Crucial Viral Update 15th Oct: Why are the Media Undermining Science and Data???

Ivor Cummins – YouTube Oct 15, 2020

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  1. Copied and pasted from the government’s own Office of National Statistics.

    In 2019, there were 530,841 deaths registered in England and Wales

    There were 640,370 live births in England and Wales in 2019

    They panic the gullible by repeatedly pushing the number of deaths, and – worse – the number of fraudulent “cases” created by an ever-increasing number of fake “tests”.

    Half a million deaths a year seems a lot, but these are old people moving on to make room for a GREATER number of BIRTHS.

    Tell the people the WHOLE truth and they’d understand that half a million deaths per year in a population of over 70 million is perfectly normal.

    They don’t want us knowing the truth though. That’s why they invented the “virus” myth when it was shown that the ever-expanding electricity and radio networks were making people sick. The truth would have threatened their ever-expanding profits, and that couldn’t be allowed.

  2. “Why are the media undermining science and data???”

    because they have always done so, silly.

  3. “Why are the Media Undermining Science and Data???” For the same reason the puppet political are undermining Science and Data. Just as bankster jews control their puppet politicians whose campaigns are funded by banksters, the banksters also control the heads of all the jews media outlets.

    If you google “jews media” and research who owns BBC, jewspapers, publishing companies, AP, Reuters, MGM, Hollywood, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, mass media, you can see for yourself that mass media is controlled by Jews.

    The banksters have been setting up more and more of their puppets in politics, media, corporate headquarters, and all such positions of power at least as far back as when they rigged the 1912 presidential election for their puppet Woodrow Wilson.

    By now, all institutions of power are so infested with bankster puppets that banksters now have complete control over the world. As the banksters documented in their Protocols of Zion, they plan to enslave us. But instead of calling us slaves they call us workers, laborers, managers, waiters, cleaning ladies, etc.

    The banksters are using covid, social distancing, lockdowns, masks, to help replace the old Christian order of the world with their Jew World Order –

    Covid Masks are a pretext for bankster funded rent-a-riot mobs like BLM and ANTIFA to wear masks while they riot, loot, burn, terrorize, and destroy. The reason puppet politicians allow riots while outlawing church attendance is that banksters instructed their puppet politicians to do that. Riots have been used in government overthrows for ages.

    Social Distancing and Lockdowns are used as a pretext for ordering people not to meet in churches and such places where honest people might form resistance movements against the covid scam and the Jew World Order evil.

  4. Hehe – I think Ivor Cummins is asking the question “why the media are undermining science and data” in a rhetorical sense – to get people to wonder. He probably has some rather clear suggestions himself, but in the interest of not scaring people away, he doesn’t say.

    It’s like the concept of “the Overton Window”. If we speak to people “where they are”, they are much more likely to understand what we are talking about.

  5. Because this has NOTHING to do with health and everything to do with world enslavement

  6. Quote:Why are the Media Undermining Science and Data???
    Question : Who pays the Piper ?

  7. Pick up gun and overthrow the government.