Occult Secrets of Judaism Revealed!

Adam Green – Know More News BitChute Sept 15, 2020

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    When the then liberal party leader Jeremy Thorpe
    was interviewed by Special Branch, after the attempted murder of a male prostitute
    Thorpe a 33rd Degree mason said if he was prosecuted for sodomising small boys
    he would bring down Edward Heath and a host of other high level homosexuals.
    The queen mothers favourite Sir Anthony Blunt keeper of the queens pictures
    had been supplying small boys to homosexuals for years then blackmailing them for Rothschild, those blackmailed had no such immunity.
    Jeremy Thorpe Edward Heath Tom Driberg and Cyril Smith, the cream of the British political scene were all being blackmailed by Mossad who were supplying boys from Barnados Homes for them.
    It was Mossad who supplied the jewish Rent boy Norman Josiffe, who was allowed to use the British name in court, Norman Scott.
    Special Branch instructed the judge to find Jeremy Thorpe Not Guilty, much to the annoyance of the judge, Court ushers said Jeremy had got off “scot Free”
    Mossad has used this kind of Honey trap all over the world since time immemorial.
    The antics of zionist whore Ghislane Maxwell is nothing new
    The Rothschild BBC hid up sex crimes on kids for many many years
    and those like Jimmy Saville and Philip Schofield were allowed to run unhindered

  2. Aftr reading the above, i should add the ex BBC director Graham Jones
    said the BBC ran its own inquiry on Philip Schofield and can no longer provide cover for him and his contract runs out at Christmas and will not be renewed
    it is believed that Schofield and the small boys scandal was whistleblown by his co TV host Holly Willoughby who herself is being got rid of at Christmas
    its being said a black couple will take over the morning show

  3. 1% or 2% of Judaism interpreting the Talmud or the Torah with with a “Kabala” mindset does not mean the rest of that faith do the same. That is even more extreme than saying all Jews are Zionists and which is not the case.

  4. Adam Green is a Zionist agent provocateur. Zionists court Anti semetics as it strengthens theyre cause.

  5. as a muslim, antizionist ( all jews in general) its known to us that muslim and christians will be allies at the end of time because Issa son of mariem pbum (jesus christ for christian bros will kill jew’s massiah (the anti-christ known for us as Dajjal)
    …i wish to see a video between adam,christopher and sheikh imran hussein
    peace to all and xxxx the joooooooooosh

  6. How do you explain the Tartiarians being pushed so far north into the ice by the Vorderasien that they nearly were done once. How do explain the great come back.
    How do you explain that in most ishjew homes there isn’t a Talmud or Torah but the ishjew encyclopedia is and it didn’t arrive till the 70s. Because that’s what you got to do to seek a full understanding of them. Now for the Jew everything and I mean everything comes from one source, Nephesh. Understand that and you can understand the Jew who labours beside us to Mr ju who likes, in the image of the Phoenix(mother fe) to mother us. Come on you lot so much more understanding has to be gained.

  7. Ibra, as an euranglolander who steers clear of haughtiness and hypocrisy as much as he can that isn’t correct even by your own Muslim history as the true understanding of jihad validates what I’m saying.
    If it isn’t the Pagans which most westerners think themselves to be nowadays or the Christians, even the Jews or Jew leading both parties to your shores what you say is never going to happen.
    I’m not saying history will repeat itself I don’t believe that construct I am saying they are false predictions.
    Muslims will come together with the Silk road and with the power behind that, Jew power will be reduced as it was in the time of the Tartarians.

  8. dear dunno
    when islam started ,prophet Mohammad sws ordered his compagnons to go to habasha(ethiopia) because muslims was persecuted by kuraish mumbers and said: go to habasha theres a just christian king where no one is treated unjustly and tell hum about jesus story in islam …years later Mohammad sws recived a group of chritians,they wanted to pray and he let them perform prayers in his mosque….im telling you about islam and you are telling me about mossaded islam lol
    for your information,in holly quran jesus is menshioned 25 times,mohammad only 2 or 3 i think ….i know you will say this is taqqiya and sullshit,but we also know who are the real christians,not sodomat of them

    imo ….you are jewed 🙂