Humanity RIP — Oct 14, 2020

An actual Rothschild ball in 1972.

We said that mankind has been hijacked by a satanic cult.
We didn’t expect the Illuminati to make it so obvious, so soon. 
“Trailing clouds of glory do we come, from God who is our home.”  – William Wordsworth

by Henry Makow PhD

Visiting New York City as a young man, I found a wallet on the street. There was money and identification in it.
I took it back to the hotel where I was staying and gave it to the people at the front desk, to turn over to the police.
They looked at me as if I were an alien.
I suffered from congenital idealism for most of my life.  I was “innocent” which I regard as arrested development.
I held my elders in high esteem. I bought most of the bullshit peddled by education, government, movies, and the mass media.
I thought humanity was engaged in a valiant effort to raise itself up both economically and spiritually, and I was eager to play a small part in this glorious endeavor.


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12 responses to “Humanity RIP”

  1. I am a big Henry Makow fan and he is right what he says here
    it reminded me so much of something from the past
    Jack Ward always said about this Satanism aspect ​I knew Jack Ward pretty well
    he used to get good speakers to come and give talks in the London Friends Meeting House
    He had i think 6 talks by Peter Wright who later wrote the famous book ” Spycatcher ” Peter had a guy there who showed some photos and illustrations on a big screen, he was also assisted by a guy whose work i have seen on this site T Stoakes, he maintained that because every single British intell operation between the start of the war up until the time of lord Victor Rothschilds death that Rothschild had to be the master spy, he tipped off the “Apostles” Burgess Mclean Cairncross Philby etc, only Anthony Blunt did not run to Moscow as he was protected by the Royals.
    This guy Stoakes said, every one knew Rothchild put Churchill in the driving seat
    all the Apostles worked for him sending our biggest secrets to Russia.
    Lord Lindemans was the cutout man between Rothschild and Churchill
    it wa said Lindemans spent more time with Churchill than his wife,
    Churchill hated women and liked small boys, and Rothschild used his influence to get boys for him, this chap said that Churchill like Lindemans and Rothschild
    was also a Russian spy, remember Churchill forbad all spying on Russia because he said they were an allie against Hitler.
    The Mitrokhin Archive was the deepest secrets of the KGB and the GRU
    Vasili Mitrokhin got these archives to the UK, parts were taken out but much of it was published in a book by Nigel West.
    Russia has admitted that Rothschild got the UK into the war on Germany
    but the archives do not say who the big spy ” H ” was, and as Wright and Stoakes said it has to be Churchill, who was a 33rd degree mason and obsesed with the Occult

  2. I think they had to move now. While they may have had the power to bring about an economic collapse at a time of their choosing, that doesn’t mean they had the power to stop a collapse at a time not of their choosing. I don’t think they could stop this market collapse but they had more warning of it than we did, and they’re desperate to control the kind of society that will be rebuilt from the rubble. They don’t want any kind of equitable society in which they’d be arrested and tried for their many, many crimes against people allover the world, and introducing this pandemic-totalitarian system they hope not just to escape justice and remain uber-rich, but they want to be the rulers still.

    It’s all to fight for. They cannot control the course of chaos and guarantee they’ll end up on top. That’s why the repression now, to bind our hands and minds with fear.

  3. Relax, Henry.
    It is all under control.
    Gitmo has been using hemp rope and bullets plenty.
    Satanists are getting mopped up.

    Where the F is Fuzzy Alois Dickhead Dyke, BTW?

    Relax, Henry.

  4. Dr Makow is correct. Satanists (yes, real live child raping, infant flesh eating, infant blood drinking, adrenochrome addicted SATANISTS rule America and the world. Better take a deep breath and start some serious research into this truth. Nesta Webster wrote of this a hundred years ago. William Guy Carr wrote a book about this (Pawns in the Game) in the
    mid-1950s. Ever hear of the Harold Rosenthal interview? (He was on the staff of US Jew Senator Javits). Most Americans are so stupid and brain dead that they can not see the truth about anything. Satanists rule America. Israeli Satanists did 911. Jesus spoke of
    the devil being the father of Jews in John Chapter 8, verse 44. If you are an American citizen and think the members of the US Congress represent you, you are a fool.

  5. A great article from henrya while back showed that the Lindberg baby was kidnapped by the jews and kiled in an ancient ritual, it was punishment for lindberg trying to keep the USA out of w w 2

  6. On thinking about it yes it makes sense that if Rothchild and lindemans were soviet agents
    then logically Churchill must have been as well

  7. What did you expect?

    If millions of Christian-Communist white gentiles are stupid/insane enough to wage a war (WWII) so anti-white Jews can rule the world, (instead of fighting for their own race to rule the world: Fascism/Nazism) then this is the dysgenic/chaotic Jewish-Communist-Christian world you get. Its that’s simple.

  8. Disavow–the worse things get, the easier it is to be an exception.

  9. The peoples of the world wanted this, i looks like there is no much resistance

    Germans tried to stop this in ww2, germany was one of the three previous kingdom who fell, and was defeated by the little horn (Dan.7)

    Currently there is no much opposition, so i quess they are destined to build the NWO society they wanted so much

  10. Neo is right we the British fought war on Germany to hand it back to the jews and rothschild loaned us the money to fight the war for him at great interest of course
    and it make total sense that Churchill was a spy for the jews, tey paid him considerable sums to do it

  11. Haaretz the jewish news agency have admitted that Churchill was paid by the jews to spy for Russia, anyway its obvious now with hindsight

  12. Henry is bang on the money with satanism
    and as for Churchill left and right wing and even non politicos have send millions of signatures to Downing st to take down his statues
    Hes been exposed for what he was, in the pay of the jews and a drunken pedo