At Behest Of Jewish Supremacists YouTube Censors Black Leader Who Warns Blacks Of Jewish Supremacy

Christians For Truth – Oct 8, 2020

Powerful Jewish supremacist organizations applauded the news this week that Jewish-owned social media giant YouTube had banned the Nation of Islam (NoI), a Black advocacy organization led by Louis Farrakhan, from its platform for warning Blacks about “satanic” Jewish power:

The removal of the NoI’s channel was part of a broader move on YouTube’s part to clamp down on hate speech, with 25,000 channels deleted under the company’s guidelines.

“We have strict policies prohibiting hate speech on YouTube, and terminate any channel that repeatedly or egregiously violates those policies,” the company said in a statement on Oct. 2.

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) said on Twitter that it applauded the decision, stating that Farrakhan “for far too long has used the platform as a megaphone for his antisemitic and homophobic outbursts.”

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center (SWC) said that it had been pushing for a ban on the NoI for several years and YouTube’s move was therefore an important one.

Over the summer, several YouTube users waged a campaign to remove Farrakhan’s three-hour July 4 address — in which he referred to Jews as “Satan” who should have their brains knocked out by the “stone of truth — from the platform.

Farrakhan has long pushed the idea that US Jews constitute a “Synagogue of Satan” who exercise unaccountable power across the government, media and education for decades.

“International bankers financed Hitler and poor Jews died while big Jews were at the root of what you call the Holocaust,” Farrakhan infamously declared in 1995. “Little Jews died while big Jews made money. Little Jews were turned into soap while big Jews washed themselves with it.”

Truth is a form of “violence” to Jews — they literally feel physically assaulted when anyone, such as Farrakhan, attempts to inform the public of the malevolent power that Jews wield over Blacks — and society in general.

And they seem to believe that they’ve actually “proven” how Farrakhan’s criticism of Jews has led to real violence against real Jews in the real world.

So Jews demand a “safe space” where they are free from all “violent” scrutiny and criticism — “a world of their own” — in the words of Jewish writer Maurice Samuel, “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”

As Alexander Solzhenitsyn observed, “For a Jew, there is nothing more insulting than the truth.”

Thus Jews seem to believe that they have a fundamental and inalienable right not to be offended — ever.

If they can finally shut down and censor anyone and everyone who dares criticize them, they can then turn around and announce to the world, “See, everyone really does love us!

Once again, this shameless censorship shows exactly how Jews go about proving that all those “antisemitic canards” are just not true — they use their enormous power to censor their critics and prove once and for all that they don’t have enormous power.

All of which creates more antisemitism.


11 responses to “At Behest Of Jewish Supremacists YouTube Censors Black Leader Who Warns Blacks Of Jewish Supremacy”

  1. being a black person i at first supported BLM but many people including the pastor at my church explained that it was another trick on black people by the jew
    Farrakhan is respected by many white folk too, but he warns us against jewish double dealing.
    The jews teach Black people are one step above the ape, jewish big pharma experiments on us with syphilis in the southern sttes and still do in Africa
    we blacks owe the jew nothing
    nothing at all

  2. Elite Jewish extremists are also upset with the brazen Farrakhan because he mentions Israel and Jews were involved in the evil 911 attack on America:

    Excerpts from an article:

    Farrakhan told members of a Chicago mosque Sunday that Israelis and “Zionist Jews” played key roles in perpetrating the 9/11 terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people in New York in 2001.

    Delivering the second part of a lecture entitled “The Intensifying, Universal Cry for Justice,” Farrakhan asserted that Jews perpetrated the deadly attacks in order to start a war between the West and the Muslim world and claimed that the attack and “the root of terrorism was not committed by Arabs or Muslims.”

    “It is now becoming apparent that there were many Israelis and Zionist Jews in key roles in the 9/11 attacks,” the Nation of Islam leader told the audience.

    “We know that an Israeli film crew dressed as Arabs were filming the Twin Towers before the first plane went in. In other words — Israelis had full knowledge of the attacks.”

  3. I am 76 years old and live in an old peoples complex in Greater London.
    We each have a tiny flat and a communal sitting room where we talk and watch TV.
    We put ourselves at risk walking to the corner shop as the black gangs stop us and frisk us for our money, they come into our flats and use the lift as a toilet.
    Last week they stopped me and i refused to hand over my £5 note for my shopping
    so i was punched in the face and thrown to the ground and hit with my walking stick,
    i lay there stunned as the blacks told me “have a nice day grandad ” got in their car and drove off.
    I stayed indoors for 2 days but ventured out again to the shop, it had been raining solid
    and a car deliberately drove into a pothole which soaked me in freezing water
    i recognised the same boys car and the grinning black faces at me out the back window as they sped away.
    I walked to the car park found the car and poked dents in every metal panel, let down the tyres and poked my walking stick through all the windows, i put a post it note on the steering wheel which said. “do not soak old people with your bad driving, have a nice day”
    ​I am now the hero of the old peoples complex, and i was excused my turn cleaning out
    the piss and excreta from the lift.

  4. To stop “antisemitism” jews will resort to tyranny….until their offences become too much.

    The arrest of these Michigan Militia members could be the opening of hostilities IF this is real.

    The American right to bear arms could ensure Americans freedoms as it was designed to do….

    If they are able the FIENDS will turn America into a carbon copy of the tyranny that stalked Russia for a generation…..TODAY the Jews control all major Western countries….although thanks to their strategy of disguising their identity not many people are aware of this….in the West.
    It is so very obvious that Boris Johnson is a jew BUT not with Theresa May and Cameron.Infact Camerons wife is an extremely rich jewess.

    The British police are quickly beginning to resemble the police in many Eastern Europe police forces….The British Secret Police MI5 have infiltrated every important institution.It is NOT a coincidence that the Director of MI5 is a jew.This replicates what happened in Eastern Europe.
    Aside from America the right to own guns has been stripped from most citizens in Western democracies.

    Today’s Western media tends to inhabit a fantasy world….you have all these Jewish commentators on NZ TV talking about NZs SERIOUS HOUSING SHORTAGE……but none of these lying bastards ever mention the cause of it!!!….mass alien immigration.

    All this stems from the Jewish elite which began to make its presence felt in the sixties….NOW THEYVE TAKEN OVER…..the ascent of Jewish power in NZ was paralled by the decline of Christianity….and not by chance.

  5. I used to know BBC board member Graham jones he claimed he lost the job on heath grounds but BBC bosses check all emails from staff even at home, and he was criticising
    the BBCs Heterophobic outlook and its support for people like stephen fry Jimmy Saville Wilfren Bramble etc for ” boy-nobbing” as its now called
    The jews have said for some time back when they rule the world a masive population cull will take place and each jew will have 3000 goy slaves and the pic of the prettiest oyung boys, are they a sick people or what ?

  6. JewTube is now a place for people who haven’t anything to say. I stopped watching it a while ago now, after they decided to start deleting channels who didn’t ‘sing in the choir’. And of course, you can’t have an opinion anymore as the minute you start writing any truth about Jews, blacks, homosexuals and whatnot, JewTube algorithms kick in and delete your post, automatically, within seconds of submission. It is no longer the forum of debate it once was. The Jews have completely destroyed that.

    I don’t like Farrakhan. I really cannot understand that if Farrakhan has gone down the rabbit hole, into understanding who Jews are and their relationship with blacks, has found out that the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade was run by them (as with all other past and present), then surely he’d realise that much, if not all, of what has been written about white abuse of slaves is untrue? If he has done his research, why would European people, Christians, many who had fled persecution themselves, treat black people as they had been treated? Why would Christians teach blacks the gospel of Jesus and then beat and treat them as animals? More so, considering that a minimal amount of whites owned slaves, compared to the overwhelming amount of Jews, added to that, that Jews have a hatred of blacks as it is, why does he still call the whites the “blue eyed devils created in the laboratories of Jacub”? And to finish, the final piece of the puzzle, should one listen to E Michael Jones, should have people realising that if Jews owned the textile industry of the US, then certainly the overwhelming majority (if not all) of the cotton plantations, were owned by them?

    In my mind, Louis Farrakhan is no different to Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s pastor). All are nothing more than promoters of hatred towards white people.
    The Nation of Islam (NoI) has every opportunity to see that much of what is written of European America’s past is most certainly a lie. This could elevate them, spiritually and they could, should they choose, be initiators in bringing about the stop of the Jewish created, racial war going on in not only the US, but in the UK and Europe. They choose not to.

    The Jews now clearly know that the cat is out of the bag, when it comes to the relationship between the blacks and the Jews. This will terrify them. The whites may, sadly, be utterly indoctrinated by their lies but if a powerful organisation like the NoI can see the truth then it spells the beginning of the downfall of international Jewry. There is also the possibility of blacks putting the pieces of the puzzle together and coming to the conclusions, as I’ve written above, about white people and slavery.

    Is this a little too late? The Jewish World Order is almost complete. We are now in the final stages of ideological subversion of our society. We’ve completely lost our younger generations, who are clearly in the pockets of the Jew, thanks to continued indoctrination through the msm, entertainment and academia. That all said, Farrakhan will surely know that age old adage – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. The Jew have a lot of enemies, far more than friends. They can’t stop the truth from getting out. Their days are clearly numbered and I think they know this.

  7. In family members, in the Jewish collective and in all criminals when interviewed I eventually discerned the same three emotions, working in a succession. First there is self-pity, caused or spontaneous, then there is the blaming of the wrong people, never oneself, then, with the conscience cleared, there is self-celebration. After that, disappointment brings the self-pity back. Judaism is only collective criminality and the criminal has a knife ready for anything that looks like a potential policeman.

  8. How about another joke, Murray?

    What do you get when millions of white & black gentile idiots obey their Jewish Overlords & obliterate anti-Jewish Germany in WWII so a cabal of megalomaniac Jews can control everything & rule the world?

    I’ll tell you what you get. You get what you f****ing deserve.

  9. Farakhan talks slow so you have to wait while he basks in his power. They should throw eggs at him.

  10. Wow NEO has left the chat!

  11. “Farrakhan has long pushed the idea that US Jews constitute a “Synagogue of Satan” who exercise unaccountable power across the government, media and education for decades.” And Farrakhan is absolutely correct on this one.

    As Alexander Solzhenitsyn observed, “For a Jew, there is nothing more insulting than the truth.” And Solzhenitsyn was absolutely correct in that statement.

    “Thus Jews seem to believe that they have a fundamental and inalienable right not to be offended — ever.” Well f’*ck you, Shlomo. I go out of my way to speak the truth and actually enjoy offending Jews and the retarded imbeciles who call themselves Christian Zionists.

    @Joker You nailed it, man.