3rd Strand Of DNA and mark of the Beast.

Richie from Boston – Sept 27, 2020

4 responses to “3rd Strand Of DNA and mark of the Beast.”

  1. There’s a force of deception acting on the human race! Woo! Whence cometh this eldritch manifestation? Liars and con~artists, that’s who.

  2. This topic requires a book, but, briefly, the monism of the male ego does not like the dualism of birth/death and so it demands immortality, which has been attempted by having many children, building big stone statues, incest for genetic identicalness, reincarnation, and now the “immortal” cyborg. Dualism is healthy–for each birth there is a later death, but the cyborg can claim a dualism in the form of people/machine, where the medium is the technocrat. In fiction and ufology there is always an assumption that the ET will be very guilty of casual technocracy because it is understood that this is a natural process in the eternal fight between yin and yang, in which hybridisation “works for” yin. Yang will not like the cyborg.

  3. I forgot to say that monotheism, androgyny and a one-Race ideal as with Nazism are are all from yang whereas Jews have the Jew–goyim duality, not unhealthy for them except if the goyim get uppity. In Nature this has already led to “government”, a Jew/Gentile hybrid.