“Trust the science, follow the expert advice”

Irish Savant – Oct 11, 2020

Thus we are instructed by our moral superiors. “Trust the science, follow the expert advice”. But what if the science is unclear and the experts wrong?
On Jan. 21, the day the first Covid-19 case in the U.S. was confirmed Anthony Fauci said the following on Newsmax TV: “This is not a major threat to the people of the United States, and this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.” Shortly afterwards he said in an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine that Covid-19 would be no more dangerous than common influenza. Two months later he and CDC Director Robert Redfield proclaimed it to be “the greatest public health crisis that has hit this nation in more than 100 years.”  The WHO’s latest mortality rate figures (this week) show that only 0.13 percent of those infected will die. That’s 26 times lower than WHO’s originally suggested death rate of 3.4 percent. This 0.13 percent death rate is almost exactly the death rate for the common flu.
“Trust the science, follow the expert advice”
In March of this year Professor Neil Ferguson, head of the MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at Imperial College London, issued a horrifying report which projected 500,000 deaths in the UK arising from the Covid virus. But not long after that he revised the half a million to just a few thousand. Just like that! Some expert. But he had form going back many years. In 2002 he predicted that up to 50,000 people in UK would die from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (“mad cow disease”) possibly to 150,000 if the epidemic expanded to include sheep. How many actually died? A grand total of 178. In 2005 he forecast up to 200 million deaths worldwide from H5N1 (“bird flu”). The eventual body count? 78. No, not 78 million, 78 people. That model might need a bit of work, Neil. Then in 2009 he warned that H1N1 (“swine flu”) would kill 65,000 people in Britain. The eventual body count? 457. Not 457,000 – 457 deaths. Similar doomsday Covid fatality figures have been published by other prestigious research organisations.
“Trust the science, follow the expert advice”
The effectiveness of masks has been in dispute from the onset of the plandemic. The head of infectious diseases at the Netherlands’ National Institute for Public Health (RIVM), Jaap van Dissel, has argued there is no scientific proof of cloth masks’ effectiveness, and that they might do more harm than good by giving users a false sense of security. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams on Feb. 29 beseeched the public as follows: “Seriously people — STOP BUYING MASKS!” The CDC initially said “if you are NOT sick you do not need to wear a facemask unless you are caring for someone who is sick (and they are not able to wear a facemask)”. Mask efficacy remains to this day, – to put it mildly, under dispute. Yet moves are afoot in most Western countries to make their wearing mandatory.
Trust the science, follow the expert adviceOriginally the WHO and other experts warned that Covid-19 can be spread from contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. This in turn lead to the use of surgical gloves and the maniacal scrubbing of door handles and, tables surfaces, Such warnings, while not withdrawn, have been discreetly slipped down the Memory Hole. Same with ventilators. Remember them? We needed hundreds of thousands to be produced. Until the experts found that they were killing more patients than they were saving as evidenced by a study of 2,600 New York City patients which found an 88% death rate among Covid-19 patients placed on respirators.
Trust the science, follow the expert advice
The Lancet, arguably the most venerable medical journal, published an article earlier this year headlined “Hydroxychloroquine: Trump’s Covid-19 ‘cure’ increases deaths, global study finds.” Shortly afterwards they published a retraction. Just like that.
Trust the science, follow the expert advice
The foregoing brief summaries show that the experts have been wrong, sometimes catastrophically so, on just about everything of substance related to this virus. Maybe I should correct that. The experts who dominate the discourse have been wrong. Many others, voices crying in the wilderness, have been calling out the hoax from the beginning. Their numbers have grown of late. Take for instance the Great Barrington Declaration which has now been signed by nearly 6,000 scientists and medical experts across the globe as well as 50,000 members of the public. They say keeping the lockdown policies in place until a vaccine is available would cause “irreparable damage, with the underprivileged disproportionately harmed”. Yet we see pressure for more draconian lock-down measures all over the West.
So who do we believe?
My suggestion: Our belief should be guided by the knowledge that the Covid-19 Project represents one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the public.


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  1. I would say all of these experts, same as those in courtrooms
    are paid to represent the views of who is paying them
    ” he who pays the piper calls the tune ”
    for decades government paid experts would all parrot
    ” there is no proven link between smoking ad cancer”
    Because of the huge taxation on ciggies, they thought this would outweigh the care at the end of smokers lives, but when the government was people trafficking in hordes from other countries, who had never bought ciggies in this country so the government had no taxation revenue from them
    thy turned tail and said ah yes smoking is bad for your heath and every packet had to carry warnings
    experts are paid just like prostitutes

  2. It is not a hoax. This bioweapon is being selectively activated as and when. China didn’t destroy their global export markets just to rollout the NWO agenda. Same with Iran, Same with Russia. The UK, US and other 1st tier states have for the most part been pre protected from the first wave. It is too early to say anything conclusive about the 2nd wave, but, I have been told that more children are getting the Covid symtoms and look ill & this is in London. Because of pre protection from Porton Down bioweapon, we know for a fact, that infection rates and deaths attributed to Covid have been rigged. We see that South Korea and Japan are states which have been pre protected.

    Those who are interested should keep in mind that if this Covid thing is a two wave thing, then we are only halfway through it. The UK regime seems hell bent on stopping heard immunity, but as usual, we get lots of mixed messages, such as antibodies only last three months… more evidence that this is a biological weapon & as some have said in the fake news, this could be the new normal & that our tyrannical leaders will simply stop life returning to normal.

    Remember the Brexit farce? Years and years of lies, mixed messages, will we, we won’t & the fake news telling lies, repeating lies & totally biased. They say the BBC is left-wing and anti Brexit. Well, I’ve never believed such utter bollox. The fact is, the sheeple were brow beaten, bored to effing death of all the rigged tight votes in the House of Commons theater. They are doing the same thing with Covid. The sheeple are more apathetic by the day and the fake news is actually reporting it, because when push comes to shove and they offer the new normal (the regimes pre covid plan), if you comply with the new rules, the fake news will simply report that the sheeple have agreed to the regimes new normal, & so what you will have is group of sheeple who were never going to have 10 or 20 vaccines, agreeing to them.

  3. Which one is true:
    Science = majority view promoted by paid academians
    Science = view that is supported by evidence

  4. “The scientist” here is like the ET in films of the 1950s who always turned out to somehow subscribe to Commie doctrine.

  5. Special Envoy to the WHO, Dr David Nabarro, has just stated that the WHo does not support the use of lockdowns in the fight against CV19. Where does this leave SAGE, Imperial College, Sir Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty all of whom have called for lockdowns? The public must start refusing to accept illegal mandates from corrupt officials and apply common sense which has been sadly lacking.

  6. Quote: “Trust the science, follow the expert advice”
    You mean Bill Goetz & Dr Fauci ??

  7. Arrest them to or murder. They knew, just bit off more than they can chew and got caught. Serious matter.

  8. Previous message sent by me.

    Mystic and Yogi

  9. This is more accurate than any institutional or expert opinions. It is documented fact.

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  10. As the saying goes ?? 97% of Scientists agree with those who fund them !