From Ian Fantom – Oct 14, 2020

Dear Holly Lynch,
I learned today that the Covert Human Intelligence Bill (https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/58-01/0188/200188.pdf) is planned to go through all stages of parliament tomorrow, in one go. I have no time really to contact my MP and to receive a reply, but I do urge you to do everything in your power to delay this process and force it through all the stages of parliament that such a radical change in our surveillance state would demand.
Do this as an MP representing your constituents, not as a Labour Party representative.
I am now getting angry about the abuses of the public by parliament. You recently wrote to me saying, “I am concerned that there has been a great deal of disinformation about vaccines on the Internet recently. In July, a Center For Countering Digital Hate poll revealed that over 1/3 of UK adults would refuse a COVID-19 vaccine. I believe that social media companies have a responsibility to ensure that this content has no place on their platforms”. In other words, those who have genuine disagreements with the government are castigated as spreading disinformation, and you are telling me that the government has every right to disrupt communication between citizens who take a different view.
Whether one agrees or disagrees with statements put out by the UK government or by the World Health Organisation, such disruption should be completely inadmissible in a democratic society. This bill, which it appears is being rushed through tomorrow (15 October 2020) will enable the secret services to disrupt any legitimate democratic activities with impunity.
I strongly contest your statement that I am putting out disinformation. My reports have been well referenced, and I take deep offence at your allegation, especially when there has been no hint of any justification of what you are telling me. Research the issues yourself if you are insinuating that I am lying.
I came into this activity when I discovered evidence that the Esperanto association was being dismantled by covert activity. A covert group that had taken over the association was hiding capital and telling members that they had to run down their services because of a financial crisis. I merely documented the incongruities and quietly left it to the President to handle. Then there followed a denigration campaign against me led by the toffs in the association, much like the fake ‘antisemitism’ campaign launched against Jeremy Corbyn when he was leader of your party. I gave Jeremy Corbyn a set of my reports, since he had been at one stage the Secretary of the Esperanto Parliamentary Group, which was also brought down by covert activity. I thought he needed to know, in case anything like that happened in the Labour Party. That was in 2014.
Your email confirmed to me that the government is not above disrupting organisations and campaigning groups by infiltration and any other means possible. Why is this bill necessary if not to protect those who are committing such crimes.
Are you under some sort of pressure to be one of the members of a “dead parrot parliament”, as Peter Hitchens recently called it? If one of your own MPs can throw his notes down in parliament and say he would not apologise for being angry, then I think constituents are entitled to be angry, too, and it is likely that if this bill receives the royal ascent, then millions of people throughout the country will be angry.
Return our governance to a parliamentary democracy or make way for someone who will.
Ian Fantom, MSc.

See: https://saveourrights.uk/use-your-voice/



  1. A law was passed in 1775 which said any children born in the kingdom of the UK
    belong to the crown

  2. Any chance of getting that 1775 law repealed?

  3. the cronw if correct NOT parliament. it for the queen at her coronation to decide to uphold her oath to the sovereign citizens under the terms of the magna carta and bill of rights. has she been found to be wanting since she signed the eu accession and thus also control of our military to foreigners.

  4. So funny, I can’t remember the last time I believe MPs or parliament mattered. Not that many years ago, historian David Starkey said outright that MPs were irrelevant. Now, they did use the House of Commons and House of Lords farce to make (illusion) Brexit look like it was a hard-fought close battle that went down to a few fake wires.

    The UK is a deep state/one party dictatorship. Sir Kier Starmer doing his best Judy impression to help Boris Punch get Covid done.

  5. I read through this Bill, all I can get from it, is that they amending a bill to allow the secret services to conduct illegal activities while investigating certain groups.
    i.e. any group they infiltrate that conducts unlawful activities; the person(s) from the intelligent service conducting a long investigation in activities of said group, is authorised to help carry out illegal activities without the fear of prosecution after the investigation has finished.
    I believe this was about undercover operatives in Animal Rights Groups, etc who were put on trial for carrying out activities with the group while undercover were deemed illegal, but this bill will cover them.
    I don’t agree with it, because this BILL is ambiguous and anything in the interest of National Security can be used to carry out investigation and do illegal things to disrupt those groups and get away with it. Like a Get Out of Jail free card.
    That is what I understood from this bill anyway.

  6. The latest announcement coming from the European head of the WHO has appeared on Spectator TV with Andrew Neill, advocating the cessation of lockdowns which he states are causing tremendous hardships across the world. Will the UK Government listen, or are they too far advanced with their coup to stop now? The UK Cabinet Office has dropped all pretense of Britain being a democracy. We are are into a period of total dictatorship.

  7. prof susan foster :

    Parents are legally forced to sign over their children to the state shortly after birth. Every registered birth has blood taken, so they already have an almost total DNA database. The taking of blood and the states ownership of your children is signified by having the birth certificate in red ink. For what it is worth, home owners & vehicle owners (says ‘keeper’ on your DVLA V5) do not own their properties & cars. Many years ago there was a story (could be true) that every American at birth had a Federal State bank account with a substantial sum of money under the individuals name. The citizen never gets to know what is going on in their name. If this is true, then I suspect this also goes on in the UK.

  8. Enslaved From Birth: How a Birth Certificate Is Used to Take Away Your Natural Rights (Video) https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2020/06/enslaved-from-birth-how-a-birth-a-certificate-is-used-to-take-away-your-natural-rights-video-3724159.html
    Since 1864 All U.S. Citizens Are Chattel Property of the District of Columbia https://web.archive.org/web/20151114040449/http://theunhivedmind.com/wordpress3/since-1864-all-u-s-citizens-are-chattel-property-of-the-district-of-columbia/
    The Law and You: How the Birth Certificate is Used to Take Away Your Natural Rights
    The Purpose of a Birth Certificate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bC3oPXsKOyM
    LEGAL NAME FRAUD https://bccrss.wordpress.com/

  9. In reference to the Queen….ALL the Windsors are crypto Jews and that’s a fact.
    Therefore it is no surprise to find that Prince Charles was circumcised by a Jewish rabbi…..FACT.
    What about the hangers-on?….Check out the ghoul Freddy Windsor and his attractive Jewish actress wife.
    They’re both Jews without a doubt.

    Kate Middletons siblings look Jewish….with good reason,their parents are crypto Jews….easily established by their surnames.

  10. Qwerty

  11. I heard that members of MI5 and MI6 swear their loyalty to the Crown, ie. the royal family. While they monitor actions that threaten the British state those threats might bring down the royal family, and it is keeping them where they are that drives them. They evolved from the organisations started by Sir Francis Walsingham to protect Queen Elizabeth I from foreign threats (predominantly Catholic back then), which became MI6; and domestic threats (predominantly Catholic also) which went on to become MI5.

    I assume they also protect the House of Lords as they’re mostly the aristocracy and therefore the base upon which the royal family rests in Britain’s dreadful class system which functions more like a caste system. But the House of Commons, ie. those elected from amongst us commoners, are under the protection of Special Branch.


  13. Michael McNulty:

    Not the Royals, but the Crown Corporation. The CIAda also swears loyalty to the Crown… Crown Corporation.