Satan’s Method, Christ Our Saviour

Kevin Boyle – BitChute Oct 14, 2020



Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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  1. The internet is a great tool for awakening the global population, and it is working. The lies we have all been subjected to, are being revealed daily. There is is a growing awareness among the public, even the most indoctrinated, that something is very wrong. The Covid scam has worked well in frightening many into apathy and a lack of critical thinking, but many more are seeing the big picture. The speed with which the dystopian plans are being rolled out is an indicator that the Puppet Masters are starting to fear that they may lose control of the narrative. All it takes to turn this around, is to say no to the Government’s draconian measures. Kevin is correct in that this is a spiritual war. We must look to our inner consciousness and realise that there lies the key to winning this war.

  2. Correct, without Christ we are owned by evil.

  3. This is a spiritual battle

    “The government is not going to listen to the people; they listen to the globalists; the UN; the worlds predatory banking cartels; the pharmaceutical industry; the WHO and vested interest groups that we didn’t elect.

    Make no mistake this battle will not solely be won with courtroom arguments and appeals to reason and the correct science and data.

    This is a spiritual battle that is won and lost in the hearts of men. The Irish government and the MSM will continue to fill the Irish people’s heads with fear and threats. They will never provide them with what they truly need. They will never give them that which will fulfill them and enable their emancipation and liberty that which they have lost. That which they must find again, that which they can rediscover in the midst of this darkness and despair; the salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    Forget the corrupt Catholic Church that has abandoned us and that has acted/worked against the interests of the Irish people for decades. The kingdom of God is inside you and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. The truth is the Word and the Word shall set us free. Make no mistake it doesn’t matter if you have never believed in a higher power. If you can see the truth of reality around you and you can recognize evil for what it is then you have a gift from God, a divine talent given to you that you must not waste. Those of us who know the truth have an obligation to plant a seed in the minds of other people and I pray that it helps to grow into a truly global awakening.”
    This is the concluding statement at the end of a recent video that I just had to record and put into the written word.

    The world is faithless, better we put our faith in Jesus Christ!

  4. The teaching of the rules of Christianity should be taught in our schools, as they once were and never mind who is offended by them , this is our country. They have served us well enough in the past , there is no justification for their abanddment, we should continue to live by our Christian beliefs . .

  5. Albert Pike predicted three world wars. So they obviously have the next one planned. Jesus said that if it weren’t for God’s intervention, the destruction would kill everybody…..Matt 24 v 22. Surely we are not too far away from Christ’s return?

  6. Kevin is right. Those who are ruling us and the rest of the world are doing so by mass deception and terror mongering. I wrote some fragmented comments to a posting on Church Militant the other day attacking the short-sightedness and politically-correctness of the Pope’s latest encyclical Fratelli Tutii, also accusing him and most of the hierarchy of complicity in using the Covid scam as cover to run out all of the UN Agenda 21/2030 and WEF Resets. All of the leaders of the major Protestant denominations, I believe are in the same bed with them. The Pope has focused on the sin of Cain in killing Abel with respect to his diagnosis of what is wrong with the world. However, if you go back to the very “original” sin of both Eve and Adam, what you have is the deception of Satan, planting visions and desires in the mind of Eve, lying to her about her trust relationship with her Creator. Eve mistrusts God and relies on her own very limited foresight and takes the forbidden fruit and eats of it. Essentially, what you have here is Eve passing on the lie, the deceit, appealing to Adam’s imagination and sense of God-like equality, and Adam then also breaches his trust relationship with God, by abusing the free will and power God entrusted to him.

    This is where all other sins and offences against God and nature begin according to these scriptures. It is that inner breach of trust in the depths of our hearts for whatever replaces our love of God which leads to jealously, violence, murder and mayhem. Various clerics in my Church have criticized Fratelli Tutii on the basis that it lacks any spiritual horizon, i.e., that it appeals to human efforts to overcome our inhumanity and injustice to others, rather than actual conversion of the human heart which is the function and very purpose of my Church. What we have here is the largest organization in the world highjacked by the central bank cartel, the major multinational corporations, and the international socialists, just as they have highjacked all of our governments, with their deceit over exaggerated and deliberately engineered “sustainability” issues and the present financial crisis, in order to centralize and consolidate more and more power and control over the planet and our lives with all sorts of oppressive measures based on what they have deemed as “necessary”. Ultimately, they want global hegemony over finances, the creation of money, resources, trade, consumption and distribution, and on analysis we find that the UN Agendas and the Great Reset is all about centralized management and control of every aspect of our lives.

    Suspending judgment about their ends, their means certainly are diabolical. What we are witnessing from all of the control-freak bureaucracies (in the banking cartel, major corporations, universities, and major media networks, and in all of our secular and church governments) is the lockstep pattern of deception, terror mongering, and oppression over the people which is a fundamental breach of trust and abuse of power of our fundamental relationship with God and with all of human kind. What these very methods signal is a “new normal” future “New World Order” of tyranny, fear, and oppression. Without proper checks and balances, people in power always tend to be pragmatists and to abuse their power and trust.

    Right now, hardly half of the world trusts any of them. Their backers must be getting very worried because with all of the major Foundations of the Western establishment backing the Covid scam and the UN Resets, and having been named and listed on this site and others, they are finally being identified for what they are, which is none other than them being instruments of the devil.

  7. Satan is to Jesus what a burglar is to the owner of the house.

  8. Well said, Kevin. Satan always has been a liar, and Jesus is and always has been the TRUTH.
    Revelation tells what is and will be going on, as well Matthew 24, Daniel, and many other books and writings in the Bible. Sad that so many reject the Bible and will reject their only salvation, which is only found in Christ. After death, no one stops existing. Many exist in horrible torments endlessly because they rejected the only ONE who could save them. The ones who have accepted Christ will live and reign with Him forever where there is no more death or torment or Hell. It always has been a choice between believing God or Satan since the Garden of Eden.

  9. Christianity: the Jewish Trojan Horse designed to bring about the downfall of the Aryan Roman Empire & all subsequent white gentile nation-states.

    “Salvation is from the Jews.” -Jesus (John 4:22)

  10. “Once we’ve realized we’ve been lied to, we all get very angry. That’s a human thing. The answer IS Christ.”

    AMEN. Come, Lord Jesus! (Revelation 22:20)

  11. “Gates of Hell” are gates, not a battering ram wielded by demons, Christians have the battering ram, bust into Hell, and rule it–if we want to. Churches cower if they never met Jesus.

  12. I hate to tell you people there is no such thing as Christ or Satan. Those are make believe concepts, archaic myths that still hold people’s minds hostage. Seriously, the readers of this website need to graduate from superstitious beliefs and stop framing arguments in terms of religious beliefs like our salvation is only through Christ or that Satan is some real entity – an antigod in battle with Almighty God, which on the surface is patently ridiculous.

    If God is all powerful then how is it that Satan is a threat, and did not the parent God create the lesser god? And if Christ is real then why are we even bothering reading essays and learning about freedom arguments, afterall if salvation is through Christ then why think at all?

    Whenever an argument is advanced using Christ or Satan then you simply don’t have a very effective argument. When you hear someone say you’d better believe or go to hell then that is also not an effective argument. Using myths as our defense is not effective, we need to reason our way through the mess and the truth is our collective effort will be our salvation. Think about it, if Christ was real then why hasn’t Christ defeated our enemies yet?

    Christ should be taken as a euphemism for “higher consciousness” . So if we freedom fighters, join in higher consciousness together, we can then defeat the lower animal (Satan) consciousness. It takes time for us to do this – which is why “god” doesn’t just snap his fingers and make everything better instantly. We are the ones doing it, saving ourselves, with our collective will to live in a better world.

  13. Christ was born to save us
    Born to set all of us free
    Freedom does not come easily
    It is born of misery

  14. Hate to tell you ‘Yukon Jack’, but “higher consciousness” and “animal consciousness” are also make-believe concepts … the difference being that your version of spiritual language lacks the power that the figures of Christ and Satan typically express and exercise in the individual and collective human subconscious … and everyday consciousness also (to those who have not thrown out the seriously important spiritual baby with the variably significant religious bathwater)..

  15. @ Yukon Jack

    There are all sorts of ways Satan and his demons manifest themselves. We live in an age of spiritual denial. Likewise, the same can be said for Christ. As much as you want to believe that Christianity is just one more Jewish plot, the fact is that if there is a God who knows about us and cares for us, which is the only kind of God worth having, then there is no other person on earth and never has been, where that care has been so manifest, than Jesus Christ. For those who are open and not hung up with all of the human interventions and failures into that perfection, and who really are seeking, their conversion usually entails that in this life, Christ is all that really matters. As for evil, it is always parasitic on the good. If you are honest you will have a hard time understanding why humans, left to themselves, have that tendency towards evil. My view is that it all begins with deception and the abuse of free will and that power entrusted to us, and like alcoholics we are unable to lift ourselves out of the mire of our own corruption by ourselves. We have to appeal to a higher power, and when you really face evil, and the powers of Satan, or are entrapped by him, you will get nowhere without Christ.

  16. Trivial spiritual entities can wreck your life easily but Jesus has total power over them and only experience can tell you this.