Moronic Australians Embrace Slavery – Fozdyke — Oct 5, 2020

Victoria Gauleiter Dan Andrews. Click to enlarge

The Satanist Alpha Lodge Stands with Dan!
This is the Age of Satan; our age and the revelry is beginning.
We intend to rejoice and be glad in it. How about you?
Aloysius Fozdyke is a Satanist insider. Ten years ago he unveiled world Satanist control

by Aloysius Fozdyke — (

Want a sick joke?
The brave, bronzed Aussie!
Events in Australia and elsewhere else are going so well. Compliant Australians just can’t get enough and there’s so much more in store for them. With businesses closed, suicide rates rising (especially of the young, but not reported in the media), food shortages looming, electronic surveillance, increased domestic violence, falling birth rates, and deaths from not seeking medical help, Aussies really have it all. Indeed, there’s a whole Lockdown generation economically crippled for life. Then there’s the increasing debt.
And we have a lot more to give. Australia has long been a testing ground for the rest of the world. Senior Prefect Daniel Andrews has been phenomenal and he’s not even one of us! To the best of my knowledge, neither are any of his advisers, not that I’m complaining. We have so much help that’s it’s hard for us to give the sheeple any more than they’re getting. Nonetheless, ‘We Stand with Dan!’


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16 responses to “Moronic Australians Embrace Slavery – Fozdyke”

  1. Having been disarmed, the land of Crocodile Dundee and a Town Called Alice is
    totally incapable of anything other than being SLAVES to the Satanic Jew World Order.

  2. The Australians, like many other Western countries have been slaves since the sham war on terror started on 9/11. The sheeple have been brainwashed into the ‘safe’ hive-mind, that only our corrupt elites can protect us and save us. This is why we are AT WAR WITH THE COVID VIRUS. This is why the MILITARY will be used to distribute vaccines. It’s all part of the indoctrination process.

  3. They will tell you “fair dinkum mite it is for the good of the country”. Proof that the Ozone hole above Australia has frazzled the Aussies tiny little 9volt brain.

  4. Its not the ‘Age of Satan’ but the ‘Age of Yahvah’, which is the ‘god’ of the Jewish Overlords & their Christian lackeys who govern the world. Most people are ignorant/unintelligent & confuse/conflate Satan with Yahvah. The word ‘Satan’ is simply the Judeo-Christian corruption of the ancient Aryan-Egyptian deity known as ‘Set’. The Hebrew definition of ‘Satan’ means ‘adversary’ i.e., an ‘adversary’ to the Jewish ‘god’ Yahvah or to the will of the Jews.

    It should be remembered that in Deuteronomy 7:16 Yahvah via Moses instructs these Israelite mongrels to: ‘destroy all the peoples that the Lord your God will give over to you.’ The only ‘peoples’ (goyim) they’ve ever destroyed throughout history (Sumerians, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians etc) & are extirpating now are the white gentiles.

  5. Neo ! Yahweh & Satan is “kiff kiff bouricot” !
    See the meaning of the above ..

  6. Australia’s latest budget just sold its’ children for the next 3 generations into slavery. A child born into a bonded debt is a slave and Australian children have an unpayable debt. So who will save our children, China, or the new world order, or is it the same thing, This is all going to plan, the article refers to Australians as white trash, looking around here I would say that is a complement, we certainly are the dumbest race on earth and any people that does not put its children first does not deserve to survive.
    Secondly, based on a wage of 35,000 a year Australians pay 30% pay role tax, 10% GST, household rates 7.5% and as there is minimal public transport 4% car registration. total of 51.5% tax, that is without the necessary insurances. All Australians are economic SLAVES. Australians would leap an any one/race that offered us respite from the current system.

  7. The Chinese won Australia by forging documents, says the Satanist, and they won all their wealth by having European and American industrial materials handed to them, and they seem to have never heard of plagiarism, nor the people they take from so casually, except as something to insult. They kill all the Christians periodically, but all they have to do is make their maggot grin and they get away with it all.

  8. All of this satan stuff is just a distraction and it gets the bible bashers agitated too.
    It’s all about race when it comes down to it….

    Unfortunately the poor old whiteman cops it from all angles…..The gypsies are bottom end dwellers who will make off with your farm machinery and the Jews parasitise the top end…..elaborate banking scams like that pulled by the repulsive jew Soros.
    Some brainy type could probably make a comparison with other “systems” like bees having to contend with organisms preying on their hives or birds being parasitised by other bird species….
    Currently in Britain the middle class is under siege with Jews and gypsies having the upper hand.The addition of multitudinous other races into Britain benefits Jews and gypsies but harms the native species……this could result in “colony collapse disorder” if it is not stopped.
    Anyway…..the gigantic influx of alien peoples is a recipe for the eventually collapse of society…..Ancient Rome was invaded by alien people….and in due course collapsed… took over 1000 years before it showed signs of recovery.
    Although fudgepacking is currently promoted on television….this behaviour has a negative effect on society.Britain has loads of them these days,some cities like Brighton have a very high incidence of this aberration along with huge drug use…..not looking good is it.
    You cannot have the media controlled by an ethnic minority and expect a good outcome….because the majority will grow resentful…..already this minority is taking a leading role in demonising the majority.
    Whomever came up with the idea of an armed citizenry ensuring freedom of a people was obviously pretty damn clued up.No wonder every attempt is being made in the US to remove the right to bear arms…by the corrupted elite in Washingstein who DONT REPRESENT….Imagine the Clinton’s….arrived in Washington as middle class lawyers and left with well over$100,000,000 in LOOT….
    Americans are going to need those guns (Barrett Sniper Rifles are hot sellers right now) to reclaim the money, because the corrupted legal system sure as hell wont…..There are thousands of Clinton’s feeding off the system….including the post death Queen Hapshetsut lookalike Nancy Millions Pelosi.

  9. Just to REPEAT…..DAN ANDREWS IS A CRYPTO JEW….it is as simple as that…..
    Take a look at the woman who governs NSW….she wouldn’t look out of place bobbing up and down at the Vailing Vall…..
    You want to know why all these alien cultures have poured into Australia..HERE IS YOUR ANSWER.
    Most of Australias billionaires are Jews…..including the Packers and Murdoch.
    Murdoch got married to the American doxy Jerry Hall who is also a jew….they got married in a choich…this is what crypto Jews do.
    It is that simple.
    The current PM in AUSTRALIA AND NZ are both crypto jews (it is why NZers should not under any circumstances vote for the Tony Blair graduate Jacinda gnashers Ardern)
    Australians would be utter fools to vote for Andrew’s…nothing good would anything come of it.

    These elites WILL allow the Chinese to take over Australia and NZ if you let the cunts do it…..thousands soon thousands are pouring into the countries already….almost a stealthy takeover with agreement by the elites.
    NOTE THIS:A few years back I was somewhat mystified to be what seemed like being tracked by Asians while driving…..
    It makes sense now… have got these fucking Chinese immigrants INTERFERING IN OUR WAY OF LIFE…..brought into the country by the treacherous elites…..
    The motto is…”have trouble from immigrants…punch a politician” (meaning any politician who supports mass alien immigration…..they have to be held to account.Remember John Zio-key the former PM was said to have benefitted from A MASSIVE (Chinese)bribe of 50,000,000 dollars….which hastened his departure from politics.

  10. We all love Dan as he is the man, not like those ball-less sheople who are unworthy to lick his boots, the sniveling cowards don’t mind what we do to them, and his armed army has the flock under control, – the other states are very envious of his power, and soon will be following. and Dan will lead Australia as the only one with balls in the country able to do,
    long live Dan for he is the man.

    So suck it up world leaders,

  11. A converted Jew who still calls himself a Jew. Rightio Henry fairdinkum you can dribble on and here’s a hanky for the slobber rolling off your chin. Shouldn’t you be in a nursing home? Dementia is rife in eurangloland didn’t you know.
    One state, Victoria with aspirations of leading Neoliberalism and in competition for that leadership with Canada as per the German Marshal Fund. Looks like your leader is more of a pissant than Andrews which is held back by the rest of the country.
    Again for the dementia heads, I live in Queensland a beautiful little town 14min from Noosa a world class beach destination voted no.1 by the world many times next to a mountain range that is one of history’s oldest.
    Since March I have seen 7 people wear masks in my daily travels, for two months life went quiet under lockdown then started to resume at a slow pace for a month. By mid October we were steamrolling along, now the pace is up more than ever before and my region although got stung like everywhere else is now setting a rapid pace like nothing ever happened. Everyone knows it was a cow paddy(epidemic) but for peace sake we are just civil in civilization.
    My region is growing Henry like never before as people move out of the cities. Wanna speak to the two lesbian prostitutes(suspect ex antifa types) who moved in next door Henry, the little Victorian family the other side of them Henry, a bloke with an Asian wife and two daughters that constantly laugh so hard it can get irritating. Victoria isn’t Australia Henry boy and I’ll say it again, Victoria is somewhere between Tasmania and the Antarctic and won’t be coming home for another few decades at least.
    The bloke across the road has got guns, the bloke next to him, the bloke just up the road has got guns, I’ve got guns so what the f are you lot talking about. Jealous perhaps but from where I stand you rub cow paddy just like Andrews so stop flogging the high horse sending both rider and steed into the dust. Idiot.
    We don’t use guns against government unless they point them at us first and being civil that happens very rarely here Henry so what you idiots talking about, we aren’t yanks, we aren’t British we are Australians who not only know how to use guns we know when to use them like when Empire left us for dead in the early days and we had to use them to eat with. Grow up you hack job you’re the anti China man because whom told you so, we know.

  12. Let’s not forget I live on the Sunshine Coast in the midst of the Glasshouse mountains we aren’t going to let you Henry or “them” dim what we got, I hope you understand and we’ll do it in civil tones.
    Let’s not forget Australian families supplied the British with guns in both world wars because the factories couldn’t keep up supply in the first actions of those wars.
    A bunch of farmers just north of here nearly shot up a train load of yank soldiers on a train going north in WW2. Thank our police that saved their yank asses.
    Although Neoliberalism has bitten us hard we still hold dearly our origins that are Australian, unique to the world and rare as it gets.

  13. The great big banner that says “We stand with you Dan,” we love you, etc, is the kind of stuff the Jews Media uses to provide cover for their puppets like Dan Andrews.

    It’s not “We the Aussies” who stand with Dan. It’s they the bankster jews, their jews media, the jew world order honchos, the children of the devil, who stand with Dan.

    Australians don’t embrace covid madness anymore than other people. Australians are no more moronic than people of other nations.

    The jews media portrays Aussies as supporting of bankster puppet evil Dan Andrews, but this portrayal is propaganda, deceit, and lies.

  14. @dunno y

    It is not Henry Makow who wrote this.

    He is simply providing a platform for a man who claims to be part of “The Alpha Lodge”, which allegedly rules Australia from the shadows.

  15. Sounds these Aussies know what they are talking about. Fozdyke is a disinformant?

  16. I’ll have to assume that this pretentious blood-bag known as “Fozdyke”, is a woman. A real fat and fuzzy dyke with a capital DICK. Rejoice and be glad in never seeing “your” plans come to ultimate fruition. Seek your immortality via posterity all you wish, but he’s coming for you dyke, with sharpened scythe in hand. And it eats away at you every single day of your shitty ecistence, doesn’t it? No eternal reward is yours for embracing or disgracing the dawn. Like everyone else, your assertions always come after the fact. Like everyone else, underneath your transparent sheath lies an unbidden and virtual flux of unintelligible profundity (less so in your case) which you organize and orient to involuntarily. You hate that, don’t you? INVOLUNTARILY. But perhaps in your case, you actually digest and process your own shit voluntarily.