Mankind is Entering a New Dark Age – Sept 24, 2020

The COVID hoax signals the culmination of the centuries-old Cabalist (Masonic) Jewish plan to enslave humanity in a world superstate as outlined in the Protocols of Zion  
I wrote that “Mankind is entering a new dark age,” 18 years ago. I am reposting this article for newbies who want some historical perspective.  

Communism, Zionism & Feminism Share NWO Pedigree

from August 18, 2002

by Henry Makow PhD

Dees: Police State. Click to enlarge

George Orwell’s warning in “1984” of a nightmarish global police state was not an idle exercise. It was coming true in 1949 when the novel was published. The attack on the World Trade Center Sept. 11, staged with Hollywood flair by NW0 controllers, heralded the next phase in this centuries-old plot.
Veteran journalist Douglas Reed, writing in 1951, was also aware: “We might logically assume that a primary object of any third war, though cloaked at the start, would be the expansion of the Zionist State, and the imposition of a ‘world federation’ and a new ‘management’ of mankind. In the aftermath of the Second War such aims, earlier concealed, were much more openly admitted by leading politicians…” (Far and Wide, p. 291)
In 1913, the shareholders of the Federal Reserve took a major step toward the enslavement of humanity when they finagled the right to create money out of thin air based on the credit of the American people. This monopoly which rightly is the responsibility of Congress is worth more than $360 billion annually in interest alone. [More now.] They are doing everything to protect this monopoly, including the establishment of a global police state.
I discovered this mind-boggling intrigue last December when I probed for the reason why the “establishment” actively promotes the socially destructive Marxist lesbian ideology of “feminism.”
By “feminism” I am NOT referring to the right of women to fair and equal treatment in the workplace. That is a façade for a far more pernicious agenda, the destruction of heterosexuality, and the nuclear family.

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21 responses to “Mankind is Entering a New Dark Age”

  1. Covid virus lie and lockdown is the revolution.
    Covid vaccination is the Red Terror.

  2. Communism is Jewish. The New World Order Bush I spoke of is actually the Jew World Order. Thus, Jew Communists are well on the way to taking over the USA. Just as the
    Satanic Khazars from NYC took control of Russia in 1917. If you do not know of Moses Uritsky, or Felix Dzerzhinsky, or Yagoda, or Kaganovich, or Sverdlov, Kamenev and Zioniev,
    you are a very big supporter of the Jew destruction of America. When US currency is eliminated and YOU are forced into the Fed digital currency (totally controlled by Jews),
    and you and your family are STARVING, maybe you will find the facts. But, of course, it will be too late.

  3. It will only be a ‘New Dark Age’ for the whites. The first Dark Age (400-1500 CE) was when the Jewish Overlords instituted their Roman Catholic Church & enslaved the white goyim to their feudalistic serf system as they worshipped Jesus the Jew.

    This new Dark Age actually began shortly after 1945 with the defeat of pro-white Nazi Germany. Over the following decades The Jewish Overlords began transporting & importing millions of Africans, Asians & mongrels into Europe, North America & Australia. As the non-white population increases, the white population concomitantly decreases until the Aryan race is completely surrounded by millions/billions of simian savages who will hunt them down & ultimately liquidate them, sometime before 2100. (That is, if their Jew-Christian-Communist scheme is successful.)

    To the Jews & the bipedal apes this is not a ‘Dark Age’ but a new ‘Golden Age’.

  4. Soothsaying purveyed by prominent Doom & Gloomers — Henry Makow one — gets old.

    Yes, THEY do have a plan, a blueprint or two, and the money and muscle to CON-Troll matters on this planet to an advanced degree for some time. Then, THEY won’t.

    The prior Dark Age, according to some analysts, seems to us “dark” because The Power$ That Be (TP$TB) concealed and kept secret the news and views during that time. Not having printing presses along with illiteracy helped immensely! The collusion of churchmen, bankers, and monarchies presages today’s corporate-governmental-religious triad.

    We are on a train, heading into a tunnel through a mountain. We shall see and embody the Light at the end, and we shall shine forth anew. Not quite the quick process of night and day, and, on the cosmic scale of things, not that long either. See you on the other side of this mountain, bro!

  5. I and others were talking about the return to the dark ages nearly 20yrs ago and it wasn’t based on Orwell of Huxley. Russia collapsed first and all things must follow. They could of moved sham capitalism to Africa 20yrs ago so by now it would be primed and up and running, but they’ve decided on another path & not many sheeple will walk it. Given that our star will micronova in around 30yrs and at the same time we’ll have a pole flip, they are wandering a secret path. The Chinese sent a rover to the Dark Side of the Moon. There’s a good reason for this, they were looking for more evidence of our star micronovaing, like clockwork every 12,000 years or so. The clock strikes midnight in about 30 years, maybe less. Chaotic weather & mass whale standings are linked to the rapidly weakening magnetic field which is about -25% right now… we all know how magnets just reach that point and jump. Well, this is how it could play out with the magnetic pole flip.

  6. One of Henrys best, its true 50 years of research tells me hes right the jews are in the end game of one world empire rules from jerusalem not tel aviv as some say but they have taken palestine during the lockdown
    Rothschild wanted the holy land where jeus was to desecrate it
    we are entering the dark ages where people en masse will g missing
    wait for it

  7. When was life ever easy?

  8. Whilst listing the atrocities committed by the Jewish Revolutionaries, Henry strangely omits the rape and murder of Catholic nuns and priests.
    He also omits that the Czar and his family were Catholics, which no doubt gave the Jews much pleasure.
    Try to remember next time Henry.
    Oh, and he STILL harps on about being related to holohoax survivors. Give it up Henry you know full well the holohoax is just as fraudulent as 9/11, covid and all the others. It is a myth perpetrated by the same satanists who are calling the shots.
    There weren’t 6 million Jews in Europe.
    Neither the Red Cross memoirs or Churchill’s diaries mention any gas chambers.
    It was impossible. The technology didn’t exist.
    Zyklon b was for delousing.
    The allies deliberately bombed the bridges to starve the inmates and German soldiers of food and medicine. Typhus killed them, not gassing.
    Not one autopsy has ever been produced showing ‘gassing’ as cause of death.
    Give it up Henry and convert to Catholicism, the Church prophesied in Isaiah and fulfilled in Matt 16:20 with Christ’s promise that Hell would not prevail against His Church. Hell will shout, scream, and beat at Her Doors, but it will not fall.
    It’s our only way out.

  9. New Zealand origin policeman murdered in London by immigrant origin scumbag.
    Of course they’ll all be lining up with their heads bowed calling for candles to be lit in memory of a policeman etc etc etc.
    BUT there will be NO discussion of the ORIGIN of the problem….none.
    Mass alien immigration organised by the Jewish elites….the most obvious being the corrupt Jewish financier SOROS!!.
    Just like the ethnicity of Bob Geldof,Lily Allen,Gary Lineker and Zoe Ball is OFF LIMITS.
    Just like organised jewry and its private police force funded by the taxpayer to the tune of 12 million pounds a year….IS OFF LIMITS.

    IF NZers vote for the former Blair employee and Freemasons scholar Jacinda Ardern they are guaranteed that these events will start happening in NZ….and NZ will become a divided country….its already halfway there.
    Dont dismiss the possibility that there is more to this than meets the eye considering the former position of this individual……Britain is a cesspit of intrigue as the murders of Dr Kelly and Princess Diana indicate,not to mention Robin Cook.

    Go ahead vote for the IDIOT Ardern Kiwis….you are inviting your own destruction…..and dont forget that Collins will hardly offer an alternative….

    Your children are being bombarded by SICKO music videos on a daily basis…..their symbols are hidden in plain sight… the butterfly tattoos. This is not a conspiracy theory its FACT.
    These fiends are creating the “right” conditions for another global war…..when the Jews invade and occupy Lebanon under cover of this war….THEN some people may believe that 9/11 was orchestrated by these maniacal fiends….
    Let’s see how long this comment lasts…..

  10. GUARDIAN….getting its priorities right…..

    An article about the murder of the NZ policeman iin the British police is hidden away with a one line small print headline….
    IT COULD HARDLY BE MORE OBVIOUS….a calculated decision perhaps taken at editor level….DOWNPLAY AT ALL COSTS

  11. Henry ! IMHO & maybe isn’t wotrh much, but I think that you are mistaken ?
    Newton’s Third Law of Motion ? “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

  12. White supremacy !!!. Still trying to figure it out. Self denial.

  13. Qwerty

  14. I’m pleased I don’t have kids. No descendant of mine can ever be stamped on by jackboots. Nor wear them.

  15. Is “thetruthseeker” now censoring comments…??.

  16. Analysts quietly want their own people to be dominant. A Catholic might whisper to you that the Vatican runs everything, while an American makes it the CIA. Steven Greer makes it ETs, but the Jew thesis is easily the best one. Along with the Protocols, some Jewish self-celebration has taught us what they are up to, and dramatisations have indicated again and again how satan fails, leaving Christians victorious after all. ET scenarios in any case do not get us beyond the Good versus Evil problem, so Christians do not have to defer to them.

  17. Humankind is entering a new dark age…but only if we roll over, submit and let those pushing for the NWO have their way!

    Out of the darkness shone the light
    And out of the meek came the forth the might.
    The light shone the way
    And the might found the way.

  18. Mankind IS entering into a new DARK AGE. But HUEmans will be alright.

  19. It is misleading to put the name of Jaw jaw Well to the boot stamp quote. The book ends pessimistically but it is still only a character who says it and it is like the talk of entropy, pretending we can know the future that much, which is a false claim. Inspiring stories include surprising rescues by heroism.

  20. The Khazar conversion was always known about but when Bolshevic crimes were impossible to hide or revealed in another propaganda matrix, the two Jews, Koestler and Freedman, decided to publicise it, in the manoeuvre whereby a Jewish crime is described as being not “really” Jewish, the other well-trodden option being to assert that it was not “really” criminal.

  21. @Veritas

    Didn’t the pope recently make a statement that we should all get vaccinated, starting with the poor? Doesn’t Revelation warn about the Harlot being dressed in Purple and Red like bishops and cardinals? And drunk with the blood of the holy ones, i.e. those killed by the Inquisition? Revelation commands get out of her, lest you share in her judgement.