Updated: Why Did Amazon Ban Our Book? with Sally Morell Fallon

Dr Tom Cowan – Bitchute Oct 1, 2020

6 responses to “Updated: Why Did Amazon Ban Our Book? with Sally Morell Fallon”

  1. With a question like that, someone’s clearly asleep to reality. Hopefully now, the series of questions that Cowan and Morell will ask, will help them in waking up.

  2. It was a rhetorical question! No one is more awake than Cowan. He was the first qualified medic to point the finger at 5G as the cause of COVID19.
    He is the Rudolf Steiner de nos jours. Read his books about water and cancer/heart disease. They are astonishing reads. Breathtaking. Here is a man who thinks for himself and WAKES OTHERS UP..

  3. This entire event has little to do with a health issue, but was used politically, using the fear factor to achieve a political goal and outcome.

  4. Why Did Amazon Ban Our Book?
    Sally Morell Fallon ?? Find out who’s in control of Amazon ?? Simple.

  5. Jews documented their plans to use disease, terror, propaganda, and various evils in their ‘Letter From Constantinople,’ in their ‘Protocols of Zion,’ and many other writings.

    The Jews may unleash a real pandemic in their so-called 2nd wave of covid, but the first wave was as fake as a four dollar bill. The covid vaccine, the “cure,” may be the real population reducer.

    Ditto what Spirited and White Elephant said. The fake covid pandemic was used to close restaurants and businesses, shut down agriculture harvests, meat packing plants, ruin economies around the world, and make gentiles eager to trade their politicians and governments for the Jew World Order – UN rule.

    Whether even one person died from the first wave of the fake pandemic is doubtful. Jews Media lies about covid are off the charts. Covid is simply a pretext for economic ruin, food destruction, political change, and social distancing to prevent people from meeting, organizing, and forming resistance movements.

    Lawyers stand to make a fortune by suing authorities who force people to wear covid masks because masks impedes breathing and the normal level of oxygen in the blood. People have died from hypoxia caused by covid masks.

    Lawyer Leigh Dundas explains a few must-know points about covid masks in the short video linked below. She makes it clear that covid masks are serious health hazards. Truthseeker may want to link to her video as a featured article –

  6. A criminal investigation need to commence and all governors and mayors who subscribe and sign on to the planned and control covid-19 plan should be charge for murder and high treason.

    Mystic and Yogi.

    911 311 not this time. Taxes voluntary.