Elections Horror Show: Chaos Looming as Trump Issues Dire Warnings

Meanwhile, in Occupied Palestine, Netanyahu wonders how to cash in on the chaos to come.

Lasha Darkmoon – Darkmoon Sept 27, 2020

Trump Presents Netanyahu
with Key to White House in Sickening Ceremony

This symbolic act, indicating  American subservience to Israel, took place two weeks ago. The President of America was telling his Israeli counterpart, Benjamin Netanyahu, in so many words: ‘The White House now belongs to you.”  See the stomach-churning video at the end of this article.  
These are my thoughts this sunny Sunday morning on the future that faces us in the dystopian world we see around us as the storms clouds darken. I offer my apologies in advance to the people I am about to offend by expressing my random reflections here. No offence is meant, so please bear with me.
As of today, the 74-year-old President is 9-10 points behind his Democratic rival Joe Biden. This is particularly galling for him. His promises of making America great again appear to be in shreds and tatters. The economy is in ruins. Most American voters are in a bad mood after several months of Covid-19 lockdown stress and blame Trump for all their woes. Adding insult to injury, the same president who has managed to antagonise  large segments of the American population in his first term, has recently boasted that he not only plans to have a second term but—surprise, surprise!—a third term after that.  He told a crowd in Nevada recently that he was “entitled” to a third term, even though  this is currently banned under the US Constitution.
This does not trouble Trump’s most fanatical followers in the least. Legality is something they scorn,  just as Hitler’s Stormtroopers in the early 1930s didn’t give a monkey’s curse for law and order. All they wanted was a bit of action. If blood was to be spilled, bring it on!
This is the mood in America right now among the White militias who back Trump to the hilt, consisting of 40,000 to 100,000 paramilitary groups armed to the teeth and awaiting Trump’s orders. Some are known as “preppers”, continually readying themselves for a catastrophic breakdown in society. Others are known as “Three Percenters” for historical  reasons I won’t explain. They all have one thing in common: itchy trigger fingers. In the words of one political analyst: “They have stayed largely out of sight for years but now clearly sense their moment has come.”
It needs to be pointed out that these militias are perfectly legal in 45  “open carry” states. Brandishing rifles and playing at Hopalong Cassidy is not against the law, but in the words of the same analyst quoted above: “militia members will often be staying within the law until the moment they actually pull the trigger.”
I am in contact with people who back these militias and belong to them. I like them. They are the salt of the earth — brave patriots to a man, ready to spill enemy blood for love of their country, and their women are touch my heart too. They are doing their best right now to exercise maximum restraint, but all they need is a single word from Trump.
Trump late week made much of video footage showing black demonstrators descending on an elderly white couple dining outside a restaurant to shouts of “FUCK THE WHITE PEOPLE!” No White militia men intervened on that occasion. No triggers were pulled. Restraint was exercised. But how much longer do you provoke the tiger and keep pulling its tail before the beast turns and tears you to pieces?
Remember the sardonic French adage, my friends: “Cet animal est très méchant. Quand on l’attaque, il se défend.”  — Elegantly translated: “This beast can be pretty vicious. When you attack it, it actually defends itself.”
—   §   —
According to a recent report in the Financial Times,  it seems that White American seniors in particular,  a group that helped propel Trump to victory in 2016, have become thoroughly disillusioned with Trump  after his less than spectacular performance in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. Muslim support is almost zero, and justifiably so, in view of Trump’s ultra-Zionist backing for Israel in its ongoing human rights violations in Occupied Palestine.
If Trump loses, we have reason to believe that his devoted followers can be relied upon to question the validity of the elections, taking to the streets in violent marches in the manner made familiar to us by Hitler’s Brown Shirts. And undoubtedly the famous old quote by Stalin will suddenly be resurrected and take on a new life: It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.”
Trump has himself hinted that a peaceful transition of power from the Republicans to the Democrats is unlikely to happen. He has already suggested that he won’t accept the results of the 2020 elections if he loses. The latest news is that recently discovered postal votes, at least six out of nine for Trump, were found in a garbage bin in Pennsylvania. This has allowed Trump to throw a hissy fit and claim a rigged election in advance. “These ballots are a horror show!” he fumed,  adding on Twitter: “Democrats are rigging our 2020 elections!”
The White militias loathe the Democrats. They hold Biden in execration and would like to see him dead. Here is Dylan Stevens, a blonde-bearded giant who calls himself “Angry Viking”. He describes himself as “a staunch supporter of Trump, police, our troops, Second Amendment, America and the flag.”
Rousing words!
“He and his comrades loudly insist they are not racist but do believe they need to arm themselves against an oppressive government that may soon try to enforce socialism on them. They are, of course, talking about a Democrat government headed by Trump’s opponent, Joe Biden.”
So this is the situation. One word from Trump will do the trick. Trump is biding his time. The moment is not yet ripe and “ripeness is all”.
—   §   —
Let’s leave aside for a moment the tiresome subject of vote-rigging and the equally tiresome subject of the President’s abysmal incompetence in handling the Covid-19 crisis.  Let’s also leave aside the broken promises and the failure to build the wall across the southern border “to keep out the hordes of the Third World”.
Instead, let’s turn to a more compelling subject: foreign policy.
If war broke out, would American military might prevail? Would the Russians and the Chinese be turned into mincemeat? Would Iran be wiped off the map? Would America straddle the world, as Great Britain once did, and would the wealth of conquered nations flow into Wall Street coffers and the bloated bank accounts of the Jewish financiers and their elite  goyim camp followers?
Possibly. But I doubt it. America is no longer cock of the dungheap. Russia has deadly weapons. China, if pushed too far, could give America a bloody nose. America cannot afford to start a major war and lose.  Remember Hitler’s invidious fate. Suicide in a bunker. Is the sleek and pinguid Trump ready to die for his”principles”?
No, I don’t think so.
Solitary confinement in an underground dungeon, awaiting summary execution for treason, could cost our dear leader his gorgeous tan.
And what meanwhile happens to Israel, “the only democracy in the Middle East”?
These are speculative questions I am unable to answer. But they need to be asked. Let the intelligent reader decide what will happen to America if Trump starts another war.
I shudder to think of the consequences.
—   §   —
Let’s direct our attention now to the situation in Israel/Palestine. This is a topic of such overriding importance that we must not allow our attention to be distracted from it by the American elections and the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.
Trump recently hailed “the dawn of a new Middle East” after prevailing upon the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to sign agreements to normalise ties with Israel. These were the first Arab states in the last twenty-five years to cuddle up to Israel, and, in effect, to turn a blind eye to Israel’s shocking human rights record in regard to the land theft and plunder of Palestine. The first stab in the back of Palestine came from Egypt in 1979. The second stab in the back came from Jordan in 1994. There are right now four Arab nations that have jumped into bed with Israel: Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain. These can be relied upon henceforth to connive and coo like sucking doves the next time Israel decides to unleash its terror weapons on the crippled women and children of Gaza.
Well done, Donald!—you have managed to rope in two more Arab nations into becoming Israeli bootlickers.
Trump has threatened to extend this process of treachery to “at least five or six countries” in the region, with Saudi Arabia and Oman being the next targets on his hit list.
Are the Palestinians happy with this situation? Of course not. They are livid. They have denounced this so-called “normalisation” as yet another treacherous stab in the back. How can it be “normal” to turn a blind eye to Israel’s future atrocities in the region? To use the word “normal” as a substitute for “abnormal” is Orwellian doublespeak of the most flagrant kind.
In the words of Philip Giraldi:
The Palestinians, who have been on the receiving end of Israeli nation-building, were not invited [to the signing ceremony deciding their fate].
There were some demonstrations by Palestinians in Gaza and Ramallah denouncing the signing as it took place, together with chanting that “PALESTINE IS NOT FOR SALE.”
Indeed, Palestinians are more-or-less invisible in Washington, having had their representational office closed by Trump in 2018 after he had been shown a fabricated video by Netanyahu in which Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas appeared to be calling for the murder of children.
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also viewed the video and informed the president that it was an obvious fabrication, but Trump was convinced by it.
So that’s the way it is with our Trumpenstein. He is all too ready to believe in fake videos cooked up by Israel with Bibi’s full blessings. Israel has now been given the green light to misbehave in the region — with Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain all pretending  hypocritically not to notice. And Saudi Arabia, Oman and other Arab states are being dragooned into similar attitudes of sycophancy to Israel.
The Israeli fox, with Trump’s nod of approval,  has been given free leave to enter the Arab henhouse and create havoc whenever it chooses.
One nation alone refuses to give in to American and Israeli blandishments: Iran.
Iran stands firm and incorruptible. Which is why Trump and Netanyahu have ganged up against Iran and are trying their best to find pretexts to destroy it. For his efforts in securing these new Arab allies for Israel, we learn that Trump is now preening himself for the Nobel Peace prize.
Here is Philip Giraldi explaining:
The U.S. media, always inclined to applaud anything that advances Israeli interests, registered its approval of the [new] agreement. And there were calls for awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Trump for his miraculous achievement.
Trump the “peacemaker” has a nice ring to it.
The downside of the agreement is already beginning to play out as the United States is preparing to unilaterally impose sanctions on Iran that will include possible seizure of Iranian ships in international waters, while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also warned Russia and China against trying to sell weapons to Tehran.
One might well ask, how exactly does Pompeo propose to do that?
Will he shoot down Russian transport planes or sink Chinese and Russian flagged ships?
How does one go from being crazy to being batshit crazy?
Trita Parsi, who follows the situation in the Middle East closely, has suggested that Pompeo might even be planning an October Surprise, which might amount to some kind of provocation or even a false flag operation. Such a suggestion might be considered insanity. But there is now a distinct possibility that an Iranian vessel in the Persian Gulf might be seized, forcing Iran to respond.
The thinking in the White House might be that a containable war against a recognized enemy might be just the ticket to win in November.
Of course, once the fighting starts it might not work out that way.
—   §   —
One final word on Netanyahu. Make of this  bizarre news story what you will. It comes from yesterday’s Daily Mail.
Washing your dirty laundry in public isn’t a good look for a politician.
But Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is said to have a habit of bringing bags full of unclean clothes on his diplomatic visits to the US.
American officials are purportedly perplexed by the habit when he turns up at the White House. According to insiders, Mr Netanyahu arrives in Washington with “special cargo: bags and suitcases full of clothes to be laundered”. 
The Donald Trump ally is said to have begun bringing his laundry during the Barack Obama administration.
The reports match years of similar stories by Israeli journalists, Tel Aviv newspaper Haaretz said.
“The Netanyahus are the only ones who bring actual suitcases of dirty laundry for us to clean,” an insider told The Washington Post. “After multiple trips, it became clear this was intentional.”
— The Daily Mail, 25 September 2020
The nauseatingly close relationship between Trump and Netanyahu has been noted by the Palestinians. This satirical wall mural in the West Bank sums up their bitter feelings for Trump, the man who has betrayed Palestine for Jewish money and support.
Watch this disturbing 3-minute video below and then ask yourself the million dollar question: who rules America? And then ask yourself the follow-up question : Are they fit to rule?

Trump Presents Netanyahu with Key
to the White House in Sickening Ceremony
VIDEO   :   3.20 mins



Dr Lasha Darkmoon (b.1978) is an Anglo-American ex-academic with higher degrees in Classics whose political articles and poems have been translated into several languages. Most of her political essays can be found at The Occidental Observer and The TruthSeeker. Her own website, Darkmoon.me, is now within the top 1 percent of websites in the world according to the Alexa ranking system.

18 responses to “Elections Horror Show: Chaos Looming as Trump Issues Dire Warnings”

  1. “Sickening” is an apt description….but remember this is a Jewish stage show because Trump is a crypto jew.
    It’s rather like the Balfour business with Britain….BALFOUR WAS A JEW!!….no question.
    So you have a couple of jews running BOTH sides….waging war by deception.
    Meantime in the real world these fiends are DESTROYING Western countries from within via massive illegal immigration.
    The crypto jew Angela Merkel brought in over one million…..only Germans think Merkel is one of them….like hell she is….even her blonde hair is fake.
    These low intelligence mongrels the Jews are bringing in are like a slow acting time bomb on western countries……another generation and staffing Rolls Royce engineering will become a problem.
    Britains universities are being undermined…..infact the very fabric of society in Britain is being torn apart by ethnic drug gangs…..SOROS.
    Some people may have noticed that despite HUGE public opinion AGAINST illegal immigration the jew Boris Johnstein HAS DONE NOTHING TO STOP IT.
    Remember to get rid of this burden the secret police MI5 must be the first port of call…..this is how the fiends controlled Eastern Europe….ALL the internal security was in THEIR HANDS…..
    Be extra vigilant about Catholics….since many of them at the top are MARRANO’S…

  2. I hate to tell you, Trumpsters, but the Orange Man is a Crypto JEW! I did vote for Trump in 2016, but in 2020, I will vote third party. The Orange man is a servant for the Satanic Jews of Israel who actually did 911. If Trump had a drop of American patriotism, he would have no contact with Satanyahu. So, what is the bottom line——Dementia Joe or the Orange Jew? In either case, America is doomed. If you do not know of the bombing of the King David Hotel or the assassination of Count Bernadotte, you just have no connection to the truth. If you have not figured out that BLM is a tool of the Satanic Khazar Jews to destroy America, you are a dummy! If you do not know who Barabas was, or the contents of John 8:44, you know nothing. Do you know of the Polish Jew Felix Dzerzhinsky?? Yes, LBJ was a Marrano Jew……that is why Israel went unpunished for the deliberate and repeated attacks on the USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 and wounding 171. America has been the slave of the Bolshevik Satanists for a long, long time.

  3. To this American, the post attributed to Lasha Darkmoon reads in part like a deadly serious, academic review of a month’s worth of “As The World Turns” (1956-2010, good riddance to bad rubbish on daytime TV, a real-to-life horror show).

    By virtue of (s)election for POTUS 2016, the current Head Puppet of USA Inc. – vetted, costumed up, and prepped for the role years before by one Roy Cohn, with later assists by Epstein, Maxwell, et alia – appears in disguise as Leader in Charge, personally and individually responsible for any and all policies, decisions, and actions affecting America and the world at large. Nonsense, I say. We have returned to illusions of the Ray-Gun years, when a Grade B actor pulled off the same role, getting credit for taking down an evil empire, the USSR. Perhaps that plot got aired on “Guiding Light”.

    In the meantime, do note that times got mean in the US and elsewhere well before Trump entered stage right as HBObama exited stage left. By all accounts, we can expect extraordinarily meaner times a’comin’. Among poisons you may choose: Food shortages and famine; periodic and increasingly frequent power outages; a really effective, lethal, transmissible bioweaponized “virus”, courtesy of puppet Gates of Hell; another concomitant lockdown or two; mandatory DNA-altering vaccines forcibly administered by military goons, envisioned by the late David Dees.

    Wait! There’s more! Predictive programming, amplified and echoed incessantly by both MSM and so-called “alt-media”, heralds the onset of US CIVIL WAR 2.0, the rising up of the white race in a fight-to-death with races of color, many if not most imported into America duty-free.

    Poppycock, I say. Posted also on The Truthseeker courtesy of Irish Savant (http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=214124), we find that one Johnny CAN read the writing on the wall. Case in point: “The coronavirus charade is no different from previous virus panics — SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Zika — only now the people at the top think we are divided enough, stupid enough, and weak enough to submit to a massive acceleration of the ongoing transfer of power and wealth from us to them. Sadly, it appears that they are correct.”

    How does that square with LD’s citing from MSM’s Financial Times? “If Trump loses, we have reason to believe that his devoted followers can be relied upon to question the validity of the elections, taking to the streets in violent marches in the manner made familiar to us by Hitler’s Brown Shirts.” To date, funded at least in part by Georgie Sorrows, we have witnessed BLM, Antifa, and, likely, armed mercenaries wreaking havoc in the streets of American cities, all presided over by Demoncrap mayors and governors.

    Tangentially, please know this. I mean in no way to suggest that you consider Repugnut factions preferable, less corrupt, or less violently inclined. The two-headed bird has two wings, both required for flight and fight. As one wing gives lift for nefarious purpose and evil intent, the other may set course and await its call to active duty.

    Then LD suggests we “turn to a more compelling subject: foreign policy”. As an American observing the on-going, active takedown of America, I would argue that assertion. Nevertheless, politics now ascends from the depths of television – “tiresome” subjects of vote rigging and incompetence in handling the Covid-19 “crisis” – to the heights of a three-ring circus, for instance, that of Barnum (“There’s a fool born every minute.”) & Bailey.

    On this exalted place, perhaps as Greek theater or a Noh play, puppet actors take on abstract roles of entire nations, acting with one collective mind, and perform according to putative plots and presumed alliances. In this context, to me, the Israel-Palestine conflict seems but one theater in the larger War Against Humanity, one intended to secure attention, induce outrage, and further divide groups of human beings – including those of Jewish persuasion!

    We have always been at war with Eurasia – or is that Eastasia? Very few pundits, Lasha Darkmoon one, speak of Master Puppeteers, The Power$ That Be (TP$TB) producing and directing these shows. As Netanyahu himself reportedly said, if he and his cohorts should fail, then others would come to carry on and out the mission. More puppetry, albeit incautiously self-admitted and off-script!

    Here presuming he wrote all the books attributed to him, Stephen King spoke of the “suspension of disbelief” as an essential element to achieve aims of a horror show. Lasha Darkmoon also seems to ask that we suspend disbelief, thus gaining the full benefit of Doom & Gloom prepared for our consuming. I do not buy it.

  4. Trump is a con man who will say anything to dupe his moronic white base. All these major elections in these ‘democracies’ are prearranged & fixed by the Jewish Overlords. The FED-CIA-MOSSAD have already chosen whether Trump or Biden will be the next puppet Prez. Its all a staged act to convince (con) the goy idiots into thinking they still live in some sort of ‘democracy’…

  5. Trump knows Bibi Team attacked America. Trump knows.
    Trump 2020.

  6. The key is likely to Fort Knox so that any gold remaining there can follow the gold which disappeared from the vaults of the Twin Towers during 9/11.

  7. This wide-ranging article would need the long sort of reply others have made, but for me it is too alien. Biden has no real support and had brain surgery. Trump was restrained about Syria, not like the usual Isn’treal slave would have been. He told the world of real COVID cures. He is more tricky than the MSM, outfoxing them. His Jewishness must be slight but he learned from the very worst Jews. Possibly he helped with 911, since his family got the Tesla papers where it is shown how to melt stone. Overall Trump is more good than bad in the circumstances. Jew trickiness in good hands is a powerful thing.

  8. @Fred B — According to Anna Von Reitz (www.annavonreitz.com), America’s gold got shipped to the Philippines. An immensely complicated swindle here. I’d love to learn about your take on that “inside story”!

  9. Trump really blew it. He could have been an agent for true change as the majority of Americans are sick to death of Washington DC. The American people would have rallied behind him if he was serious in his promises to “drain the swamp”, “build a wall”, and “Make America Great Again”, but ALL he has done has been to drive the country even further into the abyss.

    Lasha can bash preppers and three percenters in that passive aggressive way if she wishes, but most of the ones I know are the few people not only aware of the truth, but are willing to do something about it.

  10. In Pike’s letter to Mazzini he states:

    “The [third world] war must be conducted in such a way that Islam (the Moslem Arabic World) and political Zionism (the State of Israel) mutually destroy each other. Meanwhile the other nations, once more divided on this issue will be constrained to fight to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion”.

    Source: https://www.threeworldwars.com/albert-pike2.htm

    Many people like to quote this, truly and stupidly believing that Israel is somehow going to fall and the reign of Lucifer will come.
    It’s complete and utter bullshit!
    The very people behind all the chaos are the very people who always have always been behind the chaos. All wars, post 9/11 have been brought about, SOLELY, for the creation of Greater Israel. World government will sit within the Knesset. Pike is trying to tell us that the creators of everything, the Rothschilds are going to destroy their baby?
    As stated, either the letter’s BS, Pike was badly deceived in the final outcome, OR, actively lied to make people ignore the elephant in the room – Greater Israel and its creation.

    Everything that has happened, from the takeover of the UK by Jews in 1649, the creation of the British Empire, the Industrial revolution, the colonization of 25% of the world by Britain, the creation of the USA…….has all been done in order to bring about the massive rise in world population, to acquire enough wealth to bring about the creation of Greater Israel and secure her safety. Now that the world’s population has grown incredibly from 610million in 1700 to 7.8billion today, the Jews, want the nations, whom they’ve parasited off of, to just lie down and die. They really cannot have the world waking up and seeing them in their true light, as the destroyers, so, they’re bringing in a vaccination to end everyone. We are, going through a mass awakening and they know this. Video evidence clearly proves that no planes hit the twin towers. More and more people see the holocaust as a lie. Their time in establishing Greater Israel and world government is rapidly decreasing, hence why we’re seeing droconian measures for Covid lie, being implemented incredibly quickly. They’ve turned up the heat, far, far too quickly and I have a strong feeling that the frog’s going to jump out.

    It’s about the Jews.
    It’s always been about the Jews.
    It always will be about the Jews until they’re removed, from every nation and dealt with properly, once and for all.
    They know this and they’re absolutely terrified. They really have no idea, the hatred that has grown for them, in the last 20 years alone. It really isn’t going to take long, courtesy of millions of lives being ruined for people to join the dots and see that the hooked nose of Jewry has been behind their woes.

    To conclude:

    Trump sent over the FBI to Israel to detain this 19 year old and his father, both Jews, who had made bomb threats to various Jewish centres in the USA, as well as desecrating a Jewish cemetry, before fleeing to Israel. This was in March 2017.
    This means that Trump CLEARLY showed that the lives and well being of American Jews was of tantamount importance, sending FBI to Israel to arrest them and yet, although there is clear evidence, from an Israeli talk show, showing that the 5 Dancing Israelis had foreknowledge of the attacks on 9/11, openly admitting, they were “there to document the event”, were NOT extradited back to the USA, for interogation and still walk free in Israel. This means he doesn’t give a shit about non Jews, that’s 99% of the US population and the 3,000+ who died in the terrorist attack 16 years previous.

    This is on the internet for all to see. I know of it and most certainly thousands of others know about it. How long before more wake up to see this and join the pieces of the puzzle together? What’s going to happen if Trump’s, 100,000 militia find out about this? How are they going to view Trump, especially, to quote from the article: if “Dylan Stevens, a blonde-bearded giant who calls himself “Angry Viking”…..describes himself as “a staunch supporter of Trump, police, our troops, Second Amendment, America and the flag”” finds out that Trump sent the FBI to Israel to haul two terrorist suspects back to the US, who killed no one, but won’t send the FBI to arrest the 5 Dancing Israelis who OPENLY admitted to terrorist activities live on TV, still there for all to see, that killed thousands of NON JEWISH Americans and non Americans on 9/11?

    Genocide is serious business. Jews know that unless they continue the deception, bring in the vaccination and infect 95% of the world’s population with cancerous aborted fetus tissue (and god knows what else) the world’s going to find out that not only are Jews attempting to exterminate the world’s population, but have been for a very long time, lying through their teeth about being the persecuted, when, in fact, they’ve always been the persecutors.

    There is much speculation of Bill Gates being a crypto Jew. I really don’t know if he is, or isn’t, but watching the Microsoft Antitrust Deposition highlights (1998-2001), I was somewhat intriged at what I saw.


    Watch from 16:33 onwards, Bill Gates’ body movement. Tell me I’m grasping at straws here, but have we not seen this body movement somewhere else?


  11. Thaks for this darlmoon and once again vespasian speaks for us all
    America as the psychics said 40 years aho is destroyed in the very year predicted.
    here in the UK 140 families each week are evicted on to the streets while illegal fireign incomers are put up in luxury hotels
    the government is our enemy
    i am thankful i am an age where i will not see what is to come, unless we dispose of the jew
    how many times have i herd ” if only we had listened to Adolf Hitler “

  12. “Possible seizure of Iranian ships” ??

    >>> First time it happened with Grace One (Panamanian flag, Singaporean manager, Iranian oil) at Gibraltar, Iran retaliated in kind and captured a UK flagged ship in the same style (special forces rappelling down from helicopter) in Persian Gulf… soon after they released the Iranian tanker first.

    >>> Then there was the 5 Iranian flagged oil tankers sailing all the way from Persian Gulf around Saudis through Suez canal right under the nose of Zionists and then through Gibraltar as the US lackeys looked on and through the ocean until they got to Venezuela in US backyard defying Monroe Doctrine and US sanctions on both Iran and Venezuela. Those tankers were even broadcasting their positions and they were not hiding, carried petrochemicals and refinery repair parts that helped Venezuela cope with US economic terrorism of their country. US sent in some ships to scare the Iranian tankers, captains were offered lots of money but they refused. US could not touch them because Iran would retaliate and they knew Iran never bluffs. Iran missile capability and power throughout the region deterred US from taking any actions against those tankers. This was a huge news around the world, bad for US prestige.

    >>> Then there was the news that US had seized 4 Iranian tankers… later however they claimed that they only seized their fuel… it became clear that US had actually hired 4 other tankers and had indirectly purchased oil in the mid-seas from Iran. Interestingly right after the news Iran captured another ship in the Persian Gulf however Iran oil-ministry clarified that Iran had lost no ships and had received payment for the oil in full so IRGC released that ship.

    >>> Iran then received a large shipment of Alumina from Venezuela, the material is used in solid fuel for missile. Again under sanctions.

    >>> Iran sent another tanker to Venezuela this time completely hidden and it became known only when it reached Venezuela… there were talks about missiles being shipped to Venezuela, in fact president Nicolás Maduro had some interesting exchanges about missiles with pro-American Colombian puppet president! The message was clear that Iran can send in ships openly or covertly as it pleases and US can’t do anything either way.

    Seems like the new Tanker wars are not in Persian Gulf anymore and in Caribbean sea instead! Field realities show that Iran is not limited to its borders nor hindered by sanctions. Other countries can only become bolder by this… US is no longer the Super Power it used to be. Thanks to idiots in chief and Zionist infested political establishment sacrificing everything for Israel.

  13. That video at the end of article makes it clear:

    1- Israel is in fact VERY VERY ISOLATED.
    2- Iran is not isolated.
    3- There will be no new deal with Iran.
    4- Maximum pressure has failed.
    5- They will try to bring to the “circle of peace” other reactionary countries like Saudis to “normalize” ties with Israel and betray Palestinians openly.
    6- US government is to the bone marrow owned by Zionists, no matter who becomes president. Candidates just fight to show they are a better and more subservient slave of Zionists.

    The effect of what UAE and Bahrain did, increased Iran’s popularity even among ordinary Saudi population. Iran is seen as the only real and unyielding supporter of Palestine and these puppet shows have lost their effect.

    They wanted to “isolate” and show it as a fundamentalist state, but it is clear now Iran allies are all sorts of nations, from Sunni Hamas in Gaza to Secular Assad in Syria, Communist Venezuela, non-twelver Shiites in Yemen and the Christians of the region know who to thank for the end of ISIS. Iran allies with anyone who has a problem with Zionists regardless of their race or ideology. Amazingly Zionists do the same! Just look at their allies!

    And field realities are clear, Zionist allies in the region have been losers while Iran allies have been winners and none have been abandoned by Iran. US however has no problem abandoning their allies as Kurds learned the had way!

  14. “I’m a zionist. You don’t have to be a jew to be a zionist.” ‐‐Biden

    “I pledge unconditional support for israel.” ‐‐‐Kamala

  15. Biden is a crypto jew….his wifes surname is JACOB.

    LOOK!…its not rocket science….the whole shooting match in Washingstein is Jewish,end of story.

    Both Trumps and Clinton’s daughters married Jews…..their parents are Jews!!.


    I agree 100% with everything you say about Trump and his failure “to drain the swamp” and “make America great again.” The article simply states truthfully what many Americans feel: that Trump has failed to keep his promises. They feel let down and disillusioned.

    However, I am surprised by the second and final paragraph of your comment:

    “Lasha can bash preppers and three percenters in that passive aggressive way if she wishes, but most of the ones I know are the few people not only aware of the truth, but are willing to do something about it.”

    I’m surprised you should criticize Lasha for being hostile {“passive aggressive”) to the White militias who back Trump. Because this is what she says about them in the article:

    “I am in contact with people who back these militias and belong to them. I like them. They are the salt of the earth — brave patriots to a man, ready to spill enemy blood for love of their country, and their women touch my heart too. They are doing their best right now to exercise maximum restraint, but all they need is a single word from Trump.”

    I’d be very pleased to receive a compliment like that! 🙂

    (Lasha’s sister)

  17. God is not in Judaism. God spoke to them more because they listen least. Their human or elemental guides hate God and do not win. Any idea that they do is just a failure of perception. People like Pike bathe in a fantasy of holding the God position. Jews listen to their rabbi-written Talmud, a mirror for the Jew but with a beautiful face painted over it.

  18. You dont what youre talking about “Lasha”. Trump is now effectively “president of the world” since the Federal Reserve (which includes the US Securities & Exchange Commission) was aggressively taken over by the US Treasury. Trump is basically telling world leaders to form peace deals and “BB” and no choice but to comply to Trumps commands.