The Great Gaslightenment… Leading Soon to Straight Up Gassing Of The People

Dollar Vigilante – BitChute Sept 24, 2020




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  1. Rik Mayall was talent spotted at Uni by intell recruiters, he hada way with people and was very bright. But the more he found out the less it was felt they could control him,
    He was very disrespectul of Rothschilds BBC, this upset certain people.
    When Jill Dando was killed and blamed on a mentally ill down and out
    it was meant to keep people silent.
    I never really got on with Rik Mayall, but he was an honest caring man who had my respect, he did not deserve to be bumped off, but he knew too much

  2. It’s much easier than this. The sheeple don’t/won’t know its happening. In rounded terms, the 4th industrial revolution will mean many humans not surviving & this has been dicussed many times in the fake news, but most sheeple are so thick, they don’t get it. How safe is your face mask? What has been infused into the mask? Just as we don’t know what is on so say sterile swabs? I doubt the sheeple penny will drop by the time 33% (pun intended) are terminated & by that time, those with relatively required jobs will be in such fear for their own survival that they’ll play along with whatever is going on.

    In any tyrranical fascist system, there are many people who support the elite and do whatever is required by that elite or they stay silent. Before and during WW2, many Germans in responsible positions didn’t like what was happening, but speaking out was futile. At best you would lose your job, family and friends, but more likely you’d be shot & there would be no real secrecy about the bullet going into your head… enough people would spread the story, as we hear so offten in North Korea, but also as suggested by “NO NAME” above.

    All the current movements that feature in the fake news are seem to interest so many alternative media writers are death cultists. Not one of them offer any solutions to any of the problems. These movements are backed by various governments, regimes and the fake news and yet, people who are so say looking for better things, they are actually taking sides, they are part of the desired reaction. This is why I almost never post comments to stories about these movements.

  3. One By One can be watched on Film Volt.costs five quod.unless they made their money and released it free somewhere by now

  4. interesting picture of someone wearing a mask at the opening of the One By One movie

  5. The only ‘population reduction’ the Jewish Overlords are interested in, is the reduction of the white goyim. The bipedal ape & mongrel population they want to increase.

  6. Thank you stealth.
    Unusually good film.
    Saw the mask too.
    Turned it of after final tunes.
    But the movie continued….

  7. We must not let any of this happen. There are enough of us to disobey that’s all we have to do on mass say no to closing businesses no to curfews no to mask in fact no to everything they want to implement. What are they going to do there are more of us then them. Lets make our present felt without violence just felt as in the freedom march tomorrow otherwise how else are we going to let these snakes know we mean business. They want us then let them come and get us. If we stand together we can stop all this dead in its tracks. if we don’t then cowards deserve what they get because once everything is in place as the snakes want it there will be no going back it will be enslavement death and destruction forever.

  8. The predator will be removed soon or later.
    And we know who the predators are.

  9. Mystic and Yogi.

  10. Richard Michael Mayall, or Rik Mayall, as most knew him, was a very intelligent man, who tended to keep to himself many secrets he knew about the BBC paedophile rings. it is true that he was recruited whilst he and Adrian Charles Edmondson, were at Manchester University. Rik Mayall was quite Anti-Establishment. Rik Mayall had done a stage production in 1995 with Stephen Fry, called Cell Mates. Stephen Fry is a well-known paedophile, and told Rik Mayall many shocking revelations. After this happened, Rik Mayall started to ask a lot of questions that became a cause for concern for the Elites. It is interesting to note, that the so-called homosexual partner of Stephen Fry is also likely to be a transgender, and this is symbolic of the demonic worship of Baphomet, the Androgyne Overlord.

    Now when Stephen Fry confided with Rik Mayall in 1995, and told him many things about what he did with children and gay prostitutes, he believed Rik Mayall could be trusted as was “one of them.” However, this was not the case, and Rik Mayall then continued to discreetly ask questions over the following 12 to 13 years, and uncovered the horrendous truth. Apparently, Rik Mayall had gathered considerable evidence against many high level paedophiles during this time. By around 2008 to 2009, the Satanists then suspected Rik Mayall could not be trusted to keep quiet, and decided to more closely monitor him. After which they got rid of him in 2014. There are many actors and actresses at the BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky TV, Channel 5 and so on, who also know who the paedophiles are. None will ever speak out, as their careers would be ruined.