Do Not Send Your Children to School!!! I Warned You This was Coming.

BitChute – Sept 23, 2020

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  1. None of this surprises me but this video must be one of the most amazing and informative I have seen since this BS scam started – EVERYBODY should watch this – it basically says it all. How can anybody who watches this not get the message?

  2. My 7 year old came home nd said he was having lesons in homosexuality
    he said they had to close their eyes and suck the boys next to thems thumb
    I said thats it my wife gve up her job and we teach him at home now

  3. On one hand, we have a portion of the UK-first and US-first establishments working in cooperation with labor parties to bring supply lines and industries back from China, and both sectors perhaps have agreed on more of a high-tech and more regulated manufacturing and financial future, in which they envision they can better compete with the Chinese giant and rapidly growing Asian markets. That may explain in part why both of these fragmented sectors of our total body politic are behind the Covid psyop, appearing to be fascist and communistic at the same time from any domestic point of view.

    Supporting this view is the fact that we appear still to be very much in a trade war with the PRC and it is said also in a currency war with that nation. Slowing our economies to down to a sails pace to end “non-essential” consumption, however, is hitting small business very hard, as well as a number of big-business retail chains, but the only thing to slow down the purchase of Chinese goods through outlets like Amazon (replacing retail chains anyway), is people having money these days to splurge on things like a new toaster.

    Even if China is not being hurt by a downturn by our supposed reduced consumption of their goods, the economic direction of the “new normal” is clearly to favor centralized and integrated technological systems with less diversity, to manufacture various goods competitively to sell both locally and on the world market for jobs and to end foreign trade deficits. That way of thinking could be the rational why nationalist sectors in the West both on the left and the right are Covid-lite, and not putting up any real opposition. If they have any established power in any sector they likely are also tied into more powerful elements pushing all of the UN resets, and like Trump just compromising or stick handling or skating around them as much as possible to save his own agendas.

    On the other hand, when we honestly consider the real cui bono from the Covid lockdowns and control measures, any real health concern quickly disappears. What we find born into our midst is the long pre-announced birth of the beast the real Western establishment envisioned decades ago and named the “New World Order”. When critics of this NWO, said things like their plans were really for a 1984 dystopia, the leading intelligence agency of the West, the CIA, and its mockingbird and brainwashing mainstream media dubbed them as “conspiracy theorists”, while the Western multinationals and banksters marched ahead with vast investments in China, free trade, and their visions for globalist dominance. Some third-world nations largely excelled at our expense while other weaker ones were plundered for the benefit of multinationals and the same banking cartel. Yet, with all of the offshoring, most of the profits of those major investors also remained offshore and most Western nations were transformed from being creditor nations into debtor nations, virtually overnight. Then with trillions and trillions in profits and offshore assets of these potentates, their globalist visions for expansion did require a more centralized globalist government and currency which they also could control, in much the same way they controlled the oil trade with the US petrodollar.

    In the 1980’s no doubt their planning became in earnest in foreseeing the endless expansion possibilities on the global scale with the opening up of the banking cartel-led creation of communist China. To cover their actual hegemonic plans the greedsters as the world’s leading free-trade advocates suddenly became altruistic and universal and began putting more substance into the earlier NWO plans from the 1960’s, and they started calling for a UN government to oversee crises such as climate warming, and all of those mentioned in the 1987 UN conference, and in Agenda 21 in 1992. To “sell” the concept of a one-world government with enough teeth in it to control world finances and trade, they needed a host of humanitarian goals (humanitarian carrots), and a number of man-made global crises which they began to manufacture.

    It is this central faction of the establishment (mainly the international banking cartel) which controls most of our governments, finances, leading corporations, major intelligence agencies, and much of the corporate media – or at least thinks it does. According to their long-range plans (and we have proven on the balance of probabilities that the pandemic and oppressing “lockstep” restrictions is in fact a NWO globalist plan), what they mainly want out of all of this for starters is a global currency under mostly their control, and in fact they have succeed in obtaining agreements from nations such as Russia, China, India. etc. for any replacement of the US dollar for trade, and also for a non-fiat currency with some substance. That is most likely the main reason those nations are Covid-lite and not calling the entire psyop a massive fraud.

    The problem the globalists really have is that there are nation based power blocks outside of the US which are not going to give up their own visions with any significant intervention of some Wester cartel-funded UN Agendas and puppet government, and that most likely is why they have woken up to the fact that with the entire world developing, a UN government will likely be subservient in major matters to the various power blocks. The cartel likely has woken up to the fact that despite their plans for a cake walk over other nations of the East, we had better start doing something to strengthen the West such that we show up for the future. Hence Trump and Johnson become “necessary”.

    But why a Covid psyop? Can they not simply openly disclose their intentions without such deceptions? Well, for one thing they do not want to take responsibility for any of the harms or failures they are responsible for in their long history of debt-rigging and nation plundering, or with their march of massive deceptions for their NWO. Also, any open debate over their extreme control measures over us to try to maintain the West as a powerhouse for economic and resource dominance in their envisioned free-trade universe, especially when you consider their global investments and visions at stake (i.e. silk roads), would likely end up with all of their past dealings and actual plans being exposed and dashed.

    Also, if their long-term plan to use the Corona virus pandemic as their crowning psyop as a pretext and cover for all of the control measures, were to fail or blow up in their faces, all of their major lockstep plans for their NWO, UN Agendas, and their MAJOR FINANCIAL RESETS, largely dependent on complete compliance of us harder-to-rule peoples of Western nations would also likely be offset, delayed, undermined, or even blow up in their faces. They now have to continue with their “lockstep” planning of their crowning psop to ensure respect and obedience to their far-reaching, far-seeing God-like omnipotence. To fail would mean not only a loss of face and prowess in foreign powers, but severely weaken any confidence in their NWO plans and trust to the many globalists they have recruited for the globalist cause. To ensure the pandemic controls continue as a cover for all of their roll outs, they likely are now desperate for success, and despite how obvious the deception actually is, all those in their pay must comply.

  4. After millions of white Christian-Communist idiots obeyed the Jewish Overlords & obliterated pro-white Germany in WWII–handing the destiny of the planet over to the mongrel Jewish Overlords to further enslave & mongrelize the white goyim out of existence. What did you expect to happen?

    Oh. but they didn’t tell you that when they wanted you to fight & die for them in WWII. No, they said you would speak German if the Nazis won & how horrible that would be for you & your children..I suppose having your descendants look like mongrel monkeys is more preferable than having them speak German. Tough choice.

  5. “Teacher”, my phucking ass! A paycheque collector and a not so useful beast of burden and trainer of the same.

  6. But Neo.. German was the language then of technology !
    e.g. Nikola Tesla went to Graz University, & not Oxford, Cambridge, UCLA ,Yale , but a German in Graz !

  7. Neo can’t be for real. He sound like a troll intending to discredit the site with hate racist stuff.

  8. White supremacy !!! Now you know. It is time to kill it.
    Tired of the nonsense. In time, we are waking up. Spiritual war is being fought. You cannot win. I know who you are. Going to chip the people. cover been blown years ago. It is about consciousness. Ask the defunk ciat, hey are trying their best to grasp the idea. Two religion rightousness and wickedness. Make your choice.

    Mystic and Yogi.

  9. White Supremacy. Now understood.!!!