Mike Stone: Are You Ready for Civil War?

henrymakow.com — Oct 10, 2020 


Election Day is Coming: Are You Ready?

by Mike Stone – (henrymakow.com)

Election Day in the United States is less than three weeks away. Are you ready for what promises to be possibly the darkest day in our nation’s history?
If you’re wondering what’s going to occur, I’ll tell you right now. Donald Trump is going to win on Election Day, but Joe Biden – or more rightly, Kamala Harris, the real head of the Democrat ticket – is not going to concede. Biden and Harris will be supported by every Democrat politician across the country, as well as the entire mainstream media, large swaths of the alternative media, and the usual assortment of turncoat Republicans (Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, etc.) They will attempt to drag the proceedings out for weeks, while hundreds of thousands of fraudulent mail-in ballots begin to show up and be counted. In the meantime, they will encourage massive – and I mean massive – civil unrest. You’re going to see rioting, looting, and burning on a scale you’ve never seen before.
Are you ready for all of that? If not, you may want to start preparing. My advice is to spend a few hours on the weekend prior to the election stocking up on food and essentials (maybe some ammo too). Then on the day itself, to wake up as early as possible, vote as early as possible, and go straight home.
Don’t go to work that day. Don’t send your kids to school that day. Hunker down and prepare to defend your life and your property, if necessary. I wouldn’t go to work the day after the election either.
The day after the 2016 election I was confronted in an elevator by six angry individuals. I didn’t say a word to any of them, but one looked me over and said, “You look like you’re gonna make America great again.”
Then another one asked if I voted for Trump. “Yes, I did,” I replied. I thought I was going to have to fight my way out of there.
Don’t be complacent or think you’re safe because you live in the suburbs. The mobs are already organizing to march through suburban neighborhoods all over the country, throwing rocks through windows and destroying property. Yours could be next. If you live in a state with a Democrat governor, it’s really going to get worse, because they will encourage the rioting and violence.



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18 responses to “Mike Stone: Are You Ready for Civil War?”

  1. As much as the the jews put Trump in office
    remember that like the UK they own all parties and candidates
    Trump would not go to war n iran for israel, this infuriated the jews and many wanted him done in like JFK
    But whatever else he is Trump is no fol, he knows that once he attacks iran,
    China Russia and N korea will destroy America
    Mind you Rothschild and George Soros seem to be destroying it Ok without outside intervention

  2. Even though almost all the major polls show Biden with a big lead and the mainstream media basically says Biden has an easy victory, I agree with Stone, Trump will probably win. Why? Shy Trump voters: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/poll-which-correctly-called-2016-election-sees-another-shocking-outcome-november

    The mail-in ballots can help Biden make it closer because nobody has enthusiasm for Biden (they just hate Trump) thus many of them are not motivated to stand in the cold for a long time to vote at polls (especially young people), but it’s easy to vote by mail if you’re not enthusiastic; unfortunate for Trump.

    Some of the elite Jewish extremists who control the USA, may surreptitiously actually want Trump to win. Why? In order to inspire major riots (not protests) throughout the country. The Jewish controlled media can blame the riots on White Trump voters (supposed raging racists) in order to further marginalize White people in society and thus decrease their power.

    The Jewish media objective: White a synonym for racist, it’s working, an example:

    During an online lecture focused on “Undoing White Supremacy in the Language Disciplines,” a professor from the University of California-Santa Barbara introduced herself as being “a white American” who is, therefore “by definition racist.”


  3. After all the death and pain and destruction America has wrought across the world its own distress back home was always coming. Some call it karma, others Schadenfreude.

  4. This mayhem will only take place in certain states & urban areas. Without being racist or overly political, who cares what BLM & Democrats do to their cities. Keep in mind that your typical Democrat is more rightwing than your average Tory. In any areas where there is trouble, or potential for trouble, many Democrats will side with the Republicans. This is by far the majority of Amerikans and they are well armed and well trained to use their weapons, unlike some of the deep state armed BLM gunmen who put bullets in their own feet. A black youth with a gun usually confronts an unarmed person. A white youth with a gun has spent years with their daddy, uncle or neighbour down at the range or malitia base & spent more time firing live rounds that your typical soldier. Don’t pick a fight with a Swiss in Switzerland, most have guns and know how to use them, same in Norway, lots of Norweigens own a gun.

    Hillary and Obama, do they really want the US to move further to the right? This is what has happened in the UK. We are ruled by a fascist regime & no bats an eyelid.

  5. Dear Mr. McNulty, America’s foreign policy has been run by international bankers, jews, since at least 1913. Give Benjamin Freedman a listen (1961 Willard Hotel speech). Read Churchhill on Bolshevism in Russia. I used to read your sources but they all went silent on 9/11.

    Freedman – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhFRGDyX48c
    Churchill – https://orwell1984366490226.wordpress.com/2020/09/14/new-131/

    If you’re interested, look up Archibald Ramsay’s book, The Nameless War , L. Fry’s Waters Flowing Eastward, and Douglas Reed’s The Controversy of Zion for starters.

  6. Michael Mcnulty thanks i have often thought this myself

  7. The US election is fixed one way or the other, not by any for of Providence or divine determinism, but by the forces which want to disrupt such. If Biden gets in it will because the bankster globalists have had enough of Trump and America first. If Trump gets in, which is most likely the case, it will be because he has made a deal with the bankster globalists to keep using the US to advance world financial hegemony.

    ON coming civil war you have to kill all ANTIFAS;COMMUNISTS;MASONS;

  9. This website is becoming more and more like a right wing mouthpiece like Rense. I’m getting disappointed with its content and the proTrump views. How can you support Trump who is a Zionist lackey??!!

  10. You really are far left nazi fruit loop aren’t carl indoctrinated jones!! Grow a spine or do one. You blinkered Communist cnt…I bet you are3 loving the current communist take over of the UK all based on a scam!! piss off back to the sewer you crawled from or expe3ct to be stamped on from a great height

  11. Sam:

    We support Trump because the alternative doesn’t bear thinking about…. yep, it’s the classic trap. I back Trump, but would I vote in the US election if I could, no chance.

  12. Someone need to read about the 1787 Gang. A Gang of Thugs took over America.
    It was supposed to be for the people but it wasn’t.

    The US Congress is illegal.

    Not many people know that the US Constitution is a epic Fraud.

  13. The daily media drumbeat of Trumphate keeps throbbing, but Joe keeps saying and doing to keep making Donald look better and better. He just keeps reeling us back in.
    We really DO deserve to know!

  14. More scare mongering shite. There will be NO civil war!

  15. Mr. Far Left Trolls Burned at the Stake needs to learn how to read and write English. He can barely make two sentences together! Lol!

  16. Nr
    I agree with you. This guy loves to stir fear and anxiety. We have enough to deal with in our lives; bills to pay, kids to feed and life to live.

  17. Biden is over 30 points ahead of trump in the polls

    just google stossel polls

    biden is going to win unless trump gets a miracle

    once the left is in the riots will end

    the coronahoax will be called off

    climate change and green deal will then be promoted

    welfare checks for all

    hillary will get a prominent position

    aoc will become speaker of the house

    elon musk will head up save the planet with electric car commisiion

    and all those ARs and ammo will be dumped on the market for huge discounts

  18. @yukon jack. There will be NO vote rigging this time as Trump is gonna use the Quantum Voting System. Last time Trump won with 75% of the vote minus vote rigging. No one, and i mean no one is turning up for Biden rallies. By contrast Trump rallies are standing room only. The Quantum Financial System is already underway since 2nd August and the Global Currency Reset is imminent. NESARA will begin when Trump is elected.