Paris Hilton’s Documentary Reveals That She Was Subjected to MKULTRA-Style Abuse

The documentary “This is Paris” reveals that Paris Hilton was abducted and forced to attend a school that engaged in MKULTRA-style torture. Maybe unwillingly, the documentary also shows how Paris is still under the control of powerful handlers.

Vigilant Citizen – Oct 7, 2020

If one recalls the early 2000s, you might remember douchebags wearing Ed Hardy trucker hats and everyone being obsessed with Paris Hilton. Mostly known for wearing sunglasses, and saying “That’s hot”, Paris was the original “why is she famous?” celebrity. The reality TV show The Simple Life crystalized her “spoiled dumb blond” persona as the entire series revolved around her being clueless and expressing that cluelessness with a high-pitched baby voice.
Well, according to the new documentary This Is Paris, this was all an act. Furthermore, it asserts that Paris is actually a brilliant businesswoman who created a hugely lucrative brand by fully utilizing the power of social media. The documentary repeats several times that Paris is the original influencer … which is probably true.
While This is Paris spends a lot of time documenting a glamorous life filled with fancy traveling and fancier clothing, it also reveals some darker chapters in Paris’ life. For instance: Her parents paid to have her “kidnapped” and sent to a boarding school where students were abused, drugged, and tortured on a daily basis.
What? That’s not hot. That’s not hot at all.
Why would the “heiress of the Hilton hotels empire” be willingly sent to such an awful place by her parents? The reasoning is pretty strange. In fact, the entire documentary is filmed in a strange, manipulative way. Indeed, while This is Paris contains elements found in standard documentaries such as interviews and archive footage, most of it is filmed in typical reality TV fashion (i.e. Keeping Up With the Kardashians). And, at the risk of bursting your bubble, most reality TV is scripted. Thus, one cannot help but feel that there’s some “rehearsed fakeness” going on there.
Whether willingly or not, the documentary actually reveals that Paris is still under the control of powerful industry handlers. Here’s a look at This is Paris.

MKULTRA-Style Abuse

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  1. Several psychologists have suggested that the horrid autistic girl Greta Thomberg
    who does the global warming stuff is obviously a highy abused girl
    Her bad attitude called one comedian to say she should be handed over to Epstein he would soon put her right

  2. About 20 years ago David Letterman observed this about Paris Hilton – Paris is Pam Anderson without the hooters.

    Paris Hilton was like a re-incarnation of Pia Zadora who was all over TV about 20 years before Paris. Like with Paris everybody wondered why Pia was on TV.

    Characters like Paris and Pia had less than nothing to attract viewers in the way of charm, sense of humor, pretty face, figure, beauty, or musical talent.

    The only thing characters like Paris and Pia seem to have in common is connections to big money. Like almost everything, show biz is controlled by money.

  3. What a load of nonsense….this jewess is related to the Jewish billionaire hotel chain Hilton.

    This fake controversy is just her opening salvo to rejoin IDIOT TV….and make more money from it.
    You never know some risque photos maybe found like the stunt pulled by another jewess Jennifer Lawrence.
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  5. I atended the catholic orphanage school that was called St marys Shernhall st Walthamstow London east 17 its since changed its name to escape its awful reputation
    but in the 50s and 60s it was run by nuns and a vicious child hater called Mr Fox
    beatings were regular with sticks straps and bats, scoldings and lies were told about children and i witnessed and endured every kind of abuse
    There were rumours about the many small children who went missing were buried under the sports field
    This education taught me how to hate, its obvious that the nuns did not believe in god or they would not have treated us that way, but they beat us into beieving in god, until we left them we all left the church

  6. Her boyfriend is some funny looking mongrel Jew named ‘Carter Reum’. If Paris is a white gentile, she just proves that most white women are deranged & are purposefully laboring to mongrelize their own race into oblivion. There are virtually no ‘great’ white women in history. The only white women that one could reasonably view as having some intellectual/spiritual greatness would be Unity Mitford & Magda Goebbels. Only Fascist women have any real value, the rest are Christians, Communists & bipedal ape lovers.

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  9. Thornberg to Epstein: How dare you!