BLM Mob Swarm Driver, Attack His Car, Chase Him Down and Try to Pull Him From Vehicle

Chris Menahan – Information Liberation Sept 25, 2020

Shocking video shows a giant Black Lives Matter lynch mob in Hollywood, California on Thursday night surround a Prius driver, attack his car, chase him down with a truck, pin him in and then get out and try to pull him from his vehicle while smashing his windows with a skateboard, flag and even a bicycle.

When the man remarkably managed to somehow escape with his life and not injure any of his assailants, he proceeded to peacefully surrender to the police who were seen putting him in handcuffs!

Second angle:

The LAPD released a ridiculous statement saying the “protesters” were “largely peaceful” up until the whole lynch mob incident (for which no one appears to have been arrested):

On the evening of September 24, 2020, approximately 7:00 p.m., a group of more than 300 protesters marched through Hollywood. While there were isolated reports of vandalism, the group was largely peaceful. The group eventually made its way onto Sunset Boulevard.

Shortly after 9:00 p.m., a blue pick-up truck traveling on Sunset Boulevard maneuvered through the crowd and became involved in an altercation. As the driver of the pick-up truck attempted to get away from the situation, he struck a protester standing in the street. That individual was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Moments later, a white Prius attempted to drive around that same protest and also became involved in an altercation with individuals in the crowd. A black pick-up truck leading the protests accelerated and pinned that white Prius in, forcing it to come to a stop. The driver of the Prius attempted to flee the area and reversed into a green mustang behind it. That vehicle was also participating in the protest.

Both the drivers of the pick-up truck and the green Mustang attempted to extract the driver of the Prius from his vehicle. However, that driver was able to get away from the scene.

Several blocks away, that motorist was detained by Hollywood officers. There were no injuries associated with that second incident.

All of the drivers and victims involved in both altercations have been identified by Hollywood Officers and the investigation is on-going.

The Prius driver got into an “altercation” and the lynch mob that hunted him down were part of the “protests.”

I wonder if the city of Los Angeles will appoint Frederick Franklin as a special prosecutor to bring the victim up on charges?



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  1. Here in the UK Wayne Dobbs the black spokesman said there are 250 black gangs in the greater London Area, speaking on London Live he said no lockdown wil keep black people
    from taking back by force what they feel they are owed and promised much summer rioting next year
    why do we allow this ?
    When Enoch Powell spoke of the rivers of blood, he really knew what the agenda was
    no wonder Edward Heath wanted him murdered.
    We have soldiers in syria in greece , why are they not here in their own country ?
    while our own folk are being ethnicaly cleansed from their own cities by govrnment and black gangs

  2. This whole BLM thing was supposed to be about giving us black people more help and opportunities, but its been hijacked by white communists, and homosexuals
    we dont need them, socialists dont belong with us and neither do the rent boys collective
    this was supposed to be about black people
    as a black woman we are heavily discrimated against every TV ad shows a black man with a white woman, this is saying subliminally black women are not good enough for our own men, this kind of racism must stop

  3. I left the UK many years ago to live in Australia
    but came back 3 weeks ago for a family funeral.
    I was shocked at all the foreigners here now, i never had any problems with black people admittedly there were nt many here when i left the UK, but i was told by a black neighbour not to go out after dark in some areas, i laughed and i said NO WAY
    but she offered to be my guide to take me to a london area that was no go for white people of the police, so this black lady took me a smy guide and i was glad she did as twice black youths surrounded me menacingly and she talked them round
    i would never have believed this could have happnd to London during the years i was away
    it looks like the government deliberately engineered this situation

  4. BLM is a Communist plot to destroy civil society in the US. BLM is organized and funded by Satanic Khazars. This is the same operation as that which toppled the Romanov dynasty in 1917 and established Communism in Russia, which led to the deaths of about 66 million Russian Orthodox. The USA is dead. If you are in the US, if you live in the South, you have a chance. I’ll bet that Nicholas II regretted not having the Cossacks CRUSH the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 when Jew Sverdlov’s assassins (7 of 9 were Jews) slaughtered his family in 1918.

  5. Americans are phucking idiots. And I truly hope that baseball, football, basketball, and even et al, NEVER comes back.

  6. What if the peaceful protests, are actually not peaceful?

  7. Shanna, your post epitomizes the arrogance, the selfishness and the incredible disrespect that black people have.
    If you went back to Africa, you’d have as many black men as you could want and there would be no white women for them to be attracted to.
    You talk of help and opportunities? Why don’t you help yourselves? Why don’t you make your own opportunities? You’ve been sucking on the tit of western civilization since the end of slavery and still you complain that you don’t have enough?
    You have invaded our lands. You are vastly over-represented in EVERY field compared to your racial demographic. You have appropriated every part of our culture. You steal our history, portray our kings, queens and heroes of old, myth and legends while robbing us, raping us and murdering us……

    You are completely ignorant on WHY BLM was founded. It had nothing to do with any of the selfish reasons you promote. It was all about creating even more division between the races and giving you even more privilege than you already currently have. BLM essentially made the blacks, the new Jews. You are now using the very tactics they have used with which to usurp power and take over our land.
    You are a disgusting people, filled with hate, anger and jealousy. Your black men don’t want you, because black women are angry and totally psycho. And now you die your hair blonde and do your best to look like whites. As if stealing our land and culture wasn’t enough, you’re now trying to steal our identity as well.

    Blacks, in the west, have given this world nothing. All you do is take. There are blacks, however in Africa, who are living their lives, by their own culture and traditional ways and I have a great deal of respect for them. But the blacks in the west I have none at all, whatsoever. Go home. Leave us be. Let us live our lives and raise our children according to our culture and traditional ways, without having you here to take what isn’t yours and promote yourselves as something you are not. Show some respect.

  8. Caucasian civilization & bipedal apes are incompatible. All multiracial societies always end in white extinction from miscegenation/bestiality & the savage simians/mongrels killing off the whites. This is what repeatedly transpires whenever the mongrel Jewish Overlords acquire government/media/money power over Caucasian created nations.

  9. Yet ANOTHER leftists libtard telling half truths. What did you think was going to happen when you drive your car THROUGH a peaceful protest? People like this Chris M WANT a race war, but DON”T want to take responsibility for CAUSING it.

  10. @ O…………wtf?? comment on the article don’t come here with your pissed off your head racist attitude against our American friends!! Get a life or do one…………LOSER

  11. Everyone inside the forest with their highly-charged value systems judging this tree at that cannot really see the entire forest. To see what is really going on, people have to be more detached and step back a little. When they do that, it becomes utterly clear that the BLM efforts are all orchestrated, paid for, and protected by the same power structure which is locking every decent person down fearing for their lives in their tiny hutches with the state still raging away and trampling everything to death with the fake Covid panic. In addition to causing more insecurity in public places to isolate people even further, this additional psyop is mainly to “divide and conquer”, creating another manufactured crisis polarizing the people over the color of their skins so they can never unify to get at the elephant trampling down all of the trees, their village, and their way of life.

    Or much like the forest fires on the US west coast, deliberately lit, most likely by some of the rent-a-mob junkie diverted from the orchestrated riots in the streets of Portland and Seattle, the mockingbird mainstream media takes a spark of anger over a black man allegedly murdered by some cops, and they deliberately fan it into conflagrations and turmoil in nations like the US and the UK, anything to detract from the Covid elephant and also ultimately to serve the god-like Agendas of their masters.

    But stepping back even further and considering the temporal context with all of the actual planning in and behind the 17 UN Agenda goals (the “Great Reset’ announced and being launched in our midst for their envisioned “greener, smarter and fairer” world), the purpose of the orchestrated BLM movement and Antifa riots becomes absolutely clear. They are rioting, destroying property & “white businesses”, and tearing down historical monuments everywhere, to exaggerate race and class differences to thereby give some substance to the big ‘EQUALITY’ word in these same UN Agenda goals being imposed and facilitated by the Covid psyop. They are anxious to ignite torches everywhere to garner more substance and support for all that has been deemed “FAIRER” in the planned and announced NWO redistribution of wealth, land, and resources, and interventions into all levels of government policy to impose a notion of EQUALITY as broad, intense, insane and harmful as the band of 5G radiation they have already begun to radiate us with in many localities.

    Meanwhile as long as dupes and puppets like Johnson and Trump are supporting the massive Covid deception, they have little reason in doing anything to curtail any of the disruptions supporting it.

  12. Who benefits from this ? Ordinary blacks? no

    Does it make white people sympathetic to blacks? no

    Will it it help promote Trump…yes

    Are the powers that be happy with Trump…well Israel named a place in the occupied territories after him, and he hobnobs with Netanyahu…so yes

    Does Israel have anything on Trump ? Well the Epstein material for sure…

    Will a reelected Trump further enable the forces of deep state sponsored terrorism/Antifa/BLM and help in fragmenting American society…I would think so..

    You can better than even odds on Trump winning the election on Betfair…

  13. B = Burn
    L = Loot
    M= Murder will take you directly to Joe Biden Presidential website.

    BLM/Antifa should be Euthanized ASAP.
    Frog marched into Fema Camps and off with their HEADS!
    Harvest their Organs.
    The rest if the Body to be put into Industrial Ovens or Lime Pits.

    At least 20 Million Rabid Parasites will beed to be Euthanized.
    Harsh but what is the alternative.
    These Communists have Pedofillia tendencies.
    They cant be rehabilitated And therefore dont deserve to Breathe the Air us nornal Folks breathe.
    Trump will be re elected in a landslide and then will drop the hammer on these seditious parasites.

  14. To end the riots, burning, beatings, by thugs like BLM, ANTIFA, Soros Inc, people must go after the puppet mayors, governors, Soros, and similar scum behind these evils.

    The banksters who fund this evil and their puppet politicians who mis-manage the police instead of allowing the police to end the madness have to be stopped for the evil to end.

  15. All self-pity is b.s. Whites and orientals could win golds at the Resentment Olympics but we do not take part because it is very bad manners. The field is therefore left open for Jews and Blacks to try to wrest the gold medal out of each other’s hands like Frodo and Gollum on Mount Doom. When you, Jews and Blacks, have calculated exactly who “suffered” the most, don’t let us know–we are not interested.