Anti-White Racism in America is Real – Paul Craig Roberts

Greg Hunter – USA Watchdog Sept 2, 2020

Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration and award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says the ideology fueling riots in America is “dangerous and anti-white.”  Dr. Roberts explains, “They are trying to give impunity to violence that is conducted in the name of opposing white racism.  If you want to take action against white racism, which includes all white people because, by definition, if you are white, you are a racist.  So, any violence against white racism is, therefore, tolerated because it would be illegitimate to try to stop that violence.  This is the reason the Democrats have not taken any action to prevent, quell or control the rioting, looting and burning.  Law and order is white privilege, and white privilege upholds white racism and, therefore, law and order is in the way of justice.  So, that’s the way they reason, and this kind of reasoning has been shaping up over a period of many years.  It’s part of cultural Marxism.  It’s part of identity politics, and now it’s come into its own. . . . What people don’t know because they are so brain washed is the real racism in America today is anti-white racism. It’s the whites who suffer racism.  They are the ones who are suffering the racism.”

On the economy and surging gold and silver prices, Dr. Roberts, who holds a PhD in economics, says, “After many years of quantitative easing, and all the money that came out, and now after all the money that came out over Covid and ran up many trillions of dollars of additional money creation and with the economy still very bad with a lot of unemployment and lost businesses and budget deficits we are running, it’s finally dawning on a few people that they may be printing too much paper for it to be worth much.  They can’t print gold and silver.  So, maybe we should own some gold and silver.  Of course, recently, the dollar index has been falling.  The dollar is losing a bit of value relative to other paper currencies that I guess have not printed as much.  I think what you are seeing here is awareness that so much paper money has been printed for so long.  It is being printed now, and it looks like it will be printed into the future that some people are overcoming the propaganda against gold and silver.  They are saying we should have some because at least we have something they cannot print.”

Dr. Roberts says it will someday come down to one extremely difficult choice for the Fed.  Dr. Roberts contends, “The way you can measure the pressure on the dollar is rising gold and silver prices.  So, if gold and silver continue to go up and you see the dollar under pressure, at some point, the Fed is going to have to make a decision.  Do they continue to support the stock and bond market to keep financial asset prices up or do they have to let that go and allow interest rates to rise to draw people back into the dollar?  That will be a new kind of crisis.  I can’t predict when it will happen, but at some point, if the dollar becomes in danger as the world reserve currency, that goes to the heart of United States power.  That tends to prevail over other considerations.”

Dr. Roberts says, “When gold hits $2,500 to $3,000 (per ounce), the Fed will know it has a problem.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with award winning journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.  

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Paul Craig Roberts is an economist, commentator and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

6 responses to “Anti-White Racism in America is Real – Paul Craig Roberts”

  1. You can throw out the window your PhD in economics now Dr Roberts.

  2. Common knowledge rises v e r r r y slowly up the food-chain.

  3. What did you expect to happen? Millions of white Christian American morons obeyed their mongrel Jewish Overlords & helped fight/vanquish pro-white Fascism in WWII, so you could now live in an anti-white Judeo-Ape Communist police state. You get what you fight for.

  4. It is not fair to call the masses morons. If you know a lot, you are supposed to do what it takes to guide them. If the good people are too lazy to get power then the masses are guided by the bad ones. The latter steal energy in various ways but that could be stopped.

  5. When we use the word “racism” we use the lexicon of the Orwellian New Speakers.

    Are the races statistically different in ability and temperament ? Yes

    If, yes, then does this imply hatred of group with recognised differences ? Not necessarily…

    Yet the acknowledgement of racial differences and the emotion we may feel because of this is conflated into the word “racism”.

    I’ve argued this point for years. This conflation of meaning must be resisted. This joining together of two ideas implicitly prohibits exploration of different genotypes.

    The writer should have said “Anti White Hatred” not “Anti White Racism”.

  6. One of the big problems has been the rampant toxic cancer known as “political correctness”. Political correctness is the enemy of truth and the enemy of freedom and should be mocked and resisted at every opportunity. The Jews, with their stranglehold on the media narrative, have been catalyzing and fomenting this cancer, exploiting and magnifying the divisions. The Jews have been relentless with the smoke & mirrors, distraction, and divide & conquer tactics, and only a few of us can see through the haze of unadulterated bullxxxx and see things as they really are. Nevertheless, I feel the racial divide is going to have to be dealt with rather harshly … See, integration and forced diversity can never really work. Only a small percentage can assimilate in an acceptable manner. Forced diversity and integration can only work if the people have shared values and a shared heritage. I advocate some states should be reserved for blacks only and some for whites only, while some can be integrated for those morons who want to take their chances with rampant rape, robbery, and murder.