Coronavirus: police break up anti-lockdown protest in London

Damien Gayle, Mattha Busby and Ben Quinn – The Guardian Sept 26, 2020

Protesters gather in Trafalgar Square in London on September 26, 2020, at a ‘We Do Not Consent!’ mass rally against vaccination and government restrictions, ostensibly to contain Covid-19. Click to enlarge. (Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP) (Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Police have broken up a protest in central London after thousands of people defied their advice and demonstrated against lockdowns, mass vaccinations, mandatory wearing of face masks and other coronavirus restrictions.

The protest, organised by campaign groups including Save Our Rights UK, was called to mark six months since the passage of the Coronavirus Act, which gave the government wide-ranging powers to enact restrictions intended to curb the spread of the virus.

Protesters began gathering from about midday, with the first speaker saying the demonstration was meant to be peaceful, and that it had been negotiated beforehand with the Metropolitan police, with a full health and safety impact assessment filed in advance.

However, at about 3pm, the Met said the crowds had not “complied with the conditions of their risk assessment and are putting people in danger of transmitting the virus”.

They said the protesters must leave. “By leaving now, you can keep yourself safe and avoid any enforcement action being taken by officers.”

Officers waded in to break up part of the crowd and seize the sound system just before 3pm and used batons against protesters, leaving some bleeding with visible head injuries.

Ten people were arrested following demonstrations in Trafalgar Square. Four officers have been injured, two requiring hospital treatment.

After officers intervened, many protesters moved to Hyde Park, but police said they also did not have permission to be there in such numbers. At 4.30pm, dozens of officers began advancing on the newly formed crowds. Police soon declared it an illegal gathering.

It came just after conspiracy theorist David Icke made an incendiary speech at the top of the steps leading to the National Gallery, calling on people to take off their masks and embrace freedom. He urged police forces and militaries around the world to take the side of the people, rather than “psychopathic” governments.

“We will not hand control of our lives and our children’s lives to people like the UK health secretary Matt Hancock; a man who if his brains were gunpowder would not blow his hat off,” he said.

Also referring to the prime minister, Boris Johnson, and the chief scientific officer, Patrick Vallance, among others, he added: “Where is the self-respect in giving our lives to such people and doing whatever they tell us? Enough, no more.”

Piers Corbyn, one of the organisers and brother of the former Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn, also addressed the crowd in Trafalgar Square and implored people to hug others within their family groups.

“There is no justification in any terms for the lockdowns and the Covid rules, they are a complete hoax,” he claimed.

“Sweden did better without a lockdown. Masking is mad, it’s like asking a fly to not fly through a fence, it’s stupid. And we know that distancing is daft because you need to get close to people and hug them to improve your immune systems and feel happy.”

Corbyn cited a number of conspiracy theories, which he described as “tomorrow’s truths”, and called on MPs to more comprehensively explain the science behind government restrictions.

The words of speakers were met with roars of “Freedom!” from the crowd, while others chanted, “We will win”. Placards saying “Think before it is illegal” and “Obey” were held aloft, with some advertising the QAnon conspiracy theory.

A spokesperson for StandupX, one of the groups that helped organise the demo, said they were protesting because they “were not happy with the government restrictions”.

“We don’t agree with the mandatory masks, especially when the virus is smaller than the mask. We don’t feel that the mask is effective,” they said.

Prior to the police intervention, Kerry Dunn, 41, from Bath, said she was there to warn about the dangers of vaccines, saying she believed her son, Beau, had suffered serious adverse affects after he was vaccinated.

“That’s why we are here. I’ve been shouting that mandatory vaccines are coming, no one believed me. Now we can see it’s just around the corner, we’ve never been closer.”

Vinothini Apok, 40, from north London, who said she used to be a doctor, stated she was there because “people should be given a choice”. She said: “What I see happening is fear and negativity being propagated.”

Paul McLeish, 53, who had travelled from from Ashford, said he was there because of what he believed was a plan to oppress people for the benefit of the ruling class. “This agenda is to give people fear and push the death rates up.”

The demonstration, called We Do Not Consent, comes a week after a separate event during which more than a dozen officers were injured when a “small minority” targeted police and more than 32 arrests were made.

Ahead of Saturday’s protest, the Met said they had been engaging with organisers throughout the week to remind them of their legal obligations and explain that the events could be in breach of coronavirus regulations.

While protests are exempt from the rule of six, which is in force in England, organisers must submit a risk assessment and comply with social distancing.



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    “Man has the right to live by his own law–to live in the way that he wills to do…

    “Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.” –Liber OZ, Aleister Crowley

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  3. Fantastic!

    Real People 10, Government Psyop 0

  4. Twenty years from now when the filth have vaccinated grown up autistic kids, how proud they will be of their actions now…

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  6. Simon ! Bill & Melinda Goetz children are NOT vaccinated !

  7. “We will not hand control of our lives and our children’s lives to people like the UK health secretary Matt Hancock; a man who if his brains were gunpowder would not blow his hat off,” he said.

    David Icke said that. Made me LOL

    Apparently the virus is real because it can be detected in the sewage. I know that because my radio told me.

  8. Anyone want to argue that the police are a necessary evil? The police are the order followers, they are carrying out the anti-human and immoral orders of the pedophile elite and the jews, and the banksters.

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  9. This movement has the wrong protest strategy. No brainer that police state would say your not complying and break up protest. Why are you protesting on the police states terms? Start in Trafalgar Square, a deep state 5G test site and then go to Hyde Park, why Hyde Park??? Better to do it at Harrods or some other busy international flavoured area.

  10. WE were a bit late getting there, and the police were stopping traffic and turning them back if they were attending, they said they had seriously underestimated the numbers attanding, they also said many anti – immigration people were getting in nd they had orders to stop them. So ourselves and many others were turned back

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  14. David Ellis Report: Paramilitaries:

    “David Ellis reports on the policy of merging the police and military, which Boris Johnson has taken early steps towards through his Coronavirus response, and earlier, via Operation Temperer. But how long has this policy been in the making, and whose policy is it anyway?”

  15. You have the students locked up in their universities, You have the threat now and they are thinking about it that the over 45 should all shield. How that one is going to work god only knows. You have the threat of this Hoax virus in your face day in day out.
    You are told when you can shop when you can go out . You have as good as a curfew imposed on the country. The experiment is stepping up each day just to see how far they can go so if they do get their way what is the real deal going to be like I hope to never live to see it.
    All this has to be illegal and i think that if my child was locked in a uni and told they could not go home I would be thinking about seeking legal advice in fact if ever that vaccine is on the market and i am told I have to have it I will go down the legal rout for that as well, in fact the country should take this lot to court for what they are doing without any explanation of what this virus really is or if they have isolated it which I’m sure thy haven’t. Their is no justification for any of this other then to destroy us.

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