Sweden Spared Lockdown Because it Has Already Accepted Satan

henrymakow.com – Oct 11, 2020

(Swedes have been free to soak up the sun, play sports and socialize during the pandemic)
The reason Sweden is exempt from lockdowns is that the population, by and large, have already agreed to be microchipped or is microchipped.

by Maureen Johnston — (henrymakow.com)

The reason Sweden is exempt from lockdowns is that the population, by and large, have already agreed to be microchipped or is microchipped.
They have successfully engineered Sweden away from God.   See Irreligion of Sweden:
Sweden is one of the world’s most secular nations, with a high proportion of irreligious people.[1] Phil Zuckerman, an Associate Professor of Sociology at Pitzer College,[2]writes that several academic sources have in recent years placed atheism rates in Sweden between 46% and 85%, with one source reporting that only 17% of respondents self-identified as “atheist”.[3] Gallup Poll found in 2016 that 18% of Swedes self-report as atheists and 55% as non-religious.[4]
When it comes to numbers of sexual partners, Sweden it is probably among the most promiscuous countries in the world. Having between 50-100 different sex partners in a life span, and even above 100 sex partners, is definitely not uncommon among Swedes. Even among females. Also, the number of latent bisexuals is very high. No one raises an eyebrow if you are lesbian.
Another important aspect to understand why there are no lockdowns in Sweden is that the technology of microchip implants is closely related to demonization — i.e. having legions of demons.*  The satanic NWO globalist governments can control a demonized population, that’s why they want people to be demonized.


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  1. Suspect there migth be some truth in the headline

  2. If you’re an atheist you would not’logically” “accept satan”….now would you……Atheists would laugh at this religious mumbo jumbo…..surely.

    “Sweden has already accepted satan”…..has it?…..During ww2 Sweden remained neutral and was able to supply high quality steel to both sides.

    Swedens neutrality probably has more to do with future events when the SHTF….
    What we do know is that the Jewish hidden elites in Sweden are directly responsible for the invasion of that country….and since Jews own the Swedish media the truth of the matter will never see the light of day…

  3. We once had a homestay student from Sweden. Prior to her arrival, we Skyped interviewed her and all seemed well, but when she arrival, OMG!—This girl was truly one of the very most lost souls we’d ever met! She didn’t stay long with us – our home was too bright with the love and light of Jesus Christ. Her being couldn’t handle our joy, purity and honesty. She found her own kind and moved in with them. I’ll spare you the heartbreaking details of her character, but she truly was inhabited by some parasitically poisonous spirits.

  4. Sweden (and five other European countries*) was able to maintain its neutrality in WWII because the Axis hadn’t yet defeated the Allies, but I doubt it would have remained neutral for long had the Nazis won the war. It’ll be much the same if the NWO wins this Covid battle as there can be no neutrality in civil war or under totalitarian rule. Perhaps then Sweden’s refusal to bow to this nonsense and thus exposed it as the BS it is means they’ll be in for some payback when their neutrality is no longer recognised.

    *Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Ireland and Turkey.

  5. Pseudo Vespasian the SATANIC SHILL Strikes again!!

  6. @ Vespasian
    Was Sweden really neutral in World War Two?
    Whether Sweden was truly neutral in World War Two has been the subject of much debate over the years. Following past articles on the role of Spain (here) and Switzerland (here) in World War Two, Kaiya Rai presents the arguments for both sides – how Sweden assisted both Nazi Germany and the Allied Powers.

    As opposed to its official government policy, when called to fight in Finland, as many as 8,000 Swedes volunteered, and in response to German pleas for volunteers against the Soviet Union, around 180 Swedes joined the German Waffen-SS. It was always the individuals’ choice to enlist; however, the government also helped in ways such as sending food, ammunition, weapons and medicine to Finland during conflict. While the number of Swedish volunteers was comparatively small compared to some other nations, the country’s willingness to help in the war effort surely points to its obvious lack of neutrality. http://www.historyisnowmagazine.com/blog/2017/12/18/was-sweden-really-neutral-in-world-war-two

    Murky truth of how a neutral Sweden covered up its collaboration with Nazis
    Swedes have long enjoyed the illusion of innocence, of freedom from Nazi-related guilt, but now, amid a welter of revelations, the country is slowly coming to terms with an historical truth that is more complicated than the idealistic neutrality thought to have been maintained throughout the Second World War.

    Some Swedes were in fact engaged in close collaboration with Nazi Germany and their government deliberately chose to draw a thick veil over their activities when the war ended.
    What has particularly shocked and disgusted many people in the run-up to the Stockholm conference on the Holocaust is a television documentary exposing how several hundred Swedish soldiers volunteered to fight on the German side during the war. Some worked as guards at Treblinka, the concentration camp where 900,000 Jews were murdered.

    The Swedish authorities, it has now emerged, never attempted to investigate the deeds of these soldiers when the true horror of Nazi Germany came to light. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/murky-truth-of-how-a-neutral-sweden-covered-up-its-collaboration-with-nazis-5372299.html

    on the words of a 1941 wartime poster of a tiger drawn in the blue and yellow colors of the Swedish flag with the title “En svensk tiger” (“A Swedish Tiger”) and made by Swedish illustrator Bertil Almqvist. The word “tiger” in Swedish means tiger, but it also means to keep silent. The original poster was part of a Swedish government campaign to warn Swedes to keep silent, presumably not to rattle Sweden’s wartime relationship with Nazi Germany. https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/16308/sweden-confiscating-books

    They are still reaping the benefits of the Marshall Plan from U.S. Taxpayers
    Marshall-plan: why did Sweden, Portugal and Greece get their share?

    Neither of them were in NATO; Portugal and Sweden didn’t even fight in the war… Portugal wasn’t even on the “democratic” side if memory serves right. https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080617233646AAdRRWS

  7. Also serious levels of radiation from 66.6ghz, with many masts beside schools etc. They are in serious trouble, and wilth immigrations also; Sad. Very sad.

  8. Satanism is nothing new Churchil was one as were the Blairs
    pop music is ridden with it
    The jews worship an evil entity as do the freemasons
    hang the lot of them i say

  9. Another sensationalist article, full of conjecture. Not many facts. I dont believe it.

  10. “Satanic shill strikes again”…..against better judgement I’ll respond to this moronic statement…

    Well at least it provided some amusement….I would guess this is a Zio-Troll or maybe some idiot kid.

    Remember there are paid Zio-Trollers in Israel whose full time occupation is to troll websites discussion forums etc ….
    After overthrowing the global Jewish elites control of the worlds financial system you could imagine a great line of Zio-Troll revived Art Deco lampshades for sale on Zio-Amazon …..a collectors piece would be one of the Zio-popstar PINK….which would be with tattoos included.

  11. No jesus, no muhammed. All energy. How to manipulate it.

    Mystic and Yogi.

  12. Judaism is an african religion.

  13. Judaism has many origins. Tibet was one of the few places that taught its people a comparable paranoia, xenophobia and self-satisfaction. Babylon supplied the banking schemes, and Egypt some of the literature. Jeremaiah and Revelation come from Egypt and more recently Europe supplies some DNA.