“Who is Pulling the Strings of this Puppet, Boris Johnson?”

UK Column News – 23rd September 2020

YouTube – Sept 23, 2020

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  1. Why dont they ask:

    Who voted him into office?

  2. The behaviour of Boris Johnson since his strange disappearance allegedly with Covid, in April, requires some analysis. Could it be that “someone” made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, because he was not following the plandemic script in the manner required. Ever since then, Boris has not been himself: his decisions have been, without doubt, guided by “the Science”. Scientism has become the scourge of humanity along with Materialism. These two ISMS are leading humanity in the wrong direction, and unless the course is altered the global majority are going to find themselves in a very dark place.

  3. Its obvious to everybody this man is a thoughtless good, on the same calibre as Tony Blair
    at least Rothschild could give us a man with a brain surely
    His father wasa rabbi and he did training to be one
    we could not stand for office in israel and be the countrys leader so why do we have jews running ours ?
    England should be run by an englishman

  4. Just read the news online that they are asking for volunteers in the UK to be given the Corvid 19 virus so they can test the new vaccines on them. What I can understand is, why can’t they test someone who already has the so-called virus? According to the figures, they are thousands of them catching this virus every day in the UK! Maybe I’m missing something?

  5. Never in our history has our collective destiny and our health depended so completely on…so few idiotic despots like the ones we have in charge of us now!

  6. Almost Inquisition time again. Agenda 2030? All Heads of state know that the end date is 2021. The CityofLondon Corp.pulls the strings of Boris Crimson. Who is behind the CityofLondon Corp.? Get it.

  7. And where is the one who talked of “our great, noble democracy.” Rees Mogg?
    WHY does he not speak up???

  8. The reason for this covid hoax is for a government takeover
    One government to rule the world

  9. The UK column, as much as it gives out interesting information, as well as invaluable information on Common Purpose, when it started off is another wild goose chase, media outlet.

    You won’t EVER hear Brian Gerrish talk about (((who’s))) behind it all. The UK column and every organisation that he’s involved in (The British Constitution Group & Lawful Rebellion) do nothing but describe the symptoms but will never tell you what the disease is.

    They’re a waste of time. Brian Gerrish, former British Navy, Submarine commander and thus servant of her majesty, is another ‘Little Englander’ who won’t tell you that the disease that’s destroying the UK and the rest of the world is the same disease that’s been trying to destroy the world for millennia. They’re ignoring the fire starters while frantically trying to put out the fires.

  10. Who is pulling his strings, the zionists and they control the leaders of every country in the world, they rule via their central banks and are the ones behind this covid bullshit and psyop.

    Zionists are destroyers of nations and humanity, it is what they do, it is in their DNA.

  11. The problem with UK Column is the fact that they are sooo long winded. I’ve never been able to watch, it’s like watching gloss paint dry in February.

  12. boris is a puppet of rothschilds jew masonry mafia

  13. We have to remember now that because of the deliberate screwing with death numbers by the US, the UK, and a host of other Western nations to jack the numbers and the scare factor as high as possible, that that hump in the Brit and other mortality graphs around March and April is way too high and contains a lot of deaths caused by other factors. Secondly, the reasons there have been more people attending hospitals with fevers and coughs and racked up as Covid symptoms, is because of that very scare factor based on deception. Thirdly, the testing methods are all skewed and absolutely insanely calculated to continue with the scare tactics, relying on false positives, not just in identifying over 2/3 of the people who may have had the virus but had no symptoms at any time, but on completely unreliable testing methods which give very high false positives and are useless for any really helpful data or rational decision making. If one was to come down with any serious symptoms with any return of the virus, the HCQ-based treatment where used anywhere in the world reduced the Covid-related deaths to almost nothing.

    Are we not being too diplomatic? All our fake “leaders” are lying through their teeth. They ignore all of the real facts and sound reason to carry on with their terror and oppression tactics. We now know this is all to facilitate the planned Resets which they think we will resist. If they have to deceive and oppress us now to this extent now in preparation for what they have planned in their New World Order, what does anyone expect they are going to do to us when we are actually imprisoned in it with their Resets they have already declared they are now launching?

  14. White Elephant and Carl Jones make good points about UK Column. They certainly never do mention the elephant in the room, and their analysis does require close attention. Nevertheless they are the best alternative UK news broadcast that mimics the format of what most normies expect of their news.

    Brainbox Alex Thomson was quite disingenuous in acquitting the “you know who’s” a couple of shows ago. They are good at demonstrating how elected government is being short circuited. I confess that I watch their broadcasts several times as I do Windows On The World. None of us know everything; we all have gaps in our knowledge. And Alex Thomson is very good at describing local/national government organisation, as dry a subject as it is.

  15. Some Naive assess here, britain is now run from tel aviv by “Das juden” ! You goons better waken up to it and get them out of the country ! And they also have to obey the other ashkeNAZI in washington.

    Covid 19 will not kill you, it is just the flu, and there are some people that are so weak, that they die of that as well. The Pirbright Labs designed covid in the early 60’s as a war weapon. Now they are using it on you CHUMPS !
    Waken up and stop being bloody SHEEP ! You have no idea how economically BROKE britland is, and this is all a cover for it.

  16. BoJo has gotta GoGo!!!

  17. Agree with Carl above. Would like to take in more on UK Column and I truly applaud their efforts, but IMO it would be prudent for them to be succinct and compress their reporting to a manageable time frame for its viewers. The dear presenters may have an hour+ per presentation but we viewers may not. As for Boris – he has wilfully forfeited all his senses to Satan.

  18. We know what they are and who they are and what their intentions are. We know they are puppets and soul sellers who are committing one of the worst crimes against their own people that can never be justified TREASON but, what we do not know is how are we going to stop it now at its beginning. That is more important then anything now.
    The dye has been cast but it has not properly set we are still in the experiment phase. They are still looking to see how far they can go with us before the great reset as they like to call it. So far for them its going well thanks to the covidiots but we can reverse that but only on mass by great numbers we can force a stop not by violence but well thought out silent doing, We disobey but we must remember to support each other if we do not the snakes will slide through the cracks again. Do not forget the freedom march that is taking place this week that is a beginning.

  19. qw know whos behind Bad-Boris its the dirty jewboys
    but UK coumn never mention who is behind all this terrorism

  20. I agree – up to a point – with those who point to the fact that the UK Column seldom (not never) names the (((devil’s vermin))), but what do people think would happen if they did?

    One – The average sheeple would immediately denounce them as “natzty nazis” who hate jews for no reason, so they’d lose most of their audience in one go.

    Two – They’d be arrested or worse. Certainly they’d be shut down.

    I believe the team does their best in difficult circumstances, bearing in mind that they operate from within the belly of the beast, and have to be careful not to antagonise that beast while alerting us to at least some of what’s really going on.

  21. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is a very close friend of Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, the 4th Baron Rothschild, who is a Peer in the House of Lords. It is well-known that Boris Johnson, has held meetings over the years with Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, at his country estates, like Waddesdon Manor, in the village of Waddesdon, in Buckinghamshire, and Halton House, which is situated within the Chiltern Hills, not far from the village of Halton, which is also in Buckinghamshire.

    Boris Johnson in the past, has spent many summers working on the same Israeli Kibbutz, owned by the Rothschild Family. As an interesting side note, it was Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, alongside Sir Evelyn Robert Adrian de Rothschild, who both advised Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to introduce Council Tax, by using the Local Government Finance Act 1992, and even suggested the idea of using Council Tax Property Bands. Therefore to summarize, PM Boris Johnson takes his orders from the Rothschild Family, concerning the Covid-19 scam and deception in the United Kingdom.

  22. Great input. Thankyou.

  23. Johnson thinks we will be impressed with his little rehash of the famous “so many…so few” speech of Churchill, who did so much damage to what was Europe.