At least 15,000 people cram Trafalgar Square in rally against lockdown

Introduction – Sept 26, 2020

Anti lockdown protesers at yesterday’s rally, wearing Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock masks. Click to enlarge

The first anti-lockdown rally in Trafalgar Square drew some 10,000 protesters. The Daily Mail, below, estimated that there were 15,000 people at Saturday’s protest.
While the Daily Express also estimated that “at least 15,000” people attended.
In other words there is substantial and growing opposition to the measures being imposed to contain coronavirus. These measures, which include restrictions on movement and association, are seen by an increasing number of people as a backdoor route to totalitarianism.
This view has been given further support by a growing number of doctors and scientists who question the effectiveness of a lockdown and mandatory facemasks in containing the “pandemic”.
In fact there are many who question if coronavirus is even a new virus. According to one scientific study it is just a mutation of the sort of seasonal colds and flu we see every year. In other words coronavirus is no more deadly than seasonal colds and flu.
This is not to minimise the deadliness of these diseases, especially for the very old or those with pre-existing conditions. For example, in 2014/2015 colds and flu accounted for 44,000 deaths in England Wales.
However, the Covid-19 “pandemic” needs to be seen in context and the official response has thus far been totally disproportionate. The billion dollar question is why? Is the reaction of governments around the world a miscalculation? Or is their uniform response because Covid-19 is being used as a pretext to impose a new, totalitarian world order? Ed.

At least 15,000 people cram Trafalgar Square in rally against lockdown

Raven Saunt and Faith Ridler – Mail Online Sept 26, 2020

Anti-lockdown protesters today clashed with police after at least 15,000 demonstrators descended on Trafalgar Square as part of a rally against coronavirus measures in the UK.

Attendees of the ‘We Do Not Consent’ rally ditched their masks as they crammed into the London square this afternoon, despite Metropolitan Police pleading with people to stick to Britain’s coronavirus restrictions.

Crowds, who were also warned violence would not be tolerated, carried placards reading ‘is this freedom?’ and ‘end the crazy rules’ as they flocked to protest against Britain’s coronavirus restrictions.

Ten people were arrested during the demonstration – which later moved to Hyde Park – and four police officers were injured with two rushed to hospital.

Piers Corbyn, 73, brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, was among the crowd alongside conspiracy theorist David Icke, 68, who has made a series of false claims linking Covid-19 to 5G technology.

(Note: Those claims about 5G and Covid-19 are not “false”, as the Mail claims. They have just not been proven– nor disproved. Ed.)

Demonstrators ditched their masks and ignored social distancing as they shouted ‘we will win’ and waved flags, before police shut them down because crowds ‘have not complied with the conditions of their risk assessment’.

Trafalgar Square has a maximum capacity of 20,000 people and photographs showed crowds almost filling the area as they stood shoulder to shoulder to protest against Britain’s increasingly stricter lockdown rules.

In contrast, last month’s protests had around half today’s turn-out – at around 10,000 people.

Skirmishes broke out between protesters and police later in the day, with those in attendance chanting ‘shame on you’ – shoving at officers as they passed through the crammed crowd.

Injured protester. Click to enlarge

Pictures show a woman appearing to be knocked to the ground as a struggle broke out behind her, while one man chanted with blood pouring out of his head.

In a statement, Scotland Yard said the breach had ‘put people in danger of transmitting the virus’ which voided their risk assessment and left those at the event ‘no longer exempt’ from Covid-19 restrictions.

‘We are now asking those in Trafalgar Square to leave,’ the force said. ‘Officers will be engaging with crowds and informing them of this development. By leaving now, you can keep yourself safe and avoid any enforcement action being taken by officers.’

The Met also confirmed that ten people had been arrested following demonstrations with four officers injured – two requiring hospital treatment.

The rally comes as almost 18million Britons – a quarter of the population – will be living under tighter coronavirus restrictions by 6pm tomorrow, after the UK announced a record 6,874 new cases in the last 24 hours.

Those in Leeds were banned from mixing with other households at home or in pubs, bars, restaurants and parks from midnight, as Wigan, Stockport and Blackpool also saw draconian measures brought into force.

Households in the Welsh town of Llanelli are set to be banned from entering each other’s homes and gardens from 6pm today, with the nation’s two biggest cities of Cardiff and Swansea to follow suit in the next 24 hours. Residents will also be banned from entering or leaving the areas without a ‘reasonable excuse’.

Britain recorded 24 deaths today in a preliminary count as the UK’s fatality number continues to creep upwards. NHS England announced 20 deaths, while three were recorded in Wales and one in Northern Ireland. None were recorded in Scotland.

Today’s ‘We Do Not Consent’ rally, organised by Stop New Normal, comes just a week after a protest against mass coronavirus vaccinations, which saw more than a dozen officers injured when a ‘small minority’ targeted police. More than 32 arrests were made.

More than 15,000 people attended yesterday’s protest in Trafalgar Square. Click to enlarge

The Metropolitan Police said it has been engaging with today’s organisers throughout the week to remind them of their legal obligations and explaining the events could be in breach of coronavirus regulations.

While protests are exempt from the rule of six, which is in force in England, those in charge must submit a risk assessment and attendees must comply with social distancing.

Police said some organisers had done so but where this had not happened the Met will ‘increase their engagement and encourage attendees to disperse’.

They added that enforcement ‘remains a last resort but will be undertaken if required’.

It is understood police had searched a man and confiscated a makeshift riot shield earlier in the day.

Commander Ade Adelekan, who is leading the Met operation, said while there is ‘great frustration’ at the regulations, a large midday protest could put the health of protesters and their contacts at risk.

He said: ‘I know there is great frustration to these regulations but they have been designed to keep everyone safe from what is a lethal virus.

‘By flagrantly gathering in large numbers and ignoring social distancing, you are putting your health and the health of your loved ones at risk.’


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  1. Anti NWO suppoorters and anti immigration supporters were the back bone of the rally
    but road blacks on many main roads stopped hundreds more as many were turned back

  2. The elite overplayed their hand. They spent 40 years denigrating as conspiracy theorists anybody who goes against the official line, then six months into a long-con they manage in one weekend to take a space less than 200 metres square and cram it with 15,000 people who now believe David Icke speaks more truth than Boris Johnson. Go, David!

    One thing David said has stuck with me and is still powerful in this time of vaccines, even though he was talking about prescription drugs. He said, “Drugs companies talk about the side-effects of their products but they are not side-effects. They are effects.” This is why people do not trust vaccines, not because of “side-effects” they’ll claim did any damage, but the intended effects. They are forcing upon us deliberate poisoning.

  3. Strange, but I posted a comment before 10am?

  4. Vancouver, BC Freedom Protest – When is it going to happen?

  5. Excellent and with more and more none violent marches bigger and better each time then the one before these rancid puppets with their snake masters will have nowhere to go.
    It wont be easy but its a start but, always beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Out will come M15 infiltrates marching along with the crowd as if as one and feeding back their findings. I hope the next march sees double the amount and so forth until we are all singing from the same hymn sheet and then when that happens we have won our freedom back and once we have done that I hope we never allow anyone in government to ever try to drag us down to hell again on a lie.

  6. Icke gets horribly fat on paedo island and has power-hungry and resentful eyes and hates Trump for doing good work and made his readers expect to be in a labour camp soon and begs for freedom instead of assuming it. He blames Saturn for making the moon control us with EM rays as if we can solve that little difficulty, and Reptilians who are all over the galaxy and too clever for us. He loves his Jews and will blame anything but them. He never solved his old anger problems, he never says Jones is Hicks, he is a sexual libertine, sort of gay like all the BBC. He always brags that he has been at the research for thirty years to trump his interlocutor dismissively, and he gives out 1920s physics as if it were news. He likes to pretend people’s research is his own and has mouthed cliches “for thirty years” as if that is an achievement.

  7. Icke mocks all Christians with his “big God, little me”, no different from Crowley, and got guidance from the Alice Bailey material. When it was fashionable he would speak of having “the Christ Consciousness” where no humility is required. It is the opposite of saying “I am a Christian”. In 1991 he did exactly the Thunberg routine where you threaten world oblivion if people ignore you, the spoiled child position. The BBC, heart of darkness, never really abandoned him. His career is too much like that of the TV prophet in the film ” Network” with Peter Finch. It gave someone an idea.

  8. Very good advice “sunny”…..beware the British Secret Police known by the harmless sounding “MI5”.

    Britain is a police state…..these “secret police” you could argue,are more powerful than the elected government….they collect dirt on MPs and in that manner they have got leverage over them.
    The goons are everywhere in Britain…..they have even been found working on newspapers and within TV!.

    Every country needs a secret intelligence service….but not the goons who work for the deep govt unaccountable to anyone except their money masters.

    Without these goons it is highly likely Britain would have a thriving democracy AND millions LESS of alien people….IMPORTED AGAINST THE MAJORITIES WISHES…..
    Without police protection Blair would have already been assassinated….Blair the architect of the slow destruction of British identity.
    Just to cap it off…..”make absolutely no mistake.the Windsors are crypto Jews….they bear considerable responsibility for the destruction of Britains inner cities…..
    So be on guard against the illegal activities of the secret police MI5…..they’re not there to protect you they are there to protect the 1%.

  9. Agent of deception Icke travels the World and has a life. This “guru” claimed to have his insights from a spiritual entity, obviously Icke is a would be occultist. Investigations(Open Eye Magazine) suggest that Icke is exploited by far right groups to penetratethe Green and New Age movements. I would not be surprised at all to see he is a Jesuit trained shortrobe. Icke is more a transmitter of information not a originator.