World reacts with shock at “worst presidential debate in history” as Trump and Biden trade insults in frenzied showdown.

Darkmoon – Oct 2, 2020

AP News Report, October 1, 2020
Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with brief commentary

Includes an added  6-minute video featuring the most explosive highlights of the debate,  described by one political pundit as “the worst presidential debate in history” and  “a disgrace to America.” 

Biden Trump TV debate with quotes. Click to enlarge

Many across the world looked on largely aghast as the first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden devolved into a verbal slugfest short on substance but heavy with implications for America’s international image.
Emotions and adjectives ran the gamut but few observers appeared to come away thinking that the last remaining superpower could rise above its bitter partisan rancor as the election looms barely a month away.
“If last night’s presidential debate was supposed to inform and educate, all it did was merely confirm the credibility deficit in U.S. politics, as President Trump, and Democrat nominee Joe Biden, engaged in what can only be described as a fact-free, name-calling contest,” wrote Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets UK.
While many in Europe fondly recalled the more even-keeled America of yesteryear, others in Asia were monitoring the markets — which were little changed mostly. Share prices slipped further in Japan and the dollar weakened against the Japanese yen and the euro. European bourses showed few initial tremors.
One major worry to emerge from the debate was whether the election results might be challenged or delayed, in part because Trump raised concerns about ballots and possible vote-rigging that his critics say are a ploy to tamp down turnout or scare people away from the polls.
“A highly polarized and possibly legally contested U.S. election is just around the corner,” said Stephen Innes of AxiCorp, a foreign exchange trading services provider. “With mail-in votes likely to be too high (and potentially questioned), there is a chance that we still will not know the result by Inauguration Day, with constitutional chaos ensuing.”
Europe and Africa woke up to reports about the cacophonous showdown overnight.
“The comments I’ve seen from various European press outlets is basically: ‘I’m happy I’m not an American voter this year.’ It’s just a mess,” said Jussi Hanhimaki, a Finnish-Swiss professor of International History at the Graduate Institute in Geneva.
Kenyan commentator Patrick Gathara quipped on Twitter: “This debate would be sheer comedy if it wasn’t such a pitiful and tragic advertisement for U.S. dysfunction.”
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen wrote on Facebook: “An election debate in the States last night, where interruptions and quarrels were allowed to fill up way too much. Fortunately, this is not the case in Denmark. And I never hope it will be like that. The harsh words polarize and split.”
Amanda Wishworth, a lawmaker in Australia’s center-left Labor Party, said: “A lot of people would be scratching their heads, especially here from Australia, where, believe it or not, our politics is a little bit more gentle than the U.S. of A.”
Other government leaders tuned in — but kept their distance.
Steffen Seibert, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, said she was “informed about what took place last night,” but he declined to comment.
“We don’t want to comment on this, don’t want to provide an assessment, because it will be immediately perceived as an attempt to interfere,” said Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The Russian Federation has never interfered in the internal affairs of the United States and never will.”
Walter Veltroni, a columnist for Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera and a former center-left mayor of Rome, said he had seen all the U.S. TV debates since Kennedy vs. Nixon in 1960, but “I have never witnessed a spectacle similar to the one last night.”
He said the debate showed how there are two Americas that appear irreconcilable.
“The impression is that of a country in stalemate, paralyzed by politics and tones that are foreign to its tradition,” Veltroni said.
Hu Xijin, editor of China’s nationalistic Communist Party tabloid Global Times, wrote in the paper’s microblog that the “chaos, interruptions, personal attacks and insults” on display were a reflection of America’s “overarching division, anxiety and the accelerating erosion of the system’s original advantages.”
“I used to admire this kind of televised debate in American politics, but I have much more mixed feelings when I watch it again now,” wrote Hu, who personally and through his paper routinely attacks American policies.
The editor-at-large of The Australian newspaper, Paul Kelly, described the debate as a “spiteful, chaotic, abusive, often out-of-control brawling encounter with both candidates revealing their contempt for each other.” “America faces a dangerous several weeks,” he said.
Leslie Vinjamuri, director of the U.S. and the Americas program at the London think tank Chatham House, said many European observers already had “very low” expectations of Trump, but even so the debate was jarring.
“There’s still just a level of disbelief, just shock, frankly,” that the president and former vice president “were talking over each other, talking over the moderator, in President Trump’s case, telling each other off, going off-topic, off-script,” Vinjamuri said. “So I think it was something extraordinarily upsetting because people want to be able to look to America to lead and to guide and to role model.”
Foreign policy issues were largely absent from the debate, although Trump slung accusations that China had paid Biden’s son Hunter for consulting work and Biden attacked Trump’s trade deals with China for failing to deliver benefits.
Trump also repeatedly blamed China for the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 1 million people globally and ravaged economies around the world.
An Emirati political scientist, Abdulkhaleq Abdulla, wrote on Twitter that he saw the debate as a “tumultuous verbal battle.”
“How did America reach this level of political decline?” he wrote.



LD: In spite of  the fact that Trump is trailing Biden by 10 points, I predict a victory for Trump. Both candidates, in my humble opinion, are equally unfit to rule. Whoever wins, America can expect to enter the valley of the shadow of death: a dystopian future from which there is now no escape. This is America’s karma, brought on its people by their own iniquities over a long period. The innocent must suffer with the guilty, for that’s the way it always is: the children are always punished for the crimes of their ancestors.
For their crimes and misdemeanors, this most degenerate society on earth is now about to pay the price—a society infinitely worse than imperial Rome was to produce in its heyday of decadence under the emperors Nero, Caligula and Heliogabalus. It is indeed regrettable that “the greatest democracy on earth” cannot come up with two better candidates than these two brawling schoolboys engaged in an undignified bunfight before the cameras. But then, America was never a “democracy” in any true sense, was it? It was always playing at democracy.
The sheeple, as they are led to the slaughterhouse, are being assured they really matter, and most will believe it — even as the axe falls on their necks. [LD]           


Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website,, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

24 responses to “World reacts with shock at “worst presidential debate in history” as Trump and Biden trade insults in frenzied showdown.”

  1. How about putting up a photo of yourself Darkloon…if the rest of the Truthseeker columnists are anything to go by…you’re a jew!.

  2. Trump should take the blame for most of the silliness at the debate, Biden should have taken the higher ground.

    Despite what the polls show, Trump should win again.

    The USA has a lot of White (closeted) Trump voters (why I forecasted his first victory) lurking in the vital swing states. There’s a larger Black middle class, many of them want the lower taxes Trump and Republicans offer and a lot of Hispanics and Asians are not excited about the wacky plans of the liberals who seem to control Biden (Kamala Harris may actually run the country for Biden).

    A lot of Americans want the law and order Trump offers.

    A lot of people realize Biden is in cognitive decline and they’re not excited about Kamala Harris serving as president behind the scenes.

    Trump will get sympathy from some voters due to acquiring SARS-CoV-2, perhaps a blessing in disguise for him, if he doesn’t have any serious complications from it.

    The USA is in the final stages of implosion, all powerful societies throughout history go through a major decline. Hedonism, major debt at all government levels, debt of corporations (bond debt) and debt of families, along with the near future hyperinflation, massive immigration (numerous parallel societies destroy the cohesion of a society), powerful elite Jewish extremists seeking to destroy the USA to form a One World Government, are going to destroy the United States. Even now, it’s not the country I grew up in (White is now a synonym for racist). Perhaps it’s suppose to happen in the big drama here on earth.

  3. Pleased to say that I would not expose my fine mind to such a smorgasbord of chimp dung. “Debate” my ass.

  4. As usual, people believe what they want to believe, and the debate was definitely no different.
    So, did the prez insult Joe, or did the ex-VP call the sitting prez a liar and a clown on live TV? Was it Trump doing all the interrupting, or did Biden six times, and the “moderator” three times first? Did ya hear Trump with the “stand back and stand by”, or Biden condemning all the violence? It was the worst of debates, or the best of debates, depending on how ya saw it,
    but hopefully, Wallace will never “moderate” AGAIN.

  5. The debate is a prime example of how far America has fallen. Neither candidate is anything other than a Khazar worshipping Satanic criminal. If I had to vote for one of these two, I would vote for Trump. But Trump is an Israel Firster, and Biden is pure criminal TRASH. The few future generations left for America will look back and wonder WHY
    Americans allowed Satanic Zionist Bolshevik Ashkenazi Khazar Communists to ruin their country. Israel did 911.

  6. AP and The Guardian? Who will even read it?

  7. You could hardly put it more succinctly (see WAW above).
    AND they are well advanced in destroying Britain France and the low countries VIA MASS ALIEN IMMIGRATION.
    Do you know that Jacinda Ardern (a crypto jew) BROUGHT IN 80,000 immigrants into NZ last year.This will be THE GREATEST NUMBER OF THIRD WORLD IMMIGRANTS IN ANY THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!!.

    And the media…..ALWAYS TALKS ABOUT NZs “HOUSING SHORTAGE”…..But NEVER mentions the OBVIOUS reason for it.
    The Jewish media is actively conspiring to keep NZers in the dark about the wholesale invasion.

    They try to make out she is inordinately popular with NZers… is just possible she will be voted out….it depends if NZers have realized what this neurotic bitch is up to….
    It makes more sense to call “khazars”…. what they actually…… Jews.

  8. Wednesday night FOX News is covering the Vice Presidential debate. Mike Pence vs. Kumalaho Harris. Now that might be worth a watch, I will probably tune in for a few minutes until I get the uncontrollable urge to vomit.

    I didn’t watch the first one, and not surprised by all the shit flinging, which is normal in Amerikan politics. Before this century is over they will be fist fighting and gun shooting I am sure amongst the political class. Amerika is going down hard, I am waiting for the brawls in halls of Congress.

    Now they say Trump has the coronavirus, no proof is offered, just take their word for it. Did you notice they put less orange paint on Trump’s face when he announced he was going to Walter Reed hospital for treatment? This is a Vaudeville show people, Trump is faking it, and there may not be any more Presidential debates as they play this next hand.

    I would like to point out that Trump betrays the nation on a regular basis, just two weeks ago he handed the key to the White House to the most evil man on the planet, Bibi Satanyahu, the author of 911. Now TRUMP THE ACTOR is playing corona patient. Do you believe it? I don’t. Trump is a liar and a fraud, a puppet of Rothschild and best friend of Israel.

    Trump getting the covids may be the dreaded October surprise. Does it matter? NO! The nation is going down and what everyone needs to do is look out for themselves, we are in a hundred years resistance to Jewish power, and people need to restructure their own lives to insulate themselves from the District of Criminals deadly games of deception.

    Israel did 911, then Amerika went to war for Israel and in the course of being the whore went more bankrupt. The nation has been in a death spiral every since the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. Now we have reached the end game, where everyone is up to their eyeballs in debt, the Federal Government finances are out of control, and the nation is tearing itself apart socially. This is not going to end well and it will get much worse.

  9. How can anyone truly speak for Karma since the Karmic board doesn’t exist on this planet and the journey isn’t known till after the fact despite new age thinking it is conceived prior to us being birthed here. Disgusting the way people use karma as a weapon that’s not in their hands the same as Christians use Jesus when justifying and validating a personal position.
    No one can speak for Karma or Jesus since the law of life made mortal humans not immortal beings as Jesus and Karma are meant to be. In essence they contradict themselves every time they utter the words Karma or Jesus to justify and validate their personal position which are actions taken in by outside reception not internal reflection. Too deep for ya`s. Whom is at fault for their own personal growth?.
    So that knocks this silly afterword in its head.
    As for reading the play does it matter when euranglolanders have this addiction to death as in the death junkie. You get what you ask for and when timing is right God will hand it to you personally. So there must be a lot of death junkies in the western sphere so to speak who are receiving some sort of growth policy from the highest places known to man and not taking it up to grow.
    The men in power who took on the management and carry the weight for it also are simply miles and miles in the knowledge of growth despite what many think, they see it from intelligence very few can achieve with using their benefit and gain system, I believe that is very obvious.
    In the writings of Mr ju many times he has asked us to keep up with certain knowledge and intelligence and has warned us constantly if we don’t their will be earthly human consequences. It is there in the Christian bible the writings of Jews who in actual where not called Jew in that previous time long ago. They were neither them or they either.
    Apocalypse junkies are death junkies first and for most and best avoided if you are to grow in life from the deep waters that have been provided but are not drunk from. We bounce off each other sure but do we grow from it?At this time in history a western death junkie cannot be learned from by experience in connections. That’s how poor they are in growth.
    My appreciation for ol Rothy, Mr ju and management in the learning experience they provide is I dare say exceptional. They truly are masters of the craft.
    Even the supposed awakened are not aware and this is just a fact. Never bite the hand that’s feeds you so to speak because sometimes you get bitten badly.
    No one through these streams of growth provided including myself could justify and validate our positions at a negotiating table with Mr ju it is that simple dimples, although I’d like to give it a go one day later and I know you would too.

  10. I am not a Yank but I have to completely agree with Yukon Jack on this one. I am sure many Americans feel the same way. I saw the debate and as far as I was concerned it was a joke.

    What the world witnessed in the debate were two puppets getting their strings entangled with the puppet master losing control of which puppet was to say what. I am sure that with all of the confusion, posturing, deflection, and bullshit, the only thing an un-brainwashed voter would ask before voting is what face they want to see everyday as the President of the their nation for the next four years – which I seriously doubt will be the snow-bank face of Biden with his two empty piss-hole eyes reading from a prompt, no matter how politically correct he is .

  11. About the Khazars: the conversion of 700-odd AD was only publicised in the last century so that Jewish atrocities can be passed on to someone “else” but since the rabbis did the conversion and since the previous Jews were every bit as malevolent as the new ones, we should stick to the word “Jews”.

  12. @ VESPASIAN, October 3, 2020 at 8:31 am

    “How about putting up a photo of yourself Darkloon…if the rest of the Truthseeker columnists are anything to go by…you’re a jew! 🙂

    Really? How strange! And here I was thinking YOU were a Jew, Vespasian, conning everyone here into thinking you were Jew-hating goy. I mean, “Vespasian” is a typical Jewish name, is it not? 🙂

    Only kidding.

    In case you’re interested, I believe this is an early photo of Lasha which you will find on several other websites if you check. Does she look Jewish to you?

    I am told it was taken when she was in her early twenties at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute in Florence when she was an art student studying Renaissance art.

    (LD’s sister)


    You will find this statement on the Darkmoon site’s ‘SITE POLICIES AND GUIDELINES” document:

    # 3. “This website has been advised by Lasha Darkmoon to stop accepting donations. Anyone who values the work we do is urged to send their donations to a suitable children’s charity, preferably to a charity for crippled children in Occupied Palestine. ”

    How many Jews do you know who tell their supporters ‒ “Don’t send me your donations, send your donations instead to a Palestinian charity for crippled children in Jew Occupied Palestine?

  14. @

    @ MEMYSELFNIE, October 3, 2020 at 11:14 am

    “Was it Trump doing all the interrupting, or did Biden six times, and the “moderator” three times first?”

    Good question. Trump was doing most of the interrupting. Which was the only reason for the moderator to cut in so many times to ask him to stop and let Joe Biden get a word in edgewise.

    A report in yesterday’s Daily Mail, quoting a Washington Post analyst, states there were 71 interruptions by Trump and only 19 by Biden. And one of Biden’s interruptions was: “Will you shut up, man!” (See picture above).

    Conclusion: Trump did most of the interrupting.

  15. At the debate, Biden said, ‘How many of you got up this morning and had an empty chair of the kitchen table because someone died of Covid’. Wow!! That is one of the most absurd and extraordinary statements ever. If this was from a mental patient, yes, OK, but does anyone think Covid deaths are really that common? (even accounting for all the flue and pneumonia deaths that are recrded as covid deaths)

  16. “How did America reach this level of political decline?” Abdulkhaleq Abdulla wrote.The answer to that is simple; the stranglehold of the corporate “news” media and mainstream narrative by Jews, the stranglehold of the systems of credit and currency by the Jew criminal cartel, the infestation of Jews in the legal system (most significantly the jewdiciary), the toxic corrupting influence of the Jew/Zionist lobbies in the political system and corrupted Christian faiths (particularly the Baptists, as “Christian Zionists” may be the most hopelessly misguided imbeciles on the planet). The common denominator in “this level of political decline” is the Jews and the absurd amount of over-representation they slither their way into.

    The other obvious moving force in turning American politics into an unmitigated dumpster fire, no, make that an explosion at a sewage collection point, is unrestrained corporate lobbying. But, though corporate lobbying has had an enormous corrupting influence, the biggest problem, by far, has been the stinking rotten Jews and their absolute control of the narrative and the system of credit/money.

  17. Trump won my vote 4 yrs. ago & now I love him more. Why? B/c no President in my lifetime has been so unjustly harassed. Joe ” antifa are courageous americans” Biden
    is the most corrupt, worthless & clueless candidate the Democratic Party has ever produced…Disgraceful how Wallace allowed Lyin’ Biden to conflate verified absentee ballots ( that R requested & mailed to u w/your name, address & a serial # printed on it) with the Democrat 2020 Election Theft Plan of mailing out tens of millions of blank ballots & then counting them for months until you produce the result that you want..

  18. @Lucy Skipping
    Yes, no illusions here about Trump’s imperfections, or his disagreeable style, and He’s also the president too, even with faults! As I recall, he stalked Hillary all around the debate stage,
    way back when , and after all the expert prognostications, all the polls that had her as the next president, was inaugurated. He also did more for this country (and the world) in that first term than Biden did in his 47 yrs as a career politico. I agree with your sis, he will be re-elected. Given the choices, he should be.

  19. Donald J. Trump did more for America than President Kennedy, who was not smart enough to understand that you can not go rogue if you belong to the same criminal Cabal, Kennedy was a low life entity himself. Donald J. Trump is not and never was part of it. He is a Christian. And he is the sort of guy that can deal with these criminals. I think this a very smart President.

  20. Eric Blessing: Your assessment of Kennedy is totally false. Kennedy did not belong to the same criminal Cabal and definitely was not a low life. Othserwise he would not have been murdered by the very Cabal and low lives you mentioned.

  21. No better than the Bronfman Family with whom Papa Joe was connected, and he made good money in the bootlegging days. The Kennedy machine was organised crime in government. Low morality.

  22. Trump had no choice other than to debate as he did. He knew that the entire mainstream media and the moderator, Chris Wallace, were on Biden’s side. As soon as he saw the moderator kick in with Biden, he kicked off intent on making the biggest splash.

    Moreover, it seems that Biden was wired and had an earpiece. He agreed at first to a search and then changed his mind. There is a story on this site that analyses that. Of how Biden was looking away from the moderator as he was asking the questions, which Biden probably already knew, because he couldn’t listen to instructions from his earpiece and listen to the moderator at the same time.

  23. Strange another of my comments seems to have gone AWOL.
    Basically it concerned me being banned from You Tube for “constant infringement “of their rules.Translated that means commenting on Jewish power.