“That Da Vinci of Drunken Desperadoes, that Rip-Roaring, Munchhausen Maestro of WTF.”

Smoking Mirrors – Oct 15, 2020

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Oh Lordy… Lordy… LIKE IT HAD EYES!!! Hunter Biden; that intellectual giant, that renaissance man for the ages… ah my… on my… Visible wipes an invisible tear from the side of his eye. He’s not crying for sorrow or joy. In fact, he’s not crying at all. Call it surprise; this odd deliquescent moment that didn’t happen, BUT I’ll tell you what did happen. That Da Vinci of Drunken Desperadoes, that Rip-Roaring, Munchhausen Maestro of WTF went… I say, I say, HE WENT to a computer repair shop, dropped off his laptop, filled… I say, I say… FILLED with incriminating email, like he must have taken a correspondence course at the Hillary Clinton School of Social Media DM strategy. I can see where you confuse DM with DL, given that the one letter follows the other. He LEAVES his laptop THERE with ALL KINDS of Bad News for Biden and then… I say, I say, and then? FORGETS TO GO BACK AND GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now for a real, and not so simple Twist of Fate, the computer shop guy, in a seriously Democratic state (was is Delaware??? Where Biden is the senator of??? It WAS Delaware), looks into the computer and sees what’s there and TAKES THE LAPTOP TO the BONE DEEP CORRUPT FBI and somehow… somehow… I say, I say, somehow… the FBI… the SERIOUSLY CORRUPT AT THE TOP FBI, gives the laptop to a Trump lawyer who gives it to… wait for it… (drum roll) RUDY GUILIANI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah… they did!!! Wait till you see what Giuliani says at the end of the video about WHAT IS ON THE COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now… all Hell has broken loose. Biden has declared a LID; whatever that is.
See… my friends, this is PRECISELY what Mr. Apocalypse told me he was going to do, some years ago in Italy. In living rooms across the country, I can hear various members of the heartland crying out; “There is a God!!! There is a God.” Of course, there is. What’s wrong with you? My friends… I want to tell you and I have DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF THIS… PRAYER WORKS!!!!~! Prayer works!!! Yes, Brothers and Sisters… PRAYER WORKS!!!
Mind… I am NOT SAYING this is a Death Cab for Biden. I am not saying anything except; Mr. Apocalypse told me some things and so far they are all coming true AND Prayer works!!! I’m going to say something here. I am not asking you to believe it. I am just telling you it happened. I was in a certain location and I was sort of accidentally praying (NO! It was not jail- grin). It happens now and then… AND something extraordinary took place and I said, “What the…” and the voice of the angel, who speaks for God in my mind, said… “You would be very surprised, Visible, to know just how far I would go to changing the very landscape of existence for you; very surprised indeed. Just because you don’t get certain things at certain times DOES NOT MEAN I did not hear you, or that I did not answer you. I ALWAYS have your BEST INTERESTS in mind and TIMING is a big deal with me so… a lot of your prayers are JUST OUT FOR CLEARANCE or waiting on their due date.
Another time I was on mushrooms, at a solstice in Germany. There were many people there, dancing around a large bonfire and for some reason, I wanted to be alone, so I walked away from the celebration, back to the main house, where there was a LARGE picnic table under a LARGE tree and I stood there and this same angel, or maybe another angel asked me, “Visible, how many people do you think I talk to the way I talk to you?” I thought, “what?” Then, I started thinking about how many people there were on the planet and how many of them had thoughts about God in the first place. Then I thought about all the yogis and serious Christians and Sufi’s and others, and I figured it had to be in the many, many tens of thousands. I gave some number and God laughed and said… “No… not so much.” and this went on until it kind of scared me and also made me doubt what I was hearing.
Then the voices said, “Pay attention! What I asked… and remember that EVERY WORD I use is there for a reason. I asked you, ‘how many people do you think I talk to THE WAY that I talk to you?’ He put emphasis on those words in caps. That made me feel better because I have a real problem with allowing myself to be any kind of exceptional in my mind. In my mind, I am dwarfed by many souls, far in advance of me spiritually. Of course, people who don’t like me, or understand me, will seize on things like this, so I have to be careful what I say. Then again, I… Honest to God, don’t care what they think. ONLY what God thinks about me matters AT ALL.
The one thing that terrifies me more than anything, is that I might offend God, or displease him. The rest of the world can kiss my dust, which I intend to leave behind when I go, though… not for that purpose (grin).
When I tell these tales, and there are MANY that I do not tell, for one reason or another, I tell them because I KNOW that ANY OF US can be in a similar place, we ONLY have to want to. Everything Christ did, each and every one of us can equal. Did he not say, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and GREATER WORKS THAN THESE SHALL HE DO; because I go unto my Father.”? Yes… he did. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or in this life, or some lives to come, BUT you can be CERTAIN, that life, WILL COME. I want. I desire; PROFOUNDLY… that EVERY HEART should know what is concealed in its secret chambers, where the TRUE SCRIPTURES… the Living Testament… is written in fiery hieroglyphics, that vibrate throughout your lifetimes, until the day their voice is heard within.
I’ve got my heavy-duty monitors BLASTING this morning; songs from my favorites are playing, and I’m in and out of this post as I am compelled to sing along. I don’t know what the reason is. It has nothing to do with the news of the day because I don’t know what the result of any of that will be, BUT… sometimes this happens. It hasn’t happened in a while. Perhaps it is the follow-up to something that happened yesterday that I can’t talk about. Let us say it was one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to me and it’s STILL HAPPENING! I am TRULY, one of the most fortunate men on Earth. That such emotions can move through my being is riches indeed.
You can have all the kingdoms of this world and EVERY AND ALL of those things that people ruin themselves in the pursuit of and NEVER REALLY ENJOY anyway because ONLY God can enjoy these things, while resident and resonant within you. This is a good thing to keep in mind. To have the Presence of the Divine within is beyond description. It is up the road and several times, in a winding spiral, around the corner from Head over Heels in Love. It’s well past that. As far past it as spiritual intercourse with Heaven is beyond physical sex AND THAT… I am speaking from experience as well.
There is no way to describe it. Not even music does it, nor aught else. AND IT’S FREE. It’s the gift of the spirit freely given, and I will tell you, no amount of suffering and pain, no amount of loss. (♫I Could Never Love Another♫ by The Persuasions are playing at the moment) no amount of ANYTHING is too much to pay. All that torment and sorrow, IT ENDS ONE DAY!!! Yes, my friends, ONE DAY IT ENDS!!!! ♫Oh, Happy Day♫ So hold on my dear friends. I know some of you suffer at this very moment. I can feel it. REALIZE that this is a temporary trial and ONE DAY… ONE GLORIOUS AND EVERLASTING DAY… your sorrow WILL END. Let NOTHING deter you from the course. There is ONLY ONE FAILURE and that is in giving up. That day could well be closer than you think and I will tell you that when it comes, it won’t matter what the circumstances of your life might be because this is an INNER THING. It is the gift of God and it is coming, coming on the light suffused and resplendent wings of The Avatar.
I want to include this statement by one of those major Material Life successes. I know this might be a downward segue of sorts, but I will leave you with Swami Vivekananda, whose ability to communicate the truth is far beyond my own. Please do not take this statement as an endorsement from me. I include it because IT IS TRUE;
In an interview with Bernie Marcus, the founder of Home Depot was asked. “Why are you voting for Trump? He’s rough, rude, aggressive—completely un-presidential. I don’t understand.”
Bernie smiled and quietly replied. “Well, you know, I thought about General Patton. He used coarse language, his manners weren’t pleasing to the ladies, and his language sure offended a lot of Christians. But we needed him to win a war. Trump is our General Patton, and we’re in a war we have to win.”
I believed then and I believe even more strongly now that our battle is against powers and principalities. And in a war between good and evil, we’ve seen the demons loosed and the masks come off. Evil forces aren’t even pretending to be civil anymore. I am on my knees for my children and grandchildren; I’m daily interceding in prayer for my beloved country, my cherished Christian heritage, and so much more. With all due respect and appreciation for the kind, well-spoken orators, it’s time to wake up and welcome our General Patton.”
End Transmission…….
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Continues … with words from Swami Vivekananda

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4 responses to ““That Da Vinci of Drunken Desperadoes, that Rip-Roaring, Munchhausen Maestro of WTF.””

  1. I was going to start this with ‘My God, Visible… blah blah”, and as you can see now I’m not, because that could be misinterpreted. Of course Vis is not my god, or anyONE for that matter, and yet there is truth in that… sitting here, amidst allotments in full harvest, a babbling brook just over there, bird song, the hum of humans in the background… Divinity is all pervasive!
    Dave Allen (70s Irish comedian) always closed his show with “May your God go with you”, which at that time of ‘The Troubles’, was spot on. Now, all my mind can hear is ‘May God go with you’… which must be one of the most powerful prayers of all…
    Or is it Peace be with you…
    … Come the Glorious day!

  2. Getting the embarrassing and incriminating material on an old laptop, and probably one which belonged to HP would not be a very difficult task for any intelligence organization. In this context, one wonders whose “dirty laundry” was actually in the two suitcases that Netanyahu brought with him from Israel to the Whitehouse two weeks ago, allegedly for the free laundry service. Not only is the Mossad known for its prowess in being the leading peeping Tom and blackmail agency in the world, but Netanyahu likes to do his major deals with a great deal of personal chutzpa mainly to ensure his own political longevity. “Here, Donald is the election. It is my present to you, from Israel with love. I may need you to use your influence to reciprocate for me in the near future. Also, when it comes to Syria after the November election, you may be interested to know we still have that old one of you and that bimbo in the Moscow hotel room.”

  3. The `Humanisation’ of God is utter garbage. Similarly, religious structures with Popes, Archbishops, Bishops etc. (together with other human inventions of self-importance), are utterly nonsensical. There are no `Mothers of God, Sons of God, double first cousins of God, etc. Also,it may interest many Catholics to know, that quite a lot of Popes have fathered children. The truth is, that God is He who listens to every prayer.