Remember that Pompeo said the COVID-19 Pandemic was a “Live Exercise” (Video)

The State of the Nation – Oct 5, 2020

Mike Pompeo calls Coronavirus pandemic a Exercise live on CNN

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  1. She’s dead right.

  2. As with ALL major false flags, notice a live drill taking place only hours before the real event. The lies and cover-ups are the proof. The biggest clue? Pompeo’s own words; “We lie, we cheat, we steal !!!!

  3. Lard *ss Pompeo is pure Talmudic Satanic EVIL.

  4. Look, you cannot believe a single word uttered by this Christian fundamentalist nutcase. Trump isn’t in on the Covid plot, but US deep state like Pompeo could be.

  5. Loved this video, woman was perfect!

  6. A seeker for decades, the TRUTH I take away from the video — unavailable through this site — which I viewed and listened to many moons ago, is that puppet Trump (1) knew the “right words” to use in real time and (2) was and likely still is fully complicit in this prolonged Scamdemic “exercise”. As do many projects launched successfully by The Power$ That Be — for instance, 9-11 — the “planned pandemic” has multiple aims with a single objective, namely, to create such chaos socially, economically, and psychologically, that humans en masse would become “putty in hand” for future molding. The COVID-19 caper — until 2025, really??!? — serves as a stepping stone to increasingly invasive measures, for example, tests, re-tests, and more tests, then vaccines and “vaccination papers”, with tightened border controls so that people and sheeple alike find it difficult to “leave the reservation”. The still timely words of George Carlin resonate, “They got you by the balls!” Seems to me time to bring Snake Plisskin out of an obviously premature retirement.

  7. If any person can not understand this truth from this beautiful Woman and her warning, then they are just Turkeys waiting for Xmas, and you know what? It will come early in 2020

  8. Good for her! We should never forget Trump’s complicity, even if the other party is just as guilty.

  9. “A live exercise here, to get this thing right.” So not necessarily an admission, but it is a major slip. Yours truly and a few others have been warning that because of the poor performance of the first wave of the virus, where they in fact expected far more to die and actually fill hospitals, we should expect a more lethal dose to silence the critics, reinforce the threat, and prolong the lockdowns for them to usher in their solutions and planned major changes and control measures over us. My belief is that in order to make their AI system work it is necessary for them to ID chip us for tracking and control and that they are using the vaccine scam as their cover. Although they most likely already have the vaccinations stockpiled, much more social engineering and scare mongering is necessary is necessary for most people to accept a biometric tracking ship for “safety” virus protection reasons.

    “They” feel they are already in control of the world, and most certainly are in virtual control of world finances and currencies, the US Fed, all central banks, all major corporations, almost all governments in the world, all major government agencies – right down to you city council, most major universities, the corporate media, the UN, the WEF, the Vatican, etc., mainly because they are in control of the debt and the money supply.

    How did we let ourselves and our governments get into this mess which is fast leading to our total enslavement? Exactly what the IMF, the World Bank, major corporations, our intelligence agencies, and our military did to third-world nations for their resources and strategic control, by DEBT RIGGING them, this same cartel has systematically done to us, with the lollipop of cheap money and deficit financing which liberties they jerrymandered through through the control of our politicians and the media, whereby for over 100 years we have been paying trillions in interest to them for the money our treasuries make out of nothing which e credit to them and “borrow” back from them. It is biggest racket ever and there is not political opposition to it because men like Lincoln, McKinley, and Kennedy ho wanted their nation to take back their nation’s control over such finances were simply eliminated. They do that to any opposition who poses a threat which may unite the people against their crimes.

    If anyone thinks the humanitarian carrots of the UN Agendas allegedly to be brought about by the technocratic Great Reset now being launched with 5G, AI, and the planned ID tracing chips to go with the planned vaccinations, are the true and major goals of this cabal, they are either idiots or absolute charlatans themselves. The Covid scamdemic even without a more lethal virus than the first one to be deliberately released upon us, is absolute proof to anyone with their eyes open that this establishment can only bring about their endgame of total power and control, by chipping us into their techno control matrix through more stealth and fearmongering. They have consistently used the fraudulent Hegelian dialectic creating one deliberately-orchestrated or fake crisis after another, only to offer us their preconceived and planned solutions in which they always concentrate and consolidate more and more power and control over our lives and everything in the world.

    We know a tree by its fruit and this ruling cabal tree has a Satanic god complex, striving for complete hegemony over finances, resources, trade and over virtually every aspect of our lives. Gates has already exposed the Reset intentions to make every human a computer networked into centrally-controlled AI grids. They will do this with one little chip they will call a “tracking device” which of course will help ensure our “safety” from the spread of any future flu bugs and pandemics through their AI monitoring – another humanitarian carrot used like the entire Covid scam itself to usher in an entirely more perverse agenda than what first meets the eye. If they have to lie about what their intentions really are, then you ought to know that their true intentions are something which in you in your right mind you would quickly reject.

    This lady in the video may seem a little hysterical but she is not nuts. Many years ago while in university I read a book whose title escapes me now, but it was bout the philosophy of Bolshevism, and it set out the main goals of communism. In general terms the main goal was to control the masses such that there would be a “mass mind”, or “mass consciousness” with everyone living harmoniously and thinking along the same lines. As I recall, the book was written in the 1920’s, and their was no real foresight at that time to have everyone networked in an AI grid though micro chips, although mass communication through radio was on the scenes and the Western world was well into the media at that time for brainwashing. The idea was that collectively and connectivity with everyone on the same wave length, humanity would become a mass consciousness.

    What was most inimical to this idea was the Christian faith in which through faith, prayer and cooperation with the grace and will of God, together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the people were a part of the mystical body of Christ. It is God the Christian believes who is in charge of that conscious or spiritual network and not mankind or men. I saw at the time that the plan of the communists was not just to eradicate Christian belief and sever the faith connection of Christians with their Maker, but rather it was actually to supplant that connection obviously with some central human network and control – something entirely foreign to the true God.

    What astounds me most these days is that the more I discover about the AI matrix intentions of people like Schwab and Gates, and all of the wealth and power moguls behind them, clearly using their Covid plandemic to user in their Great Resets together with other fake crises, the more I see the true anti-Christ taking shape. You would think that the top prelates in my Church would see the serpent more clearly by this constant need to use such deception with so many manufactured crises from the same source for the past 100 years. These leaders must either be blind or they must have betrayed Christ to be used as such instruments in supporting what they have proclaimed as the “New World Order”. Nevertheless, these fakes cannot destroy or supplant the true faith or the true Church.

  10. Satan’s Pompous Ass !

  11. I agree with 100% of what this woman says!

  12. Pompeo did say it was an exercise, then what did Trump immediately say next?

    Mike Pompeo Says COVID-19 is a “Live Exercise” –
    Trump Retorts “They should have let us know”

    Covid Reality Check

    St. Louis Fed President Bullard Says This is a Planned Shutdown

    PLANDEMIC CONFIRMED: Fed Chairman Confesses to Deliberate Shutdown of US Economy. Covid-19 Was the Coverup – James Fetzer article

  13. Or, perhaps Pompeo simply meant it in context of various emergency preparedness scenarios that various agencies might engage in are no longer a mere “exercise” as the scenario has indeed gone “live”. Poor choice of words on his part, no doubt. And it’s irregular of me to afford any of these people the benefit of the doubt.

  14. @O, I thought similar. It is a fair and objective allowance. But more likely he meant it. They have to spill the beans here and there. Their belief system compels them to show their cards at least once.

  15. Passionate, awake, and informed; we need many more people like this woman in the video.