Communist Terror Coming for You — Oct 4, 2020

Within a year of seizing power in Russia in 1917, the Bolsheviks, Lenin established the Cheka, the “political police” of the new communist government. The Cheka was in charge of administering The Red Terror–the unbelievably brutal policy of state-sanctioned murder–terror as a policy goal–by which tens of millions of innocent Russians lost their lives. Here are a baker’s dozen verifiable facts to give you an idea of what it was like in Russia while the Bolsheviks held power:

Source:  Bolshevism: Kill or Be Killed

A dozen facts about the Bolsheviks everyone should know, but no one does
  1. Under Bolshevik law, anyone caught putting up a flyer was executed on the spot.
  1. One of the Bolsheviks’ first laws made anti-Semitism a capital offense.
  1. The Bolsheviks were explicitly dysgenic, selecting entire professions–the ones deemed to comprise the most intelligent Russians–for liquidation. Russian engineers, Russian university professors, Russian college students, Russian writers, Russian artists, Russian engineers, Russian doctors, Russian lawyers, and, especially, the Christian clergy, were all targeted.

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  1. It was known in the UK that Krystalnacht in Germany was a put up job by the jews
    newspapwe ads aked for money for the suffereng jews of germany
    this was of course before they did the USS libert kiled JFK and his family 9 11 7-7 and the madrid bombing etc etc
    time we threw them out again

  2. The Russian movie with English subtitles to watch from 1992 is : The Checkist.

  3. The jews took Russia in 1917
    They took the USA in 1913
    they took the UK with oiiver cromwell 16 something
    these 3 countries were the ones who joined together to stop Germany having financial freedom and prosperity
    remember this

  4. American Christians, follow the link at “continues” and learn the truth about the revolution in Russia in 1917. Read the links contained with this article. Satanic Communist Khazars have a similar plan for the USA. Study and learn the truth. Do NOT allow the Satanic Khazars to disarm you. If you do, you and your family are DEAD, just as with the 66 million
    Russian Orthodox slaughtered in Russia. If you do not know the truth of 911, you have no chance.

  5. Communism is just a word representing Jewish monopolistic control of everything. Funded & established by Wall Street bankers like Kuhn, Loeb & Co., so they could increase their wealth & power in Russia. To the moronic it means ‘proletarian rule’; but to the Jews its a scam to dupe, dominate & kill off the goyim.

    Hitler conquered this dysgenic Communist/Antifa scum within Germany, but was unable to eradicate it globally because millions of white Christian-Communist idiot-slaves saved their Jewish Overlords from being deracinated.

  6. The jews killed up to 100 mliion christians in Russia
    they are active in getting christians on the streets in the Uk and USA
    to die off in the winter
    unless we kill them first

  7. Communists are dysgenic because the Talmud says “the best of the goyim should be killed” and it does not say “even the best….”

  8. Jews are the issue in america. Judsism is an African religion. If you do not know this then we are dead. Been watching.

    Mystic and Yogi.

  9. I would go even further than this.

    Please wake up. We’ve been had big time

    Since 911 and including 911 all major events were and are the handiwork of “modern” Russia

    Putin has been chosen by the elite to preside over the coming New World Government which will be run by the United Nations

    The clever trick is that Putin has managed all these:
    911, Iraq and Afghanistan invasions, Libya, the revolutions in the Middle East and Syria, Isis etc
    by using American taxpayer’s money.

    The Russian secret services have succeeded in placing their own men in the white house (Obama and Trump).
    Putin and his henchmen (see Oligarch mafia) are in charge of the CIA, the FBI, the MI6, the MI5, the Mossad a, the United Nations and the Jewish American Lobby in America.

    For the last 15 years Putin has managed to get the gangsters of the Chinese government and the Gulf State (see oil agreements with Saudi Arabia) in his pocket thanks to the deals he made with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers in his visits to London since 2009 (which were several according to my sources from the MI6).

    Look it up
    Rossiya Segodnya. Dmitry Kiselyov (The mastermind) – The marriage of RT and BBC, the friendship with Netanyahu and Israel, the creation of ISIS, the Ukraine catastrophe and the Crimean invasion and now Georgia and Azerbaijan war (Israel is on the side of Putin supporting Georgia).

    AND through his links with banking cartel of the Swiss banks and the Club of Rome see Gorbachev
    The Russians are pushing the other agendas of Eugenics, Global Warming, COVID-19 (that was bred in the Russian Labs and had the vaccines ready a year ago and now they are selling them to everybody) and of course Agenda 21.

  10. It is still not understood what the end of Communism really was, or what Germany is really doing. It would be good news if Rothschild were somehow depending on Russians, but if we talk like this we find everything as complicated as it ever was.

  11. Ioannis=Russophobic

  12. Communism is the most malevolent and diabolical social, political and financial philosophy ever inflicted on mankind. It was orchestrated 100% by the Synagogue of Satan via its agent Karl Marx (Mordechai Levy).

    Experts at the Kiev University have stated that Communists in the Soviet Union murdered 130 million people !!!

  13. Ioannis, where are you? Tel Aviv or Langley?? No one believes your spam.

  14. Thunder boy: Just as they were in the 1930’s against German-phobic.