Have You Heard the One About Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister?

Introduction – Oct 8, 2020

Was Belgium’s deputy prime minister appointed to the post due to popularity and experience? Or was Petra De Sutter’s rise to prominence due to the fact that they are transgender?
My guess is the latter and Petra De Sutter’s promotion is the latest move in the ongoing drive to make sexual perversion seem normal. In recent years the signs have been everywhere in the media and “entertainment”. Such as the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst.
What was once confined to the fringes of society and viewed at best as ‘artistic’ and flamboyant, is now moving into the mainstream and positions of power. From hereon we can expect to see similar promotions leading to the next step in a calculated program to promote perversion.
In the coming years don’t be surprised to see attempts to refashion the public’s perception of paedophilia. Ed.

Belgium’s transgender deputy prime minister targeted by far-right

David Harding – The Independent Oct 8, 2020

Petra De Sutter (centre). Click to enlarge

Belgium’s first transgender politician to be appointed as the country’s deputy prime minister has been attacked by the far-right just days after being sworn into office.

Petra De Sutter was formally appointed in her new role last weekend, making her the highest-ranking transgender politician in Europe.

But although her appointment was applauded by many for breaking new ground, it has not pleased everybody, including critics in the regional parliament of her native Flanders in northern Belgium.

Bart Claes of the Flemish Interest party posted on Facebook that De Sutter “wants to destroy and replace all cornerstones of our Western civilization”.

Claes also claimed in a tweet that De Sutter was “the personification of cultural Marxism”.

The remarks were immediately criticised.

De Sutter’s party colleague, Bjorn Rzoska, decried attempts to “dehumanize her”.

And Liesbeth Homans, speaker of the Flemish parliament said she found Claes’ comments “extremely reprehensible”, while at the same time defending free speech.

Claes, however, would not back down and took to Facebook again to claim that:  “I don’t see the problem. I said that a transgender… is a transgender.”

De Sutter, a professor specializing in gynecology and fertility, was previously a MEP until last year.

On being appointed deputy prime minister – she also serves as public administration minister – De Sutter said she was “proud that in (Belgium) and in most of (the EU) your gender identity does not define you as a person and is a non-issue”.

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7 responses to “Have You Heard the One About Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister?”

  1. Next in her/his project would be to have an Uterus Transplant, so that her/he can’t have an abortion performed after ..

  2. You could measure the decline of the West via its art…contrast the great master works with modern Jewish created art…..which is pure garbage.
    Many ordinary people who have no knowledge of the background of it all…..laugh at it and ignore it.

  3. Homos, transgender are humans, OK, but they should be quiet and not shouting it around. However their Weltanschaung” isn’t like normalos, so it’s negative for the society in general.

  4. As soon as homosexuality was legalised, ordinary communities knew where it was going to end up at. They said so at the time. In the transgender, ego is king and it wants to command both sides of the sexual divide, not being satisfied with one half of this aspect of existence. After it gets what it wants it will see something else it wants to acquire and go after that. Famously it is never happy.

  5. Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?

  6. This sort of thing being imposed on the masses as part of the “new normal” agenda goes back decades and decades in the plans of elite in the West. For example, I distinctly recall reading government documents revealed in 1978 to pro-family groups by a Christian MP, showing the government policy and planning to shift sexual appetites into a variety of diverse norms away from procreational ends, doing away with all sexual taboos and family values, all based on the designs of the elites (hereinafter “the few”) radically to curb world-population growth. The media never ever picked up on the documents although put right under their noses. We, on the other hand, called it proof of a cultural Marxist agenda at work right from the bowels of our own Parliament.

    People have been led to believe that all of these changes to our sexual norms are organic, that they just evolved, that is what people really want, and therefore, our schools and governments can start on the children at younger and younger ages. Many people, reading this comment will disagree having no real facts but their conditioned response and trust in the wisdom of the secular authorities, and most still buy into the lie of population peril propagated by the “few”, (the rich families and individuals who own all of the tax-exempt foundations Henry has exposed today). You just can’t reach them. That is their comfortable belief system in their false religion.

    Today I tuned on the leading local radio station (owned by a family of the “few”) to hear a program host telling the audience about the new crisis of the developing “world food shortage” because of “overpopulation”, and the need for high tech controls with computer modeling and more control of land resources. Of course, all of the interference by the government Covid psyop controllers in shutting down smaller food producers was not even mentioned, if in fact there are any food shortages anywhere. As for overpopulation, what was not mentioned to his audience was that independent and reliable demographers, are all predicting a leveling off of world population in third-world nation with development and then the falling off of world population beginning in about 2050. Where Western nations at present are unable to sustain their own populations without massive immigration, we will be faced with not only with a continued and more critical demographically-devastating birth dearth, but we will have to compete very hard even to get immigrants to support our older generations. There is no food shortage, and with present technology we can produce many times more than we are producing right now. With respect to supporting older generations, the few have used their money and influence to knock down all of our laws based on the right to life, and you will now find very few nations in the West which have not completely done away with laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide. Most media brainwashed people applaud these changes as progressive believing they are from the people, and are a part of some natural social progression and necessary for human development.

    What the “few” are doing is kicking people off the land everywhere and taking over all food production. Their major goal remains to reduce the population of the world radically, and they will continue to manufacture one fake crisis and social engineering program after another in order to hoodwink the masses into their own extinction. Local growers are also being replaced in many areas. As for waste, the big food produces waste half of what they produce, whereas for the small organic farmer the waste is far less. Any information from anything in the corporate media and the foundation-funded university studies is subject to the aim for compete control of food production by the few and their population-reduction agenda, and all of our governments are simply their shills to those ends.

  7. Paul Ehrlich told us in the 1970s that there was no room for any more people on Earth. Third Worlders had begun to swamp our countries as if ours were the spacious and empty ones. Since then four billion new people have arrived , (more than) all Third Worlders and nearly all in their own countries, these allegedly having been full.