Man Stabbed to Death by Migrant For Trying to Prevent Girlfriend Being Raped Was Targeted Over ‘Sweden Democrats’ Cap

Paul Joseph Watson – Infowars Sept 30, 2020

A 19-year-old Swedish man who was stabbed to death by a Sudanese migrant while trying to prevent the culprit from raping his girlfriend was targeted because the migrant thought he was “racist” for owning a Sweden Democrats cap.

The results of the police investigation into the incident, which occurred in Härnösand on May 10 this year, have now been revealed.

A group of migrants entered a house party uninvited before 23-year-old Abubaker Mohamad Awad noticed the SD cap. Sweden Democrats is a right-wing populist party that opposes mass immigration.

Having repeatedly entered the bedroom of 19-year-old Tommie Lindh’s girlfriend where she was trying to sleep and being told to leave, Awad then pointed a knife at her while accusing Lindh of being a “racist” for owning the cap.

Awad then demanded the girl stand up or he would kill her and Lindh.

The migrant then held the knife to the girl’s throat and orally raped her in a bathroom. When Lindh tried to intervene, Awad stabbed him in the neck, back and chest. He subsequently died from his injuries in hospital.

“While the 19-year-old was bleeding, the African forced the woman to go to one of the bedrooms where he raped her. If she did not come along, he would cut her as well,” reports Fria Tider.

Despite the young woman making repeated emergency calls to police, it took them over an hour and a half to arrive.

After police arrested Awad, “he laughed in front of the camera at the arrest, made grimaces and victory signs with his fingers.”

The rape victim subsequently told friends, “He raped me. I do not want to live anymore.”

It was subsequently revealed that the Sudanese migrant, who was granted Swedish citizenship in 2011, had a long criminal record, including a 2015 conviction of raping a girl under the age of 15.

Meanwhile, in a 2017 Facebook post, Mohamed outlined his views about the fairer sex by posting, “I say no to violence against women and girls.”

Oh, the horrific irony.

As we have exhaustively documented, Sweden has a massive rape problem due to its total failure to integrate migrants and ‘refugees’ after sustained years of mass immigration.

Violent crime and sexual assaults have significantly increased since the country accepted a new wave of migrants in 2015.



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  1. You cant mix apples with oranges nor lions with tigers and you cannot mix black people with white, it does not work and even Black guys i work with agree.
    politicians should admit immigration was a mistake, and start re patriation.
    I hate racism in any form, but the British zio-government race hatred toward its own people since w w2 has been a hate crime of monumental proportions
    WE need to star taking control of our country,
    sorry rothschild we want our country back

  2. I heard the black leader Wayne something on conspiracy hour and he said the london gang who call themselves the black bastards promise another white death this week.
    Black people were invited here in 1948, its now time they were set home

  3. The Swedish people are a people of spineless jelly fish. Absolutely contemptible and disgusting. They do nothing to protect themselves except hand out roses to savage African and Muslim migrants. Many of their women consider themselves lucky or trendy to have one as a boyfriend and, even better, to have a child with one which they wear in public like some sort of trophy, as ‘proof’ they’re not ‘racist’.

    They keep electing the same politicians who force uncontrollable, violent and sex-starved migrants on their population – the same politicians who repeatedly excuse crimes of arson, vandalism, rape and murder as the fault of the Swedish people themselves.

    They must be very happy.

  4. Sweden may have avoided lockdown so as to allow the muds to keep up their good work. For a while Whites should forget about relaxation and freeze out all Tropical interference. It takes sobriety. It’s either that or lose half a million years of development.

  5. The Swedes are a perfect example of what the Jewish-Christian plague can do to a people. Once they were aggressive pagan Vikings conquering & pillaging across Europe, Africa & Asia; but once the ‘humanitarian’ Christian virtues (virus) infected them, they became passive moronic slaves submitting to the rule of their Jewish Overlords.

    Now the majority of Caucasians in the West no longer literally profess Christianity, since science eroded the fantasy, but that’s not important, since they still affirm its morals or ethos, which were simply transferred to other Jewish engendered ideologies: liberalism, democracy, Communism, egalitarianism; which the preponderance of white gentiles have adopted as their core ideals or principles.

    Thus the white goyim offer no substantial resistance to the bipedal ape/mongrel invasion/rape of their nations & women, because the perverse teachings of Rabbi Jesus & Karl Marx warped their minds.

  6. By highlighting criminal acts in any given scenario, the Islamophobe/atheist will never miss an opportunity to smear the object of their venom. The poster above (machinewrecker) must have been salivating with glee at such a golden opportunity to take a swipe at Africans and Muslims in a feeble attempt to associate crime with race and religion, as was also the obvious aim of the author of the article. Shameful would be a gross understatement.

  7. only one way to handle these sort of people – castrate them.

  8. To “Disgusted Indigenous Brit”…by that moniker I’m assuming you are a self-hating Britton. In fact Mr. Disgusted, crime reports around the world definitely convey the fact that non-whites, particularly blacks, are causing most of the violent crime. For example, black Americans are only 13% of the population, but produce 53% of homicides. It’s the same story in other violent crimes.

  9. To Neo’s diatribe against Christianity, then maybe he can explain to us how Christ didn’t call the Jews the Synagogue of Satan.

    Both orthodox and catholics for a time, held jewish usury and perfidy at bay.

    What happened later, especially after Cromwell and then Bolshevik revolution is the Jews using their money power to pervert Christianity by emphasizing the old testament, and jow Jews are the people of the book. That means that modern Christians who believe that BS are having to ignore what Jesus actually said.

    Maybe also the Crusades were a bunch of pussy faggot Christians?

    The namby pamby Christianity of turning other other cheek? Jesus did whip the money changers, did he not?

    Jesus started his mission on the Jubilee year and was aiming precisely at the Jewish “creditor” class of the pharisees.

  10. This is to breed out the white race that’s why the governments wont listen. It’s another agenda. That’s why nothing is ever done. It’s not the milk of human kindness that the governments are showing to these so called asylum seekers it’s their planned agenda and again we are allowing it to happen. These soul sellers are the agents
    Nothing happens in a country for the good of its people all laws and rules as I’m sure you all know are put in place not to enhance our lives but to make our lives miserable.
    This COVIHOAX is the end game and we aint seen nothing yet.

  11. Karma is real
    When your prosperity was built over
    slaves’ blood, you will be given a little taste of
    becoming slave in your own country

    The truth is near but man refused to acknowledge it.
    Be patient and change yourself, for this world is nothing but series of tests.

  12. To ‘Stephen’: My personal experience in this regard will illustrate your point. I grew up in Canada, in a large city during the early sixties when the country was overwhelmingly white and British. If you thought of ‘ethnics’ you automatically thought of the Italians and my parents would often take us to ‘Little Italy’ to have ‘gelato’ and see the sights.

    Now, my city has a large and racially diverse population – East Indians, Chinese, Whites from different countries, Vietnamese and blacks. The crimes committed by blacks – shootings, robberies, rapes – outnumbers crimes committed by all other groups by almost 50 to 1. You used to be able to read the crime reports in the newspapers and all you saw were suspects described as ‘male black’, ‘male black, ‘male black’. Now, of course, the newspapers no longer give that important little detail nor do the radio stations or the local television news. Black areas in my city are notorious for being crime-ridden, dangerous and rundown places to avoid at all costs.

    You can go to ‘Little India’, ‘Little China’, ‘Little Portugal’ and have a wonderful time. Go to ‘Little Jamaica’ for instance and you’re risking your life. And the only solution these blacks have to their own predicament, is to scream ‘racism’ and demand jobs and money simply be given to them because of something called ‘systemic racism’. Funny, how none of the other non-white groups feel the same ‘oppression’ or ‘lack of opportunity’.

    That things in my city have come to this, just breaks my heart. The politicians who let it happen, without even asking the people themselves or putting it to any sort of vote, is unforgivable.

  13. The message of Neo is me in 1995. Like my dad in 1938 I had been seduced by materialist Darwinism and thought Dawkins, Gould, Steve Jones, R A Fisher, J B S Haldane etc were important. But my life is full of miracles and my own philosophy has a map called ” the periodic table of magic”, while Darwinism is a “plausible” fairy-tale about the natural selection of favourable naturally-occurring random genetic copying errors in DNA; and Dawkins made things even worse when he invented the cultural equivalent of genes, with their progress based on random events, that being “memes”. My own philosophy has a short-term teleology to it in an eternal battle between yin and yang. Old dualist religions have approximated to it and Christianity does,after all, have Jesus vs Satan.

  14. black crime is black culture and it matters a lot