Britons would ‘go to prison before being injected’ as distrust of Covid vaccine grows

Laura O’Callaghan – The Express Aug 10, 2020

A recent survey by King’s College London and Ipsos MORI showed only 53 percent of the UK population are “very likely” to get the COVID-19 vaccine, once it’s on the market. Younger voters were twice as likely to oppose the vaccine in the poll of 2,237 people aged between 16 and 75. To gauge readers’ views on the topical issue, conducted an exclusive poll asking: “Should Britons be forced to have the coronavirus jab once it is developed?”

Sixty-five percent (2,906) of respondents said no, with many saying they would have to be dragged kicking and screaming to have the vaccine administered.

Thirty-four percent (1,617) said a compulsory vaccine programme should be rolled out across the UK, one of Europe’s hardest-hit countries since the beginning of the pandemic.

One percent (60) said they didn’t know.

One reader said they would not feel safe having a coronavirus vaccine injected into their body because they simply cannot trust pharma giants.

They said: No vaccine, whose manufacturer demands an indemnification, can be trusted.”

A second person said any attempts to force a vaccine on Britons as the country returns to the new normal would cross a dangerous line in the sand.

They said: “Forced vaccinations will mark the transition of Britain from a representative democracy into a totalitarian technocracy.”

And yet a third said if a person did not wish to avail of the virus vaccine but was pressured to do so it would amount to assault.

The reader wrote: “Forced vaccination would amount to physical assault upon the person.

“And those attacked in such way would be fully justified in using whatever means to defend themselves from such assault, as I will do.”

One 71-year-old diabetic man acknowledged he was in the high-risk category for the disease.

But he insisted he would rather gamble with the potentially deadly infection rather than be injected with a vaccine.

He explained: “They are pointless as the germs mutate too rapidly for the vaccine to keep up.

“On the other hand, they put mercury and other aggressive antagonists in the vaccines to trigger an immune system response.

“Who knows what damage this does to us?

“I would rather take my chances and accept that if my time to die has come, so be it.”

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10 responses to “Britons would ‘go to prison before being injected’ as distrust of Covid vaccine grows”

  1. Big Pharma scientists congratulated themselves for digging up bodies from the 1918 Flu pandemic and bringing the virus back to life.
    They do this so they can sell vaccines, its all about money.
    Several derivatives in recent years stem from this resuscitation of the 1918 virus.
    Lets hope it gets these scientists
    Toward the end f w w 1 Porton Down developed a mustard gas with germ internals called CSH they used this in the trenches but the wind changed and it got the very people who sent it out.
    Same as Israel developed the stuxnet virus to contaminate iranian computers
    but it went rogue and destroyed Fukishima in japan
    israel send it would send mericans to war rather than pay reparations
    the point is once released you never know where these things end up

  2. According to leading Barristers at Garden Court Chambers in London, the changes which the Government made to the Control of Disease Act did NOT include mandatory vaccines.The conclusion of their long article states “It is clear that mandatory , medical treatment and vaccination are explicitly prohibited by the act.”
    For general information, there is a US document entitled – Notice: Refusal of Vaccine for Cause.
    This document outlines a comprehensive list of reasons which you can hand to your Doctor as evidence that will back up your refusal to be vaccinated.

  3. If a man can be imprisoned for penetrating, or attempting to penetrate, a woman without her consent, then anyone who vaccinates, or attempts to vaccinate, anyone (without their consent) should be treated no differently.
    I strongly suggest that everyone arm themselves, ASAP, because it is clear, beyond any shadow of doubt, that the police and medical services are now a deadly threat to the general well-being of the people.

  4. Sound Action stations.

  5. well the fema camps have been ready some time
    and the coffins all stacked for 5 years
    this shows the NWO people planned this ages back

  6. So all those who go to prison will be forcibly vaccinated whilst being detained , get tooled up be prepared .

  7. I hear lots of people say they will refuse any vaccine unfortunately most people will except it willingly in the end . A mixture of extreme fear and being unable to live and work in the not to distant future will be the catalyst . They know this . Sure some will avoid it for longer than others but eventually even those people will capitulate .
    At present we are still in the conditioning stages before they move to a control phase and the window of opportunity for any push back is closing fast . Although this isn’t something they are particularly concerned about as they know opposition is small and if it was going to happen it would of happened before the summer . Well placed members of the medical profession could of made a difference as they had the public’s attention but it was not to be .

  8. If you go to prison, they will vaccinate you in prison.

  9. I agree with the above comments. “Go to prison”??… Whatever for? To remain in the system AND make myself even more powerless and vulnerable?

    I will choose starvation and death any day over Big Brother tinkering with my DNA.

  10. “Thirty-four percent (1,617) said a compulsory vaccine programme should be rolled out…”. Those cowardly and treasonous 34% need to be identified….