Boris Goes Full Fascist Against Lockdown Protests – But Not BLM or XR

James Delingpole – Breibart Sept 21, 2020

Police detain protester at anti-lockdown demo in Trafalgar Square. Click to enlarge

Here is some footage of the Metropolitan Police charging into action against demonstrators in London’s Trafalgar Square.

How much braver, more confident — and aggressive! — they look than the hapless colleagues caught on camera in June fleeing from a BLM demonstration, pursued by a jeering mob chanting Run, Piggy! Run!

Is this a sign that car crash Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Home Secretary Priti Patel have finally got a grip on law and order in the United Kingdom?

Sadly not. It’s a sign, rather, that under Johnson’s disastrous premiership Britain is enforcing a bizarre and unjust authoritarianism where genuinely malign forces such as Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter — who even managed to blockade Oxford Circus on Sunday — get treated with kid gloves, while peaceful lovers of liberty like the anti-lockdown, anti-mask demonstrators in Trafalgar Square on Saturday are maligned, misrepresented and ruthlessly crushed with arrests, brutality and swingeing fines.

The economic damage inflicted on Britain by the spoiled hard-left, anti-freedom, anti-prosperity cry-bullies of Extinction Rebellion has run into the tens of millions. This deeply unpleasant outfit has brought cities to a standstill, preventing commuters from getting to work, ambulances reaching hospitals, families from seeing their dying relatives. It has wasted many hours of police time. It has vandalised statues, dug up the lawns of a Cambridge college, even threatened the safety of airports. That’s why Richard Walton — former head of the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command — has argued that they are dangerous extremists who should be put behind bars.

The same can be said of the Black Lives Matter demonstrators who have vandalised public property (including a number of statues), attacked passers-by and injured numerous police, including the police rider thrown from her bolting horse after it was startled by BLM activists.

Compare and contrast this aggressive, relentlessly provocative behaviour by XR and BLM with the peaceable crowds which have gathered on occasion to protest against what they see as the British state’s overreaction to the Chinese coronavirus. They believe that lockdowns, compulsory masks, and proposed curfews are ineffective and a needless assault on freedom; they are worried that this is all leading to the imposition of a vaccine which they believe may be unsafe — and also unnecessary for healthy people with an uncompromised immune system.

About the worst you could say about these people is that some of them — the anti-vaxxers and the anti-5G protestors in particular — are at the eccentric fringe of the debate. But they’re not damaging property, hurting anyone (except possibly in self-defence) or causing economic damage or disruption.

Why then, is it one rule for the nasties, bullies, thugs, saboteurs, and economic terrorists in the first two groups but another for the fundamentally decent, law-abiding freedom-loving members of the public in the third group?

The answer, I fear, may be even worse than cowardice.

Note the massive sucking up by the authorities and the Establishment towards both Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter.

A number of policemen, senior ones included, have been filmed taking the knee to Black Lives Matter. Politicians have bent over backwards to show how totally down they are with BLM’s supposed war on racism and its allegedly noble objectives.

The same is true of Extinction Rebellion. As I argued last year, every credulous pillock in the public eye has leapt on the XR bandwagon from Stephen Fry and the rock group Radiohead to useful idiot Conservative MPs such as Mark Garnier, Zac Goldsmith, and Geoffrey Cox.

Essentially, depressingly, Boris Johnson’s supposedly Conservative administration is far more closely in tune with the politics of Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion than it is with the freedom-lovers of the anti-lockdown movement. The government may deplore BLM’s and XR’s more extreme tactics but it most certainly doesn’t treat either organisation like full-on Enemies of the State (even though that is what they are).

But the government do, very obviously, want to crush and destroy the anti-lockdown/anti-mask movement — despite the fact that its ideals (liberty, limited government, evidence-based policy, freedom of choice, personal responsibility, etc) are actually much closer to where any genuinely Conservative administration ought to be.

What’s more, the government — and the police — are getting much more unpleasant and authoritarian in their approach towards a group of people who by any sane standards ought to be treated with respect and sympathy as natural allies. That police charge at the demonstrators on Saturday — together with the use of service dogs — was fairly clearly designed to intimidate and perhaps provoke retaliation. At least one demonstrator was badly injured, which would surely never have happened if the police had merely maintained a respectful distance, observing but not attacking.

There was an example of this dangerous new authoritarianism in parliament last week when MP Tobias Ellwood proposed “greater use of our military in tackling this pandemic”:

Ellwood — an ex-soldier, now a reservist Lt. Col. for the military’s propaganda arm 77th Brigade — even talked about putting the country on a “war footing”.

What exactly does he mean here? We know that the military has already been involved in simple, practical schemes like the building of all those ‘Nightingale Hospitals’ for the expected glut of Covid-19 patients that never materialised, leaving the Nightingales almost totally empty.

But that was six months ago. What, exactly, has happened since to justify putting Britain on a “war footing”?

On the contrary, as Carl Heneghan, Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University, forcibly argues in the Mail on Sunday, coronavirus no longer justifies the radical measures being used by governments to try to stop it:

Dialling down the rhetoric and putting the available Covid data into context would be a useful start. (There are many more registered deaths from influenza and pneumonia than Covid at present, yet the public is only given a daily diet of Covid.)

There might come a time when we need more stringent rules for the population, but that time is not right now. If we do need a national shutdown of some sort, remember there is a ready-made opportunity in the week after Christmas when many of us take an extended break in any case.

But for now the only ‘circuit break’ we need is an end to the current cycle of bad data, bad language and shockingly bad scientific advice.

But Boris Johnson’s Chicken Licken administration isn’t “dialling down the rhetoric and putting the available Covid data into context.”

Rather, it is now completely in the grip of the “must do more now” faction — headed by overgrown school prefect and authoritarian control freak Health Secretary Matt Hancock — whose response to dissent is not to listen but brutally to silence it with tougher policing, stricter rules and ever more expensive fines.

Here he is in full bully mode:

The health secretary told the BBC’s Andrew Marr show the country was facing a “tipping point and we have a choice”.

“If everybody follows the rules then we can avoid further national lockdown.”

The prime minister is understood to be considering a ban on households mixing, and reducing opening hours for pubs.

Asked if England could face another national lockdown, Mr Hancock said: “I don’t rule it out, I don’t want to see it.”

For the last few weeks, the world has been looking aghast at the state of Victoria in Australia, wondering how a region of a relaxed, freedom-loving, prosperous, sensible Western nation like Australia could suddenly embrace such fascistic measures.

But it looks like the United Kingdom is heading that way too. And anyone who wants to protest against this assault on liberty ought to be ready for the worst: the police are now a political instrument and they’re not afraid to send in the dogs and the riot police thugs to enforce this authoritarian regime’s iron whim.



12 responses to “Boris Goes Full Fascist Against Lockdown Protests – But Not BLM or XR”

  1. Okay, Delingpole often makes a lot of sense, despite him being right leaning and in this case, for a right-wing fake news outlet and I am supposedly left-wing, but heck, I don’t give a toss.

    My gang wants to fight your gang, let meet after the (football) match behind the ground?

    This is what’s happening in Trafalgar Square. When protestors are going to get beaten by the fascist police state, WTF are they doing by turning up at the regime’s ‘area’? The mind boggles at the organisers stupidity, or maybe the organisers work for the deep state?

    Much more effective to have multiple protests, preferably in busy shopping areas, where you cause maximum disruption & causing the police state many problems. Keep the protests fluid & only agree a final meeting place at the last possible moment. These protests are well and truly infiltrated, so by keeping the final location a secret until the last possible moment, the leader risks exposing themselves (if they are the infiltrator or one of the infiltrators) if the police are at the venue before the protesters.

  2. We are closing in on the time when anti vaxxers and opponents of 5G will be proven to have been right all along. The evidence against many vaccinations being harmful is indisputable, but such is the power of Big Pharma, the corporate media will not publish the data. Check out the effects of the Gates Foundation’s polio vaccines on Indian children. The Covid plandemic will prove beyond all doubt that the West’s vaccines will not work (Russia’s are different) There never has been a vaccine which can stop a virus. Check out the number of species dropping dead from unknown causes across the world. Birds, reindeer, and even elephants are mysterious dying. Electro magnetic frequencies EMF’s) are disrupting the normal bodily functions of creatures who are exposed to them. This applies to 5G which has been proven to be harmful to many people.
    2020 will be the year of the Apocalypse -the truth will be exposed.

  3. Nothin a few home made untraceable missiles wouldn’t fix aimed at local government.
    But the brits haven’t the balls for that neither the Aussie`s as they think themselves to sophisticated. Well ain’t that a laugh. So how did the war of independence stop? Come on you lot the Americans had at least the foresight to send a warning up the Thames near parliament.
    Democracy isn’t going to help you now, but direct missile democracy might.

  4. Extinction Rebellion are faux left. Ask them to pay proportional taxation to Save the Whale or bus to work to Save the Planet and they’ll tell you don’t talk stupid. They’re no more left wing than when I fight to defend myself that makes me a far-right thug.

  5. This is a pure bolshevik power grab by the banking elite using their minions all over the world. There are no people in leadership positions anywhere in the western world that are not compromised in some way by these evil people and are willingly or unwillingly forced to do their bidding. They have disarmed us and softened us up over the last few decades ready for this.
    God help us

  6. Britain going full fascist now. Look at these block bands on law enforcement and police, their command structure is fully controlled by freemasonry. Freemasons are traitors to every non mason. Who controls freemasonry? Get it.

  7. Headline should read: ‘Boris Goes Full Communist’ or ‘Soviet’…’

    The white goyim still don’t comprehend that Fascism actually represents the liberation of the white gentiles from Jewish political control/power: Democracy/Communism. That’s why the Jews hate that word & have distorted it since 1945 because its the only historical political movement (Fascist Italy/Germany) that successfully combated & defeated Jewish Democracy-Communism. Yet the majority of white gentiles are Christianized morons who reject/despise Fascism.

  8. More good journalism with the author connecting the dots to determine what is really going on. However, to use another metaphor perhaps we are now just trying to find a wormhole or two in an apple when it is rotten to the core. But why is there no official opposition? Why in almost every nation there is such lock step with imposing the draconian Covid controls now with fake testing with deaths being rare, until they can start us the next flu season with a wallop of more fake death numbers, all in order to keep us under close raps?

    Is it mainly for the humanitarian-carrot UN sustainability goals (greener & more equal) of their “Great Reset” UN Agenda 21, that has “conservative-led” nations like the UK leading the world in oppressive measures to protect the Plandemic? Likely not. Like with the Trump government and the major corporate establishment, the Johnson government, has totally bought into the financial and technological aspects of the Great Reset underway. Most likely some Harvard or London School of Economics “lockmind” myopic AI “sustainability” modeling, has convinced them that all of us now have to fit into entirely new grids of supply and demand which will require complete control over our lives, entailing the “necessity” of a three-class system, consisting of the privileged, controlling few, those who are useful, and those of us who are “non essential” and therefore “unsustainable”.

    That is at least to me at this stage what appears to be going on. The socialist governments around the world, most of whom are under the thumb of the all-controlling levers of power of the same international banking cartel, controlling the money supplies, are clearly “Covid-lite”, and appearing to be just putting out numbers either at, or well below, the average, in terms of alleged morbidity and mortality rates from the “killer” virus. Whereas in Westerner jurisdictions one would expect to be more “free” or more to the right, we find the most extreme exaggerations and oppressive enforcement of all of the plandemic restrictions.

    In connecting the dots with the actual Reset aims, the most disruptive Reset of all, to come to the ordinary people of the West, will be the dreaded financial reset, ostensibly “resolving” our debt crisis (a debt bubble largely engineered by the same planners) enabling the PLANNED new global currency for the planned control of the planned NWO financing and planned global trade. That is the key to all of the Resets, and clearly the rich few and the corporate heads are fulling backing their plandemic to ensure that the resulting controls are fully in place when the great financial leveling of currencies take place. Incidentally, it is the same “few” running things which built up China at our expense to make trillions for themselves and those they favor, while turning us into debtor nations and virtually bankrupting us, while deliberately expanded the debt bubble to catastrophic proportions with all of their completely irresponsible and crooked financial manipulations in the financial sector once they managed to shelve the Glass Steagall Act in the 1990’s. This debt bubble is a direct result of the machinations of the very people who are behind the plandemic and all of their planned Resets, for control of a global scale. Because these thugs and crooks are from the West we are all to be loyal to them as we are put into their grids for their culling practices?

    Meanwhile, the more socialistic nations like Russia, China, Cuba, and many jurisdictions less dependent on the banking cartel handouts have been more lackluster, or “Covid-lite” in hyping up the numbers and the restrictions, although they are fully cooperating with the plandemic. The same can be said for political parties to the left in nations like the US, the UK, Austrailia, Canada, Italy, Germany, Italy, etc. They are showing no real opposition to the obvious Covid psyop and repressive measures, because they also believe in the unsustainability of the debt bubble and threatened bankruptcies. Those like the PIGS nations of Europe were not insolvent before the globalist few got to work with a German economic dominance in the EU and their absolute inability to compete with any Chinese manufacturing, all of which problems which should be laid at the doorstep of the the very same few who are now rolling out self-serving solutions to impoverish the people even more. There obviously will be a great “leveling” of at least the middle class through inflationary measures for the so-called “fairer” (i.e., more “economically equal”) aspects of the announced World Economic Forum “Great Reset”, and that is precisely why the left is so mute.

    Whether I am right or wrong, it at least explains why there is no real pushback from the so-called “left” to the obvious Covid plandemic and the announced and long-planned Resets now being ushered in as “necessary” in this terrible crisis where the pandemic just happens to be the last straw on the back of the alleged over-consuming, polluting, and profligate Western economy, requiring these global changes, all of which are completely designed to concentrate and consolidate more and more wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands. Whose hands? Those who have concocted each and every crisis serving their more centralized control measures entailed in all of the Resets.

    Notice, also the silence of any major Christian leaders, or other religious leaders, condemning any of the ongoing unjust deceptions the Western secular establishment and their oppressive measures. Notice how the Vatican has bowed to and promised to obey the anti-God Communist state in China in the appointment of bishops and the regulation of Church doctrine in that nation. Notice their complicity with and support for all of the UN Agendas, and their vocal endorsement of the “New World Order”. As for Orthodox, Anglican and Protestant leaders, they are just as dispicable. Trust, social harmony, faith and love built on truth, built on the person of Christ, meant present in the public square, in our legislatures, and in all of our dealings with one another is entirely foreign to them. That real presence has to be locked down to the shortest range of exposer possible from their tabernacles and scriptures, for fear that its contagion escape the state-imposed chains and infect the entire populace with a liberty and justice built on the truth and trust, and thus interfere with great plans of the sociopath and melomaniac few.

    All true Christians must pray and unite with others on the basis of what they know to be right and true, in order bravely to act and save our societies from the totalitarian oppression being opposed on us i this hour.

  9. It’s interesting reading the Truthseeker because what we can now see, from commenters, of late, is Yuri Bezmenov’s explanation of ‘Useful Idiots’ come to fruition. What we see now are the very people, whose views have led to the mess the west’s in (the left), now trying to rally one another to stop the communist state they’ve brought in with their support of mass immigration, LGBTQ+, BLM, ANTIFA, feminism, equality etc.
    It’s not only on Truthseeker. We can also see this with the recently created Brand New Tube, created by lefties who now see what’s happening and desperately trying to stop the final implementation of the world communist state.

    The dream of the Useful Idiots, that is the rambling of Karl Marx, will never come into play, in any society, because it was never MEANT to come into play into any society. It was merely the worm, on the end of the hook, to catch that big, useful idiot, fish. And still, after seeing how ALL communist states have worked out, you still, insanely hear the words “ah, but you see they’ve never implemented communism properly….” The words of the completely lost, deluded fools, who worship at the abyss, Marx fell into, that they’ll be following into, in time to come.

  10. Kalergi and Freemasonry fantasise about a mongrel Egypt that ruled the world. MPs in GB fell over each other to revere Obummer when he visited, as being somehow Aknhaten and therefore Moses. They think Black–White mongrels will rule again. Meanwhile, the roots of old Egypt were neither African nor European.

  11. It is too bad, if the Police and Sheriffs do not stand with the people against BLM, Antifa, the Virus Hoax, the President, Fauci, Governors etc, then they are Masons and belong to the Jewish Cult. They should command no respect, nor should they be obeyed under any circumstance… they have betrayed their oath and the Constitution, their honor and allegiance to serve and protect the PEOPLE that pays their damn salary… those who stay and don’t go on sick out or quit serve the corporations. USA INC. or Any State INC. If they love to deceive and break heads they will deserve our contempt. Believe me when I say the Police and Sheriffs, for the most part, don’t give a sweet damn about the people or their oaths. And when the PTB are done with them they will dispose of them just as they did in Commi Russia, which by the way, is still a commi shit hole along with commi fn China.

  12. I won’t be taking the vaccine and the first one through the door to make me will be getting a broadhead tipped carbon fibre arrow through the skull. They’ve also placed a load of students under house arrest in Glasgow and Manchester. Time to burn this shithole to the ground.