French Army Officers Join Growing Global Resistance

Major Investigative Report by Association of French Reserve Army Officers Finds COVID-19 “Pandemic” to Have a Hidden Agenda for Global Totalitarianism, Nanotech Chipping of All, 5G Irradiation, & Genocide

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Ramola D | Report | September 4, 2020

A document newly released in the interests of informing the public has been circulating online recently, offering deeper insight into what may really be going on behind the public facade of the COVID pandemic as its fabricators (WHO/Gates/CDC et al) issue an urgent call to unite to “fight the virus.”
 The French Army Reserve officers who stand as author of this document ran a 50-day investigation of all matters COVID and concluded there is a larger sinister agenda behind the lies and misrepresentations of truth which have marked COVID coverage, and that agenda includes the rollout of global totalitarianism, the “chipping” of all humanity with nanotech-infused RNA vaccines with the dual function of transhumanizing or synthetically altering the human body and brain with nanobiosensors and nanomachines while essentially implanting GPS trackers or nanotech RFIDs, preparing humans for a lifetime of complete cellular and neuro monitoring, control, and modification, as well as hooking up brains to a central hive mind or brain internet: 1984 on steroids, beyond Orwell’s projections of sci-tech human takeover.
The opening preface includes a note from the head of the investigative group stating that they have found “the identification of obvious corruption and an agenda contrary to public welfare, culminating in criminal and genocidal intent, and the implementation of a totalitarian state, which are reported in our conclusions.”
The translator, Claire Edwards offers further information:
“It was banned from publication, but the Officers wanted it to be in public hands and therefore redacted it to suppress their names, professions, ranks and affiliation, and passed it on to those who could publicize it.
I have faithfully translated all 156 pages of it, and provided equivalent English references to the French references included. I have also added some relevant supplementary information and indicated clearly where I have done so.
When you read this document, you will understand that it could have been written only by professional, well-informed and educated people. In my view, they include doctors, lawyers and army officers. They clearly had access to people who are aware of the “unavowable” purposes of the perpetrators of this scamdemic.”

13 May 2020


Important aspects covered by this study include the rollout of 5G under guise of need for greater bandwidth while people have been confined to homes, the evidence of symptoms of lung damage from electromagnetic radiation, and the euthanizing of the elderly without informed consent.

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  1. This is the most thorough, concise and useful document I’ve seen re COVID and all that surrounds it.

  2. Is this going to happen with British Army Officers?
    a) Not a bloody chance.

  3. This is the truth.

  4. This article is what many of us have been saying for months, but it appears to have greater depth in linking the techno rollouts being hidden by the Covid psyop to the actual totalitarian plans. Even if the actual Reset plans are not this extreme, there is every justification now for anyone who is awake to think the very worst is being planned for us, and the simple justification for this view is the sociopathic and heinous mass deception, fear mongering, and repression by our governments regarding this virus which they obviously hatched and released on us. How could we not think the very worst about our governments, our political leaders, the media, and the ruling establishment behind all of this? How can we now trust anything they say or promise?

    It is because of these very facts and questions arising in so many sane minds liberated from the constant brainwashing, that this same government, media, establishment complex is now trying to silence the voice of truth, and refueling their psyop with more distortions, lies and extreme restrictive measures, which they are calling the “second wave”. This second step against truth, liberty and justice proves beyond any doubt that their intentions are in fact long-planned, diabolical, and exactly as the French officers say.

    What the “second wave” mainly is, is a second wave of total BS from the same complex. Yesterday, I tuned into the MSM radio in my car to hear the news. The news broadcaster of the local leading psyop station CKNW in my area (which is a part of the Corus Entertainment network in Canada Radio), was hyping panic as much as possible about the dreaded “second wave” now apparently hitting our nation, where the world number of deaths alleged to be from Covid yesterday topped “one million”, and the numbers, he said, just kept “pouring in”, and were “staggering”. However, if you have been paying attention you will note that the Google numbers they are relying on have made not any adjustments to the fake US death numbers two days ago being over 280K (today down to 205K) which three weeks ago were reduced from about 277K to under 10K by the US CDC, caught red handed in the fakery.

    If the death numbers were so dishonestly inflated in the US then likely also is the case in leading sister psyop nations like the UK and Canada. The UK death numbers still being over 5 times the world average for their population, and a province like Quebec in Canada anxious for those IMF and World Bank bribes, had reported deaths well over 6 times the world average.

    The news coverage from the leading radio station including the CBC canvased various provinces highlighting the province of Quebec where for some reason the flu season has started a few months early with the “second wave” hitting and apparently more people dying, with their infection rate “soaring” with some alleged 20 deaths in the past few days, and their government is now confining people to their homes. The alleged “conservative” government of Ontario also “alarmed” by the early alleged appearance of the second wave (which incidentally some of us two months ago said would certainly be engineered by the psyop managers with so much at stake). The signs of the second wave are, however, totally dependent on their fake and inept testing methods and bogus results and inflated numbers, where now together with the media hype people with any sniffle going to ER’s and clinics for checkups. As a result our governments in lockstep are now imposing fresh restrictions in the “war against the virus” and shutting down more social gathering areas and while enforcing the wearing of masks. There is clearly refreshed panic and a second wave of fear being generated.

    Out West in Canada the governments of both British Columba (socialist) and Alberta (conservative) are “Covid lite” appearing to be trying to keep under the radar with social distancing and other nonsense measures, following the orchestrated media hype to appear politically correct and not offend the psyop masters in the control centers in our nation’s capital and central psyop command likely somewhere either in the US or in the UK. The health-care spokesperson for the Government of Alberta, however, says that there are no signs of the second wave in her province yet. The population of Alberta is 4.4 million and they have reported an alleged 265 deaths which is well below the world average, and I also understand that the victims were mostly very frail elderly people likely whose deaths would have been accelerated by any flu bug. As for British Columbia, our population is just over 5 million and there have been only 233 alleged deaths to date, which is even further well below the world average. Yet, when other flus have hit our nation in other seasons, including the Corona virus, there appears to be a strange uniformity of the cases and a uniformity of the alleged average incidence of fatalities in the provinces for their populations.

    If any of the official stats from Quebec and Ontario where not from deliberately clustering frail elderly people in care homes to jack the death numbers, or not from calling any death where someone also may have had some flu symptoms a “Covid death”, then no doubt millions of people in Canada would start moving out West to escape pandemics to live longer . That has never been the case. The only reason I know why droves of people move out West in Canada is to get away from all the contagious bullshit in its capital which in right on the border between Ontario and Quebec.

  5. The dead was raised on 23 September 2020.Those that remain on earth is waiting the rapture 14 to 18 May 2021.Dont bother about covid or the NWO.All smoke and mirrors.The Jews, they are useless child eaters.No intelligence at all.Powerfull in this world yes, but a joke in God’s eyes, just insects to be squashed very soon.They will burn in eternity.Forever and ever.Hail Jesus son of man.Jesus of Nazareth a non Jew.Jews are all from satan.Push through
    bretheren time is 6 months to rapture, major earthquake soon.Be strong in Faith.Dont take the 666 vaccination.You will lose your soul to hell eternal.In Faith we stand conquerors.Halleluya.

  6. Repeats old info from English sources. Document presumes covid is something new and dangerous. By now we know better, it’s just the flu, and highly exaggerated.

  7. @Jerry Jesus the son of man?? F off you satanist CNT!!!!!

  8. Hmm.. I did expect that, as a Frenchman & an ex-Army second Lieutenant I expected that for a while.. Macrotte you are in deep doodooh & have a helicopter on stand by in the Élysée Courtyard !



    I remember viewing this a few weeks ago where Claire Edwards appeared and was impressed with the information. I wanted a copy of this 2 hour 14 minute video but never got round to doing it, until now.

    Your post has prompted me to do so.

    I recall the PDF link back then did not work but I’m pleased the link on this site works and I now have a copy of that also.

    The video is dead I recall for the first three minutes and then there’s an echo for about one minute. The rest is good and I must say Claire Edwards does a very professional job.

    She used to work for the UN. Perhaps resigned due to it being corrupt?

  10. The Rapture!!! Good luck with that! Anyone who believes in that psy-op needs to read up on Project Blue Beam, long in the planning and likely to be rolled out when the current flunacy scam shows serious signs of breaking down among the brainwashed masses, or “them asses” as a Scandinavian friend used to call the sheeple.

  11. @Jerry.

    I think we can trust Wikipedia on this one:

    If your rapture doesn’t occur can we expect a manful indication of you being wrong, or that you got the date “wrong”, and it will be later?

  12. There’s some more (substantial) evidence to add to the growing pile of Corona 5G! Thank you for honest integrity!