A Major Part of Their Plan Was Right in Front of Our Eyes

RichieFromBoston — Sept 23, 2020

14 responses to “A Major Part of Their Plan Was Right in Front of Our Eyes”

  1. ‘Climate change’ is a major issue for the Jewish Overlords. They must ‘prove’ it to everyone that it ‘exists’, thus they ignite ‘wildfires’, create droughts & catastrophic storms with their covert geoengineering technology.

  2. Thank you for this. Scary stuff…..

  3. I’ve noticed this summer that there was something strange about the weather. First there was strong winds and gales for about three days, followed by rain for another three days, Then there would be sunshine, again followed by strong winds for about three days and then three days of rain and then more sunny weather. It seems to come about in cycles, on and off!

  4. What a complete and nutter load of bollox switched off after 1.46 mins…………….PS How much of your over priced shit did you sell today??

  5. Really glad to hear someone study the weather.
    Both Ritchie and Chasmick.
    I am outdoor, long hours, the year around, and it is so obvious there is manipulation.
    ”Contrails” that never disappear, and instead expand, destroying a God-given day.
    Grey clouding for days without rain, maybe just a few teasing dropps.
    Dry air.
    Dry winds.
    Strange heat.
    Rivers and streams diminish.
    Electric covid weather.

  6. Try using a redfilter, what you are trying to see is hiding in a red dust cloud. You might stumble on Nibiru and it’s moons.

  7. Someone said to the Jewish Overlords “Do what thou wilt”

  8. .

    can add the millions of cell phone towers – billions of mobile phones,,,satellites. wifi etc which they (the mainstream) repeatedly fail to involve.

  9. @ Freedom from the occulits.

    So you think RFB is a shill?

    You are what i call menatlly Ill.

  10. FREEDOM from the ocultists,
    Change your name to FREEDOM from the truth, since that seems to be what you want.

  11. I lived near the BAE airfield where jets were being tested in the early fifties, and I remember watching the vapour trails at the time.
    As far as I can see there isn’t any difference in the vapour trails appearance of now and seventy years ago.

  12. I watched an airplane draw a nice heart shaped vapor trail above a local lake. Afterwards, it dipped its wings several times and flew off. Irony?

  13. Q Alliance “white hats” currently neutralising chemtrails using a substance that evaporates them. In Texas, 5G towers are being converted into free energy Tesla towers. These coils are being produced in secret by Elon Musks Tesla company. Q Allliance has taken banned the use of Huawei technology in the US which was essentially the tech that made the 5G masts lethal.

  14. mike: Go and see: GeoengineeringWatch.org, you might learn something.