Bill Gates says ‘rich countries’ could be back to normal by the end of 2021

Reuters and Frances Mulraney – Daily Oct 7, 2020

  • Microsoft founder Bill Gates claimed Tuesday that richer countries could be returning to close to normal by the end of 2021
  • It would only happen if a coronavirus vaccine is ready soon and distributed properly on a large scale
  • He added that stopping transmission worldwide could take up to three years
  • Gates, 64, warned that the US must be preparing now to eradicate any public reluctance over taking a vaccine
  • He also hit out at the FDA for not being ‘as strong as you would expect’

Bill Gates says normality can return PROVIDING mass vaccination gets underway. Click to enlarge

Rich countries could be back to close to normal by late 2021 if a COVID-19 vaccine is approved soon and widely distributed, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Gates, 64, warned that the success of the vaccines currently being trialed in the US is not guaranteed.

Yet he urged the country to begin preparing now for ways to reduce the hesitance of the public regarding its safety, as concerns grow among Americans that the discovery of a vaccine has become too political to be trusted.

Gates also hit out at the Food and Drug Administration who he claimed embarrassed itself with false information and praise of political figures when they began to talk about the use of plasma as a COVID-19 treatment.

‘The FDA did embarrass itself pretty badly with the plasma announcement, where they made claims that were just completely wrong. They put a lot of praise of political figures into it so they haven’t been as strong as you would expect,’ Gates alleged.

Yet he said he stands behind the agency in trusting the safety of a vaccine.

‘With the vaccine and the idea of the expert panel and the professional team, I do think this is the gold standard that both the US and the world will want to look to before you want to give the vaccine out to millions of people,’ he claimed.

COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and AstraZeneca/Oxford University are two of the leading candidates in the race to be first to get regulatory approval in the West.

‘We still don’t know whether these vaccines will succeed,’ Gates said. ‘Now the capacity will take time to ramp up. And so the allocation within the U.S., and between the U.S. and other countries will be a very top point of contention.

‘If you were going for an elimination where we don’t have any more transmission, that will take two to three years,’ he continued.

‘In the rich countries, however, if you really in the first months of next year have the vaccine and they’re fairly effective at transmission blocking, then by late next year you could have things going back pretty much to normal, that’s the best case.’

The head of the World Health Organization said on Tuesday that a vaccine against COVID-19 may be ready by the end of the year.

Gates, who made a fortune from Microsoft, has since given $36 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which aims to tackle extreme poverty and poor healthcare.

Last month the foundation signed an agreement with 16 pharmaceutical companies, which Gates said committed them to scaling up manufacturing at an unprecedented speed, and making sure that approved vaccines reach broad distribution as early as possible.

Gates added that in the United States people should be thinking about ways to reduce hesitancy about having a COVID-19 vaccine when one is ready. 

‘You know, here in the U.S., we should already be thinking about which voices will help reduce the hesitancy. And so we can get a level of vaccination that really has a chance of stopping (it),’ he commented. 

He cited his experience in developing a vaccine for polio and the rumors and conspiracy theories that surrounded it. 

‘Vaccine hesitancy is in all countries and predates the pandemic,’ Gates continued. 

‘Even with the polio eradication – that has been ongoing now for some decades and hopefully is very close to completion –  we saw very bad rumors about the polio vaccine like it was from the US and it was to sterilize women.

‘In places like Nigeria we had to go to the religious leaders talk to them have them speak out vaccine their children. So understanding the trust network who is an expert very few people can look at the formulation and the data directly.’ 

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Call me a cynic but I find it encouraging that comments on the YouTube page for the video below are overwhelmingly hostile and derisory. Gates’  is going to have a problem getting people to accept vaccination, and the more he pushes the more people will resist.
A lot of people are adamant about a Covid-19 vaccine. They will not passively accept it and there will be widespread, global resistance to it. Ed.


26 responses to “Bill Gates says ‘rich countries’ could be back to normal by the end of 2021”

  1. Bill Gates seems to be completely out of touch with what is going on below his technological ivory tower.

  2. Why to take vaccine for a disease whose dangerousness is less than common flu?

  3. The principal problem is that the vaccine medical industrial complex is a criminal construct.
    They have made so many errors and done so much damage no one can possibly trust them. Perhaps if they were taken down, had their assets stripped and distributed and transparency were put in place, the phoenix rising from that destruction might have a hope of convincing people with at least two live neurons.

    The PCR test is problematic because one can jerry-rig the outcome of the test based upon the number of reaction iterations performed by the test. The more iterations the more likely the finding of infection- the fewer iterations, the less likely to find infection. This poses serious questions as to reliability of any vaccine. Given the history of criminality and malfeasance by the regulators and institutions, the vaccine is obviously a non-starter:

    It is helpful though having Gates continue to push this monstrosity as transparently and as incompetently as he does. It seems too weird that Gates continues to push the Dr. Frankenstein/Dr. Demento schtick as this begins to pan out. His bride (with large hands) assists him in making the presentation equally weird and unappetizing. Perhaps further theater for the collapsing financial system?

  4. Gates is a health criminal who has harmed thousands of children and adults with failed vaccines both in India and Africa. Why is he still allowed to spout his genocidal lies? Just how much dirt does Big Pharma have on global politicians?

  5. Why does this self-annoited non medical criminal continue to scam humanity into the “final solution”? Its serious mind-boggling and sadly predicting our future of being compliant useless eater slaves, well those of us who can manage to resist the totalitarian police forces being assembled daily as we argue over idiotic ineffective mask wearing. This truly is Bizarro world.

  6. Bill Gates should by law be made to vaccinate all his fellow Jews first to ensure that there will be sufficient to go round then wait for a period of six months and revaccination should take place just to make sure the Jews are first in the line and getting their fair share.

  7. Invent a pandemic or hoax virus as the pretext to advance their real ulterior agenda of terrorizing, coercing & injecting the goy herd with nanotech/cybernetic material disguised as a ‘vaccine’; so the mongrel Jewish Overlords (Rothschild, Gates, Musk, Kurzweil, Zuckerberg, Brin etc) can have total control over their minds/bodies.

  8. And Gates said this one or two days after regime leader Boris Johnson said the same thing. In fact, Boris said October 2021. As the Editor points out, there will considerable resistance. All the pantomimes have been canceled, barr the Covid pantomime. There’s plenty of time for lots of sheeple to die, real or faked.

    See this from the Daily Fail. How do studies from around the world see a link with vitamin D deficiency & Covid-19, yet Matt HanDcock (lectern hardon) says a regime funded trail found no link. Later on the regime claimed he had misspoke.

    The fact is, vitamin D3 is dirt cheap, way more effective that face nappies & does away with vaccines. This does not detract from the Covid bioweapon idea. The regime/dark forces know that vD is very low amongst the general population and in black and Asian countries, vitamin D is shockingly low or none existant. My own doctor tells me he has lots of paitents with no vitamin D reserves at all. As I’ve said many times before, it is vD that stops the immune system from going into a cytokine storm. This is when your own immune system overreacts & starts attacking your own body.

  9. I can stake my life that Bill gates his family and all the other so called elite in the world will never take this vaccine. This vaccine when rolled out will be only for those they want to dispose of to free what they call their planet. For gods sake they have never found a cure for the common cold let alone any flu virus. The audacity to say that he wants governments
    to stop the hesitancy by the people against this vaccine. He says and I quote he gives it three years for elimination. What does that mean Bill the human race. Back to the drawing board Bill I think you’ve cocked this one up

  10. Gates has demonstrated that under naked capitalism you don’t have to take political power to become a dictator, you just have to have enough money to buy some of those who have it. You don’t even have to buy them all, just enough for a majority will do it, then you can sidestep all democratic and other means of stopping you like no control ever existed.

    It used to be a plot device in films like James Bond where some uber-rich megalomaniac had a plot for world domination, but in those days nobody really got rich enough to take over the world. Now they do. And MI6 isn’t foiling them, it’s stopping us warning about it.

  11. The whole vaccine thing is a diversion. There won’t be one. Get ready for a social credit system, digital money and social isolation. China style. What do you expect to happen after being vaccinated? That you’ll be “free” again? That life will resume? Dream on.

  12. I’ve given up searching for this pandemic.I can’t find it anywhere.All the people I personally know that was tested positive are all back at work after self quarantine.This is all a terrific hoax.And people in general can’t see it.Its a monumental deception.Self quarantine has cured millions why the need for a vaccination.The cure is already there.

  13. I am still optimistic that a vaccine for BS will be invented and tested. The need is great, there will always be a market, it should be mandatory for all politicians and vaccine makers.
    (looking at you, Bill)
    A little jab would do ya.

  14. Dr Gates said ‘Yet he said he stands behind the agency (FDA) in trusting the safety of a vaccine.’ Now we can feel really safe. The problem is, Bill Gates himself doesn’t stand behind his vaccine and wants to be given indemnity for any failures or side effects. The tracking devices associated with his vaccine should be a warning to everyone.

  15. Normality was the continuous displacement, degradation and humiliation of White people. It is the last thing we need.

  16. The Masks are an outright lie because imagine 50 years ago Granny ill in the back room, but she would recover, but then comes along a pretend doctor, a freak like Gates, then tells them that Granny should wear a mask and not take it off either! Of course, back then in the old days, somebody would have run a pitchfork right thru his guts.
    Of course there is a way to fix Bill Gates’ waggon so he never threatens anyone again, and you know how we do it? We all get together and put a curse on Gates that he dies very soon and in agony. He is a serious criminal who is doing genocide.

  17. Five hundred years ago in Spain….Gates would either have been put on the rack and given a good stretching or be been the main constituent of a bonfire….that would have at least sorted out his vanities.
    These billionaire xxxxx get too much airtime on the media they own….
    One thing is for sure most of them should be on any revolutionarys shopping list if a civil war should break out……for not paying their taxes…..the only people paying taxes are middle class people.
    The lower classes dont pay tax and are kept on the brink of revolt by handouts.(post demonstrations in the North of England….who should show up in this ever neglected area,but Boris Johnstein with over a billion to throw around.)
    Meantime….the Windsor billionaires keep the show running with BLANKET coverage of every minute detail of their lives.(there was one Daily Mail article on Princess Kate Middlestein when she tripped walking to her limousine….)
    It MIGHT become more obvious to the Great Unwashed what this Covid-Crap is REALLY about..but as long as there is enough to eat they wont give a damn especially if they are wolfing down bucket loads of those opiates.

  18. Gates may be the false prophet.

  19. The reason they are bringing back lockdown is to coerce people into having this vaccine. No more, no less. In other words, psychological warfare intended to ‘persuade’ or frighten people into accepting this vaccine and control over their lives!

  20. Vespasian – you mention bonfire. I wonder whether they are going to alow bonfire night this year? Also, it seems they are trying to stop kids having trick or treat this year on Halloween in the UK.

  21. Jerry – some of the people that were tested positive that are back at work after self-quarantine include Boris Johnson and Prince Charles. Also, I think Donald Trump is on the mend after (supposedly) showing COVID-19 symtoms.

  22. Trump said that his contraction of COVID-19 was a “blessing from God. Does he even believe in God, I wonder? Yahoo! news story this morning.

  23. We should fight like lions and for ever to prevent them from using an adjective as a noun.

  24. Thanks Bill. We know you have a big stake in the entire psyop. We know that you will make some more coin with the vaccinations, and that those AI Microsoft programs are just waiting for everyone to be microchipped for all of the people-control plans of the Great Reset. However, things are going to get very hot for you and your friends in the future and you will have to retire to your virtual world and keep you lying asses out of the public hood.

  25. We could be back to normal NOW if we stop listening to idiots like him.

  26. Another bullshit scare mongering article