Tech Giants Now Censor on Biden’s Behalf

Big Tech Suppresses NY Post’s Hunter Biden story

Tucker Carlson – via Twitter Oct 15, 2020

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5 responses to “Tech Giants Now Censor on Biden’s Behalf”

  1. To Dementia Joe and Hunter. It is too late. The truth is out!

  2. Everything is so obvious who is owned by Zionists and who is behind all the shit that’s been happening in the last at least 150 years (NWO).
    Yesterday I’ve posted this quote on Instagram by Jim Carey were it says along the lines ‘this system isn’t made to suite humans….’ it was censored within a minutes. So sad to see that creators of ‘free speech’ are actually closing it down but they go to other countries to tell them that free speech is a must in today’s world.

  3. Its all meaningless Orwell ‘news’ for the goy herd. Make them think there’s some real ‘investigative journalism’ out there. Notice some rabbi called ‘David Steinberg’ is hyping this. The Jewish Overlords have already selected whether Biden or Trump will be the next puppet Prez, before the goyim even ‘vote’.

  4. Biden has no support. It’s like when Killery was a certainty and her victory had already been printed in magazines. Under Biden you just hand everything to China and the so-called NWO.

  5. Facebook, Twitter, google, they’re all private companies, businesses, so they can edit whatever they wish and the consumers, people, can choose to not give them any business. I despise those companies, and most “social media”, hate them to their evil cores and would like to see the executives of those companies thoroughly beaten and imprisoned, but it’s the stupid, gullible people who are really at fault for those evil companies still being in business. Sure, those tech giants have figured out ways to heavily manipulate human psychology, but it’s still a simple matter of principles and will-power on the part of the consumer. If the people are too weak, stupid, or ignorant to just not use those ridiculous products, instruments of their own demise, then, in the words of the Joker’s joke, they get what they …… deserve.