How Paedophilia is Being “Normalised”

Moving the Overton Window

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9 responses to “How Paedophilia is Being “Normalised””

  1. When the government under pressure from the Board of Jewish deputies
    normailsed Homosexuality, many experts including th world famous London psychiatric hospital the Maudesly said you cannot legalise homosexulity and keep pedophilia a crime as they are two sides to the same coin
    Tony Blair D noticed the governments own nene report as this confirmed this as did most of the Longford papers, Harriet harmans uncle lord Longford spent years going into prisons to speak to child sex killers, The head of the board of British deputies greville Janner
    said quote ” we jews own this country and your laws will have to fall iinto l ine with jewish law where sex with kids is legal and enjoyable” unquote

  2. Jews love this perversion.

  3. In the beginning of the 70s in the Netherlands there appeared articles in the “Volkskrant”, a leftist democrat outlet, normalising pedophilia. At the end of the 70s i met a “girlfriend” i could not figure out. She went to parties during the midweek days all over the Netherlands. I only saw her during the weekends because of the distance. She did not want to tell me anything about it then. 14 years later, in the beginning of the 90s, she called me and asked me to see her, she then told me she was abused by her father, a high level mason police officer in Dordrecht, since her 4th year. She was in pedophile rings all her life, hence the parties. She told me she was send to me by my oldest mason brother. I knew my parents came from generational masonic families but I could only really start connecting the dots when we got the internet. I also found the family name(a german nazi paralel bloodline) in the books of Fritz Springmeier. My mother allways insisted we came from a very good family.

  4. Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

  5. How much paedophilia is accepted in your country tells you how Yiddy it is.

  6. The arsey kinds of sex are due partly to the hominids who never quite became upright. Their head-tilt and hip angle speak of an only recent upright position. Gay/paedo is necessarily arsey.

  7. Social Workers in the UK can lose their jobs if they use words like poofter queerboy
    perverts etc they now have to be caed Gy and pedophilia is now called ” child oriented sexually”
    i wish we had some real politicians who would stand up against all this jew filth

  8. The BBC has always employed Homosexuals
    the show ” round the horn ” was a comedey full of homosexual queer boyinnuendo
    captain Pugwash was another full of this stiff with roger the cabin boys etc
    the pre school toddlers prog the telletubies, has one who wears lipstick and carries a handbag, this perverted filth is what the BBC has always been about

  9. To see what is going on you have to accept it is a result of long-term planning, which pro-life & pro-family groups I worked with for 25 years starting in the 1970’s vigorously opposed. The agenda of the secular “sexual” humanists, goes back to their planning at least to the 1960’s, and even likely much earlier. They set out to remove all taboos regarding sex, and to diversify sexuality as much as possible from procreational ends. None, of this stuff coming out now surprises me. The brainwashed sheeple would not listen to or be concerned about any of our factual arguments and warnings against the trend, and even those about the pending birth dearth. They still will not today. As a result, I rightly or wrongly concluded in the early 1990’s that true facts and reason are very useful to justify positions and are necessary to strengthen and sustain positions of the converted, but seldom do they given us any real moral suasion or power to motivate or change the masses, or to stop things like this from occurring. The public reaction to the Covid scam and the reaction of the public is more evidence of this.

    Also, you have the fact that everyone I worked with, including myself, were morally restricted from using fake science and fake reasons, or any forms of lying and deception to make political mileage on theses issues. I learned that the power to change things either comes out of a bank account or the barrel of a gun, which on one hand we did not have, and on the other, it involved violence or intimidation which not only offended God’s will but also were counterproductive. Hence, as truth and reason has gradually been replaced by deceit and intimidation, the only people who end up in authority are generally charlatans, crooks and thugs. However, reality is a brick wall much harder than the people running things can every imagine and they are heading right for it at a very high clip. They have created and have unleashed monsters they do not understand and which they cannot control, and when things start to become difficult to a morally decadent, spiritually weak and fragmented people, all will be left is a mob mentality and no mercy to be given to any of those holding positions of power.