found fame as a radio DJ and quickly became a fixture on television, notably for Jim’ll Fix It – in each episode of which he made the wishes of a child come true.

Savile’s signature look was garish multi-coloured tracksuits, wacky shades, chunky gold jewellery and a fat cigar. He was a prolific charity worker, buying machines for deserving causes like children’s hospital. It’s estimated he raised around £40 million ($51.7 million). The Queen made him a knight of the realm and he was even made a Knight Commander of the order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II.

He was also a serial paedophile, and people at the BBC were aware of his crimes.

Way back in 1978, John Lydon of the Sex Pistols blurted out on BBC Radio 1: “I’d like to kill Jimmy Savile… I bet he’s into all kinds of seediness that we all know about, but are not allowed to talk about… I know some rumours, I bet none of this will be allowed out.”

The comment was edited prior to transmission and was only made available on a release by his other band Public Image Ltd, following Savile’s death in 2011. Such rumours had swept through the BBC for years – numerous people have confirmed this, yet documentary maker Louis Theroux was the only person to ask Savile on camera (shown on the BBC) about the dark stories. The pervert straight-batted it, saying “I know I’m not,” and referred to “salacious tabloid people” being behind the stories. A lifelong bachelor, he seemingly doted on his mother, who he referred to as “The Duchess.”

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher pushed for a knighthood for serial child sex abuser Jimmy Savile, seen here together at a 1980 fundraising event for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. Click to enlarge

Savile was friendly with powerful figures like Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Prince Charles had been to his house for dinner and even sent gold cufflinks on his 80th birthday with a note… “Nobody will ever know what you have done for this country, Jimmy. This is to go some way in thanking you for that.” Savile was intertwined with an image that the conceited BBC wanted to project.

As times changed, it was clear that some wanted to end that practice. But it was only after his death that BBC’s Newsnight began investigating. One victim spoke on camera and it was set to be a national bombshell. But BBC bosses nixed it, as they wanted to run a tribute programme instead at the same time, around Christmas 2011.

The public weren’t aware until ‘The Other Side of Jimmy Savile’ was shown by ITV in September 2012. It blew the lid off and within a month, hundreds of lines of inquiry were underway due to 200 witness statements involving 14 police forces. The scale was mind-blowing.

There was reports of rape, sexual assault and even necrophilia with corpses in a mortuary. Investigators believe he had around 500 victims, 28 were children under 10 of both genders, and there were 63 girls aged between 13 and 16. A minority of his victims were also adults, the oldest being 47. His tally of alleged criminal offences stands at 214.

The man was one of the worst sexual predators in British history.

A report proved Savile committed offences on BBC premises between 1959 and 2006. The last at the age of 79, when he groped a teenage girl during the filming of Top of the Pops. There’s no mystery why it was allowed to continue. The BBC turned a blind eye – as the report stated it had five clear chances to stop the abuse.

Director David Nicholson caught Savile having sex with a young girl and reported it. He explained: “Everyone knew what was going on. That includes senior BBC people – chiefs at the highest levels. There were always girls in Jimmy’s dressing room. Everyone would have known about it.”

Back in 1997, the father of an 11-year-old girl made a complaint about Savile’s conduct at Stoke Mandeville Hospital but, again, it was swept under the carpet. There is no question of Savile’s guilt nor whether the BBC had at least some idea that he was sexual predator.

So what is the BBC thinking by bringing this horror story to life with a dramatisation?

Executive producer of ‘The Reckoning,’ Jeff Pope, said: “We must understand why a man like Jimmy Savile seemed to remain immune for so long to proper scrutiny and criminal investigation.”

But is there anything to delve into? It looks pretty clear that it was a dereliction of duty from BBC bosses, who either didn’t care, or were too scared, to ruin the reputation of their biggest star. They even then tried to prevent the truth escaping after his death.

This is an immoral tale that doesn’t need to be revived and retold – least of all by the BBC. Tackling it will not deliver redemption or atonement, and it does nothing for his victims. That ship sailed long ago when the BBC allowed it’s ‘golden boy’ to continue his wanton abuse for so long.

Savile has been consigned to the toxic dump of history.

Let him stay there.


17 responses to “The BBC is reviving the life and crimes of its former star Jimmy Savile”

  1. The BBC has been desperate to whitewash Jimmy Saville
    When the Truthseeker broke the news just after his death, the BBC board member Graham Jones said all hell broke loose all emails and phone calls of staff at work and at home were listened to, and so as to not to upset New labours homosexual agenda
    the BBC said saville only abused girls, which was a lie
    Savile and his elder brothr were abused by a homosexual uncle when they were children, most homosexuals are that way because they were abused as kids
    and savile had treatment with the famous psychiatrist Ruth Seiffert but did not finish the course
    Savilles original protector was isreali premier Menachem Began himself a kidnapper rapist and killer of small arab buys, the ex stern gang emeber Emanual valence ” manny” turned whistleblower and took authoriies to where approx 25 arab boys had been hurriedly buried

  2. I worked at the BBC no one i know agrees that Jognny Rotten said what he claims but David Icke and Terry Wogan also worked with him and said nothing
    Rik Mayall did speak out as did Jill dando
    What got me was the BBC are discussing back a smash hit series of a few years ago when a long running police series called Dixon of Dock green starring Jack warner is coming back
    But Dixon will now be played by a black homosexual who sings rap in his apare time
    no wonder the BBC is hated all over the world
    In W W 2 it was known in the forces as ” bullshit time”

  3. The BBC trying to write their version of history. Conflicting interests springs to mind. Maybe MI6 commissioned this show?

  4. Illuminati News had a good article on the goings on at the BBC
    the onlt ” straight” DJ was Pete Murray all the rest were sexual wierdos shirt lifters and bum fetishists, every damn one, Simon Dee refused to work with Saville
    Remember that since the 1930s th BBC is a Rothschild institution its no more British than
    the Blarney stone
    WE need to sweep out the stables and sack all the high paid toadies at the BBC
    and have a BRITISH broadcasting service

  5. The new CEO of the BBC… definitely a crypto jew….of course there are more obvious ones like Yentob….and Attenborough….
    All this sickening abuse fits in exactly with the Jews well established behaviour/ reputation… they have so much power that it is illegal to say so…it parallels the situation in Russia post 1917.
    Americans have the right to gun ownership….at least they can defend themselves.
    People in Britain live in a POLICE STATE…..”naturally” the new CEO of MI5 is a tribesman……SO WATCH OUT.

    Given the current rate of illegal immigration it is highly unlikely that Britain will survive this century without massive social unrest……by which time Israel will have enlarged its borders etc.

  6. Qwerty

  7. The Bugger Boys’ Club (BBC) protected and promoted “Jimmy” so-vile because so many of their top management were involved in the same kind of thing, and they knew he could have brought the whole lot of them down had there ever been an investigation into his perversions.

    Same with Maggot Thatcher, who surrounded herself with pervert MPs because they were easily blackmailed into doing what they were told.

    The whole world is run by queers, child abusers and much worse. That’s why the world is in it’s present state, with gender confusion encouraged by what was (possibly) once an education system, plus the attempted normalisation of all kinds of perversion in tv programming (programming people’s minds).

    The only answer is to abolish governments. People know instinctively what’s right and what isn’t, and the local community is perfectly capable of reacting appropriately to those whose (mis)behaviour is unacceptable, so why would we need a criminal gang stealing our wealth and telling us what to do, what to say and what to think?

    We’re NOT dumb animals as the criminals like to believe. We’re Human Beings, unlike the satanic creatures the traitor Cromwell flooded Britain with in the 1600s.

    Jesus Christ correctly identified these less-than-Human THINGS two thousand years ago as being “of their father the devil”.

  8. Talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted-;)

  9. The BBC knew all about Saville as special branch ad MI 5 kept warning the royals
    he was a time bomb, this was something Princess Diana wanted in the public domain
    I w sa BBC outside broadcast camera man back in the day
    and the jews wanted to bring in homosexuality like they did with new labour
    so Carnaby st brought out all these nancy boy unisex clothes styles
    and pushed the little motor scooters so these androgynous lads could show themselves like peacocks and of coure all the gays went into DJ aying the pop music to get their hands on these boys
    a lot of them were not homosexually inclined at all just daft to spend all their money each week on nancy boy clothes

  10. Savile is now a short-cut to staying aware of what the BBC really is. It is a good idea to push all the consequences of this ideologically.

  11. The BBC is controlled by Satanic pedophile Ashkenazi Khazars. WHY can not the Brits figure this out?

  12. REMEMBER: Saville was introduced into public life by none other than Lord Louis Mountbottom! This was reported in the MSM sometime when the scandal broke after Saville’s death!

  13. British people know what the BBC is
    but they have been stripped of their power
    they are forced to pay for a TV licence when most folk never watch BBC
    people abroad get it for free, but the BBC discriminates against its own electorate
    this is the worst kind of racism

  14. I worked for Rupert Murdoch in the early days we had a meeting when Truthseeker exposed Jimmy Saville the other pervert DJs and the abuse of the androgynous ” mods on scooters” It was policy to play it all down, New labour had a remit to expand the homosexual community by 5% per year this was planned long ago and assisted by the BBC
    before coming to TV Jimmy was an assistant scoutmaster of a cubs troop
    but incidents occurred with small boys and he was told to leave Jimmy sued and put a gagging order on the case.
    It was the hushing up of it all that allowed it to continue

  15. I wonder if they bring up Savile’s association with Yorkshire Ripper, Sutcliffe? Of course everybody knows about his Christmas visits to Chequers during ever year of Thatcher’s rule…….of course she didn’t know about his nefarious and various vile activities!!! Ha! Ha!
    And his big pal Charles? There won’t be a peep from him! In other words, it will be an exoneration of the monster, in no uncertain terms. The sheep will still cough up their huge TV licence fee annually, to watch garbage like the above.

  16. Researchers take Savile back beyond Sutcliffe to the Moors Murders of 1963.His peroxide hair was a reference to the famous mug-shot of Hindley. supposedly. It was when he adopted it.