Boston University professor calls Judge Amy Coney Barrett a ‘white colonizer’

Introduction — Sept 28, 2020

Although she’s no “white colonizer” Professor Ibram Kendi of Boston University may have a point about Judge Amy Barrett. For those prominent White public figures who adopt Black kids the move is often a cynical, calculated PR move.
Ever ready to burnish her public image, Madonna has adopted four Black kids from Malawi.
While Hollywood star Charlize Theron has gone one step further than Madonna. The South African-born actress didn’t just adopt two Black boys, she is now raising both as girls.
While Judge Amy Barrett’s adoption isn’t so obviously a PR stunt, we would not dismiss entirely what Prof. Kendi says. Ed.

Boston University professor is urged to resign for calling Amy Coney Barrett a ‘white colonizer’

  • Ibram Kendi of Boston University sparked outrage on social media on Saturday
  • He suggested whites adopt black kids to shield them from charges of racism
  • Kendi was commenting on Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s two Haitian children
  • His tweets about Trump’s Supreme Court nominee prompted calls for his firing 
  • Democrats were criticized for questioning the legitimacy of her adoptions 
  • Barrett has five biological children and two adopted children for Haiti 
  • Republicans rushed to her defense and called the comments ‘disgusting’ 
  • Trump announced Barrett as his Supreme Court nomination on Saturday

Ariel Zilber, Frances Mulraney and Geoff Earle – Daily Mail Sept 28, 2020

A Boston University president who said President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was a racist ‘white colonizer’ for adopting two black children from Haiti and using them as ‘props’ while ‘cutting the biological parents out of the picture’ is being urged to resign on Sunday.

The controversial charge was leveled at Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Saturday by Ibram X. Kendi, a Boston University professor.

Barrett, a devout Catholic, has seven children – five biological and two adopted. Her youngest child also has Down Syndrome. Click to enlarge

‘Some White colonizers “adopted” Black children,’ Kendi wrote on Twitter.

‘They “civilized” these “savage” children in the “superior” ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity.’

Twitter users pointed out that Kendi was responding to a tweet that included a picture of Barrett’s sister, Carrie, holding children who were not adopted by the judge. 

Kendi tweeted in response: ‘And whether this is Barrett or not is not the point.

‘It is a belief too many White people have: if they have or adopt a child of color, then they can’t be racist.’

‘I’m challenging the idea that White parents of kids of color are inherently “not racist” and the bots completely change what I’m saying to “White parents of kids of color are inherently racist.”

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8 responses to “Boston University professor calls Judge Amy Coney Barrett a ‘white colonizer’”

  1. Please mention the arrest of Heike Schoning at the Trafalgar demonstration….
    His arrest now makes sense…..he is suggesting a change in the financial system……and that WILL attract the Elders of Zions attention….
    Theyve come out of the “closet” to protect their scam.

  2. Whether it’s a cynical move or not, at least she adopted two black children. How many black families adopt black children?

  3. The very fact these disgusting women, adopt blacks over their own nation, proves their hatred towards their own people.
    Charlize Theron, a rabid feminist, at 45 years of age, past procreation, who has adopted two black males and is performing child abuse by forcing them to be female (an impossibility) complains that she can’t get a partner and wants men to “grow a pair” and ask her out.

    Other than the fact that she’s been in a string of dead end relationships and therefore incapable of ever bonding again, she’s still looking for a man….or is she? Nope, spoke to soon…

    This sorry excuse for woman has a filthy mouth. What honest man would EVER want to contemplate anything to do with the harpy? And to top it all off, she’s an actress and like all, most certainly has multiple personality disorder, from all the characters she’s played in their career. So every day would really be potluck, wondering who you were going to get today. Imagine when the day comes around when she wakes up as Aileen Wuornos?

  4. There’s always a label, a name calling. Boston university students should demand every penny back!


    “A key challenge for public health officials is how to reach parents who do not routinely seek seasonal flu vaccination for their child,” she said. “When getting a yearly flu vaccine is not a pattern, parents need to be prompted to think about why it’s essential for their child to get vaccinated.”

  6. So color makes no difference to Barrett. So what? They can’t call her a racist or a white colonizer for having 5 kids of her own and two black whom she adopted, so they say it was a cynical and calculated PR move. Likely two beautiful kids without parents with no advantages on their own left in some institution, whom are brought into a happy family, and she is condemned for that?

    Fact and reason have no real authority these days with most people because because they have no standards other than their own interests or those of our thoroughly corrupt establishment to determine right and wrong, Why admit 2+2=4 when you can say your opinion is that the answer is 3 or 5, and in any case relative to your interests. If our entire civilization from top to bottom is run on the basis of Nietzsche’s “Will to Power”, Spencer’s survival of the fittest, and the ends justify the means, then why should anyone care about who is right or wrong according to fact and reason. All that matters is to advance your interests. Why morally-corrupt pragmatic thinkers like Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, John Maynard Keynes, have been so popular with the professors over the last 60 years in our universities, is because those thinkers directly reflect the mindsets and serve the interests of the establishment people behind our universities, just like in Medieval times when the views of Aristotle and Aquinas reflected the views of the Church.

  7. ‘I’m challenging the idea that White parents of kids of color are inherently “not racist”
    Why is he challenging that idea? Where did that idea come from? Does it matter? The kids have been given a much needed adoptive home. (And possibly avoided a very different fate).
    I prefer to challenge the idea that black university professors who air their value judgments in public are inherently “not racist”

  8. When Whites do the most racially suicidal thing the mind of the Black professor will somehow prove it was anti-Black. The proper response to this double-backwards crap is to slam the door forever on this hostile, annoying, burdensome foreign garbage and see what the “professor” calls it then. Racism is laudable–as theirs should indicate to them.