Senate report links Hunter Biden to ‘prostitution or human trafficking ring’

Bruce Golding – New York Post Sept 23, 2020

Hunter and Joe Biden at Obama 2009 inaugural parade. Click to enlarge

Hunter Biden allegedly sent “thousands of dollars” to people who appear to be involved in the sex industry, according to Wednesday’s report released by Senate Republicans.

The report claims unspecified records show that Biden “has sent funds to non-resident alien women in the United States who are citizens of Russia and Ukraine and who have subsequently wired funds they have received from Hunter Biden to individuals located in Russia and Ukraine.”

“The records also note that some of these transactions are linked to what ‘appears to be an Eastern European prostitution or human trafficking ring.’ ”

The allegations are contained in a footnote to a section of the report that details potential “criminal concerns and extortion threats” involving Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family.

The report also cites “extensive public reporting concerning Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement with prostitution services.”

“Records on file with the Committees do not directly confirm or refute these individual reports,” the report says.

“However, they do confirm that Hunter Biden sent thousands of dollars to individuals who have either: 1) been involved in transactions consistent with possible human trafficking; 2) an association with the adult entertainment industry; or 3) potential association with prostitution.”

Last year, The Post exclusively revealed that a woman who was suing Biden for paternity in Arkansas was a former stripper at a Washington, DC, club that he frequented around the time he was dating the widow of his late brother, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden.

In January, Arkansas Circuit Judge Holly Meyer ruled Biden was the “biological and legal father” of the baby born to Lunden Alexis Roberts in August 2018.

DNA test results showed “with near scientific certainty” that Biden sired the kid, Meyer noted.

Roberts filed her suit in May 2019, the same month that Biden married his second wife, Melissa Cohen Biden, just six days after they started dating.

Melissa gave birth to their son in March, Page Six was the first to reveal.

Biden also has three daughters, who are in their late teens and 20s, from his first marriage.

Neither Hunter Biden’s lawyer nor his dad’s campaign responded to requests for comment, although a campaign spokesman earlier accused Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), whose staffers helped prepare the report, of “diverting” attention from President Trump’s “catastrophically botched” handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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  2. It is not just Dementia Joe and his criminal son Hunter, or the rapist Bill Clinton and his
    lunatic criminal wife Hildebeast, it is essentially ALL of the US Congress and most of the upper echelon of the US military. These UNAMERICAN, UNPATRIOTIC, and UNCHRISTIAN traitors only serve the for profit military industries and the Satanic Jews.
    This is why the US is on a rapid down spiral to collapse. Americans, abandon hope. There is none. If I was not so old, I would leave the USA right now. Allowing Israel and the Bush criminals who actually did 911 to get away free with that horrible crime shows how far American has fallen.

  3. I’m shocked ! I’m appalled ! I’m horrified ! Such a nice upstanding, respectable man accused of all those horrendous things ! Who can be more “respectable” & honourable than a Joe Biden’s son ?

  4. @WAW

    “Dog eat dog”, Big fish eats little fish.”, “the law of the jungle”, “survival of the fittest”, “might makes right” – these are some of the clichés which accurately describe the manners of the power brokers in probably every town, city, state, major political party, government, multinational corporation, foundation, nation, major bank, and banking cartel in the world.

    The higher you go in any tower the more sociopaths you find. They feel to themselves like giants looking on all of us tiny ants below making a mess of their lovely planet with our burrows, roads, and unsightly anthills. If they reach a certain level they are “made” and above any laws. They make all of the laws, and they make them to advance whatever interests they have. Any of them may topple but it will never be because someone with more virtue has come along. Everyone clawing away beneath them in any kind of real competition did not become a contender by being kind, fair, moral, or just. They got there by sheer ruthlessness, and being able ignore any laws and conventions while “getting away with it” – just the sort of person you want in your corporation or empire to get ahead.

    Most of the ants down at ground level pretend not to know this. They look up and suck up, wishing to be as rich in money, prestige, and power, often envious, not realizing what hollow and fragmented souls and complete sell-outs their monarchs are to the God who really made them.

    To their own demise and peril do the people indulge the state and the establishment to massively deceive and scare them into wretched and unjust submission, leading them to a place now they know not where. They refuse to see that their Emperor has no clothes, that he is nude, a charlatan, and a disgrace, and choose to pay homage to his minions who spew out his falsehoods and threats, while they dutifully acknowledge their own subservience and shame by masking their faces in their own deceptions.

  5. This is Pizza Gate 2.0 but this time with evidence.
    It just shows how Spiritually bankrupt the Democrats have become.
    Will Hunter Biden be charged? I doubt it.
    Is Hunter a good candidate to be Arkansided. You bet ya.

  6. The Bidens are complete degenerates and shameless criminals; scumbags to the core.