Something is Terribly Wrong With L.O.L Dolls

Vigilant Citizen – Sept 29, 2020

Some parents discovered that plunging some L.O.L Dolls in ice-cold water revealed lingerie or bizarre symbols such as slices of pizza. Here’s a look at these dolls and how they fit a wider agenda.

L.O.L Dolls is currently one of the top-selling doll lines in the world. And, considering the fact that most girls around the world own at least one doll (many own a whole collection), that means massive numbers. MGA, the doll line’s parent company, has netted over $5 billion from L.O.L Dolls sales since its launch in 2016. It even outsold staples such as Barbie and Pokemon.
One of the brand’s most popular products – L.O.L Surprise! – had a rather upsetting “surprise” in store for those who plunged the dolls in cold water: Lingerie, bondage-influenced outfits, and odd “tattoos”. Several parents who were understandably concerned and horrified about these dolls posted some videos online dipping these dolls in water. The results are as shocking as they are disgusting. Here are some examples.

When plunged in cold water, this doll reveals lingerie with lace and garter belts. There is no way this can be mistaken for a swimsuit. Click to enlarge

Unlike Barbie dolls, the facial features and body proportions of L.O.L dolls are made to resemble babies and toddlers. So, those who thought of this weird, unadvertised gimmick are sick in the head.

This doll wears by default fishnet stockings which is already insane. When dipped in water, “seethrough” undergarments appear. Also, a checkerboard pattern appears on the back of her head. As explained in previous articles, this is an important symbol for the occult elite. Click to enlarge


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