Dr. David Martin Exposes Three Unspeakable Facts about COVID-19

Need To Know – Sept 21, 2020

Don’t let the light-hearted humor at the start of this video deceive you. This message from Doctor David Martin and his wife, Kim, quickly becomes as serious as it gets, because it reveals three unspeakable facts about the alleged Coronavirus pandemic: (1) The  official story is a lie, (2) the percentage of normal false-positive errors in the tests is higher than the percentage of confirmed positive tests from humans – which means most if not all of the reported human positive tests could be false), and (3) early results from covid-19 vaccine trials show 60% of those injected have adverse reactions – compared to less than 8% with adverse reactions from the infection the vaccines are supposed to protect against. In other words, the treatment is far worse than the disease. The unspeakable conclusion is this: A few people are set to become obscenely wealthy by causing tens of millions to become ill, to be neurologically injured, and to die prematurely. [Dr. Martin will be presenting in-person at the Red Pill Expo at Jekyll Island, Georgia on October 10-11. Live stream is available for those who cannot attend. Click on link for more information: RedPillExpo.org.] –GEG


6 responses to “Dr. David Martin Exposes Three Unspeakable Facts about COVID-19”

  1. The ‘second wave’ is BOGUS, it is the 5% false positives error from the pcr testing. “A recent BMJ review reported that the specificity of PCR tests could be as low as 95 per cent, as PCR test performance can be much worse in low prevalence community settings. This would mean that, in our hypothetical of 10,000 tests, we’d have 500 false positives amongst the eight genuine positives”. Quote: Carl Heneghan professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford, link below…


  2. Dr. Oz on one of the Fox News stations (oops) in the states opined that the reason why so many are testing false positive for coronavirus using the PCR test (which was never meant to be used to diagnose the presence of virus in the first place) is because the subjects have recently had the flu vaccine which injects genetic material which approximates/overlaps with the genetic material for coronavirus. The PCR upregulates/produces large numbers of copies of this genetic material and you get a false positive. Others who have had recent coronavirus infections (cold, flu symptoms) would also test positive. Then there is the little problem that one of the primers utilized in the PCR test is a human primer and researchers have postulated that in certain instances the PCR test is actually testing whether you have the human primer (we won’t get into what that might mean if you test negative, although this may explain the muted simian thought process which comes to mind when people show an absence of common sense in the use of masks).
    The there is the history of these vaccine companies and regulatory agencies not testing properly, not regulating properly and mandating what is otherwise criminally negligent and harmful products that should be removed under strict tort liability principals but for the legislation which grants immunity to these criminals.
    Vitamin D3, vitamin C, quinine (a gin and tonic may do), zinc, quercetin, kelp (for iodine), selenium and supplements to naturally upregulate your immune system may do the trick.
    Hydroxychloroquine, zinc and z-pak (zithromycin) appear quite effective at the early stages.
    But why do something sane when the lying grifters are in town?
    You can all protest, but make sure you put on that mask, unless you are an upside downer/satanist and then you can do whatever you want.
    Regards to Emmanuel Goldstein/George Soros.

  3. Yes JAY, at the moment it is bogus, but that could change at any time. We have 6 months to see how they play this out. Sunak does give the game away somewhat. They want a fundamerntal change in the economy, they blame Covid for this change, but the fact is, the change is for Brexit and the 4th industrial revolution. Who the feck is Sunak to say what jobs are viable. Listen to his words on the latests corporate bailouts. You can learn alot.

  4. Carl…I envisaged that there would be some distraction to avoid Brexit, maybe a war. Obviously, this is global in scope and I feel that it is an admission of failure of neoliberalism. They want us to think that what they want to do is a foregone conclusion, it isn’t. As soon as they achieve the NWO, the clock is ticking for their doom. They have failed…

  5. They are playing games again cat and mouse. Here we have the PM saying that we shouldn’t do this shouldn’t shouldn’t do that and almost locking us down again but not quiet for six months remember six months outrageous and then his chancellor comes along little Sunak all gun ho and tells us its time to live without fear. Is that not taking the P#$$.
    The plot is to confuse confusion causes fear but, really all this for something that is no more then flu not a nice flu but flu. Come on stop debating before its too late nip it in the bud. March and march again and again no violence just in huge numbers let them know that we are not going to obey that we do not want lock downs or job losses or sh##y face diapers. A big silent shout that we are not having it.

  6. Arrest any governor or mayor who went along with rhe willful lie. They(establishment) called for the planned and controlled MASS PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIAL ENGINEERING, BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION.

    Its psychological warfare on the ENTIRE WORLD. Almost fooled everyone. Digital pulses through the tv and movies to your brain. In a trance state within minutes. Is that the best you can do. Master of the universe.