UK Covid cases on course to hit 50,000 a day without urgent action

Introduction – Sept 21, 2020

Little more than six months ago we were warned that Covid-19 could leave as many as 500,000 dead in the UK.
With that grim warning the British government was able to impose a stringent national lockdown with barely a murmur of protest.
As it turned out, the death toll from the pandemic has so far only been a tiny fraction of what was originally predicted. While the man responsible for that original dour forecast, Professor Nail Ferguson, has since been utterly discredited.
Nonetheless, hundreds of thousands at least have lost their jobs or seen their businesses ruined. While the economic impact from the lockdown will continue to be felt for years to come.
However, if you thought that the government’s health advisors would be a little more cautious about issuing such grim forecasts you would be wrong. Not content with being way off the mark with the 500,000 death toll the government’s health advisors are now warning that we could see as many as 50,000 new Covid cases a day with the onset of winter.
Anyone would think that they were actually trying to scare us with such forecasts. For it almost seems as if the government’s scientific and medical advisors are going out of their way to emphasize the magnitude of the threat Covid-19 poses.
Despite England’s chief medical officer Prof. Whitty warning: “If we do too little, this virus will run out of control,” neither he nor chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance, dwelt too much on the number of expected number of deaths from “50,000 new cases a day”.
That’s significant because the vast majority of these cases will NOT be life threatening and most will be little worse than seasonal flu.
According to Sir Patrick Vallance, the 50,000 new cases a day could result in a further 200 deaths daily. That is in the upper range of the estimated 0.2%-0.4% fatality rate for Covid-19.
That compares with the estimated 0.1% fatality rate for seasonal flu, mostly among the very old or those with pre-existing conditions. Crucially however, the 200 daily deaths may be no more accurate than Professor Ferguson’s estimated 500,000 deaths. We won’t know for months yet precisely how accurate those estimates are but given the record of “experts” so far we should at least be cautious..
Call me a cynic or a conspiracy theorist but I would suggest that the government’s advisors are actually trying to alarm the public. To do so they are emphasing the number of ‘cases’, which in the vast majority will not be life threatening, while they ignore the fact that seasonal colds and flu account for tens of thousands of lives every year. For example, in 2014/2015 seasonal flu accounted for an estimated 44,000 additional deaths in the UK.
In other words, the coronavirus is nothing new. We’ve regularly seen threats to public health of a similar magnitude. What’s new is the scale of the official response and the uniformity of government’s worldwide to impose restrictions on movement and association.
I would suggest that just as Professor Nail Ferguson’s prediction of half-a-million deaths was used to justify the imposition of a draconian lockdown, we can expect that “50,000 new cases a day” will be used to justify further draconian measures.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to make a national announcement later on Tuesday so the following should be seen as preparation for that. In other words, expect the worst. Ed.

UK Covid cases on course to hit 50,000 a day without urgent action

Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe, George Parker and Jim Pickard in London, Andy Bounds in Huddersfield and Mure Dickie in Edinburgh – Financial Times Sept 21, 2020

The UK was on Monday told to expect new limits on social contact, as Boris Johnson’s chief scientific advisers warned that coronavirus cases could hit almost 50,000 a day within weeks on the current trajectory.

In a televised address from 10 Downing Street, Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, and Patrick Vallance, chief scientific adviser, said the country faced a “very challenging winter”.

Amid warnings from the scientists that deaths could top 200 a day by November unless action was taken, Mr Johnson is expected to set out new measures to fight the virus on Tuesday.

Ministers are discussing the case for new national restrictions across England and Mr Johnson on Monday was set to hold talks with the leaders of the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. T

The prime minister will convene a meeting of the Cobra emergency committee on Tuesday and hold a regular cabinet meeting before setting out his new approach. He said last week that a new national lockdown would be “disastrous” for the economy.


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17 responses to “UK Covid cases on course to hit 50,000 a day without urgent action”

  1. As shown on another site, the graph these two treasonous scumbags used to supposedly back up their fairytale, actually shows the number of daily ‘cases’ declining over the past 7 days.

    They, along with the government puppets (and those handing them their orders) who are intent on destroying the UK economy, need bringing to account and charged with treason before they manage to change the treason laws, as they are trying to do.

  2. In the interests of the 1% it looks like the Tories will close the last few small businesses so the 1% can own every business through national franchises. Not just those businesses we all need occasionally like barbers and hairdressers, but even those which we don’t all use but which attract membership fees like gyms. They want them all.

    They’ll already have a lot of people trained for these jobs…those who used to own the defunct businesses or worked for them…in the same way big supermarkets now have their own butchers and bakers – because they put High St. butchers and bakers out of business, and whose choices became work in-store for the big boys or retrain for other jobs.

  3. The refusal to allow follow-up questions for yesterday’s press announcement speaks volumes. If Whitty and co are so confident that their “science” is fact why are they not allowing public debate and scrutiny? You would think that if they believe their own data to be so accurate they’d be only too willing to share their convictions with the public to convince the doubters? So what are they afraid of? It has been made pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain that transparency and open debate is not in the vocabulary of those pushing the covid lie and it is being led disproportionately by those that would have a more sinister agenda to keep the public in the dark.

  4. The scum used to tell a lot of lies; now they just tell one.

  5. They’ve stopped people leaving comments on Yahoo!, which was very a popular website for people communicating on. Although Yahoo! had its fair share of trolls and idiots, many more intelligent people posting comments on Yahoo! seemed to be waking up and knew, or had a good idea, what was really going on and made some common sense, biting comments. However, it would seem that the UK government don’t want people to know what’s really hapening, hence the closing down of comments on Yahoo ‘temporarily’. Which, in fact, means permanently.

  6. What about those people who have had this virus and have now recovered? Boris Johnson apparently has had this same virus earlier this year and, in his own words, has now fully recovered! So what about the rest of those who have fully recovered? Are they on the same playing field, or don’t they count in the government statistics?

  7. We all knew these soul sellers were going to do this. They have got to deliver for their masters but, the thing is you have the public now shouting for the army to be brought into the equation to deal with those who might not be wearing a mask or what ever else and implement the £10000 fine. These fools are begging for lock down regardless of those who will need their treatments for cancer, heart, disease etc being left to basically rot.
    The country is full of insane cowards who do not care one jot about anyone else so, is it any wonder that this posse are getting away with mass murder. When the penny drops it will be all too late and although it wont be nice for any of us especially us who have tried to enlighten those as in family and friends of this evil taking place i will get great satisfaction when I hear their begging sobs of “I wish I had listened” and being able to turn round and say tough now get on with it. I am angry that most cannot see this abomination taking place right in front of their eyes and I say this to all those involved with driving this cruel evil agenda forward and I quote from a film I saw but the sentiment is right ” whether in life or death I will have my revenge”

  8. “Professor Nail Ferguson, has since been utterly discredited.” Not so, the Daily Fail is running current commentary from Ferguson.

    Remember the story about the boy who cried ‘wolf’? What if the deep state’s wild predictions are exceeded & that a good portion of the subsequent deaths are children?

    Remember, the 1st wave of fear was mild, remember that their agenda is to create so much fear, that sheeple (wolf) will be begging for vaccinations. This must surely be their plan & the regime’s ‘woolly’ 2nd wave Covid rules are a joke. Food prepared in cramped hot kitchens and then served to sheeple? The rule of 6 is a joke, how many groups of 6 can I join? I believe we (the country, not me) are going to be the deep states Christmas turkey.

    I can hear Boris’s words next year: “We did our best to keep life as normal as possible. Unfortunately, we should have been much stricter.”

    I believe Covid is a bioweapon, or bioweapon[s] and we have no idea just how far they want to take this. Despite the US and UK being totally bust, they have done immeasurable additional damage to the economy, so they clearly believe this investment will be worth the returns.

  9. We are in a spiritual war. Our very souls are at stake. The Godless ones want to usher in the Fourth Revolution which will entail peak materialism, scientism, and an AI technocracy incorporating transhumanism. Everyone will be chipped. Religion will be banned, as will the family and the ownership of property. As Max Kaiser calls it “neo-feudalism” is just around the corner. If people can’t see what is happening in front of them, humanity is doomed.

  10. The powers-that-be have the media saying people believe all this guff. How do we know what people really believe? For all we know just three out of twenty believe this nonsense. Yet people are being fooled into believing 99% believe this crap. They’re the suckers.

  11. The UK so called ‘experts’ are all disciples of the quack Fauci and pushing his Zionist agenda throughout the Western World

  12. The vast majority of the supposed 50,000 “cases” would not experience any symptoms of illness at all. A small minority might get sick and a handful might even die through mishandling by the NHS. The big danger here is the ability of these frauds to insist that many deaths from other causes are artificially reclassified and allocated to the Covid-19 largely fictitious totals.

  13. If banksters have their puppet governments use ‘covid vaccine’ for population reduction there won’t be any survivors left to tell the world that they were killed by covid vaccine. Instead, the jews media would report that covid killed them.

  14. It is all about the “PLANS” which they are locked into and carrying out, which spin doctors and insiders like these two nincompoops feel they are privy to, but we the unwashed common people are unworthy to know and have to be continually deceived like with everything else going on.

    To get our economies going again, some experts tell us how important it is that we have confidence in attaining certain goals. The only “goals” we have heard about this year are the 17 mighty UN Agenda 21/2030 goals which have been launched in our midst by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in the name of the “Great Reset”. The official launching of major control measures over us is well under way, and they include controls over finances, spending, consumption, production, communications, remote working, resources, CO2, education, centralized government, surveillance, equality, wealth distribution, and surveillance. But notice, we have no official voice or major political party to dispute or oppose any of the measures. The WEF in some of their earlier advertisements this year has even been so bold to say how “fortunate” the Covid pandemic has been for all of their launchings. All of the resets, our governments have been implementing behind our backs together with the establishment potentates, and we do hear the voices of their advocates saying they do require the shutting down or stalling of existing systems. They, not conspiracy theorists, call their rollouts the “New World Order”.

    The aims of this New World Order planning are set out in the numerous UN Agenda documents. They are all very laudable at first glance but most of them rest their support on exaggerations and manufactured crises like the man-made CO2 global warming scam, fake population peril, and engineered population displacements. All of these crises and disruptions have been fueled by Western establishment money and mainly from the international banking cartel, through major corporations, and our governments. They are the means to ends for all of the major changes and controls over our lives they wish to make, such that if we knew more about their actual ends and means we would likely most vigorously reject them altogether. That is why they have to proceed by way of mass deception creating crises and fear, and the Covid pandemic, besides being just one more example on the entire corrupt and fraudulent process, is in fact their “corona” of all their scams. It is their “crowning” act of deception, to usher in all of their plans and controls over us.

    They create or exaggerate problems in order to offer their solutions to gain more and more control, which in this case ultimately involves the “necessity” of creating a world government with totalitarian teeth, and which anyone representing anyone of our governments no doubt absolutely loves and fully supports, because it will mean an exponential expansion of government bureaucracy and more opportunity for their personal advancement, perhaps in some Department of Silly Walks Over People’s Faces. The deceit and secrecy also provides them with a sense of importance and elitism over the rest of us. (If anyone disagrees, then the onus is on them to provide some reliable evidence of anyone in our Western governments anywhere, who has exposed the entire Covid pandemic as the complete fraud it is, and the actual true reasons for it.)

    All of the announced “goals” indicate that we in the affluent West must have less than we have now, and certainly one of the most important “new normal” objectives of the Covid restrictions, is that we reduce all social and economic commerce to bare essentials. So, get used to it. The new normal lunacy will also include the NWO means of mass deception and fear mongering for any future adjustments, like to our genes and numbers.

    The restrictions have nothing to do with a virus, and for a number of reasons, the cartel does not want to restart the economy. The restrictions have everything to do with the real PLANNING which include all the questionable UN aims and means, which serve the special and peculiar interests of the international banking cartel which funds the UN, its Agendas, and the WEF, and which controls minions and charlatans like Bill Gates.

    Hence, in this climate with the continued deliberate stalling of the economy over the pretext of a flu virus, there can be no recovery, and with the continued very obvious mass deceptions there can be no confidence. What people who could invest will continue to do is to hoard and to hide their wealth. Those who are in debt or live from pay check to pay check will generally appreciate the holiday from work, and look for some debt jubilee and a guaranteed annual income, which in the long spells more economic disaster. What all of this really spells is a very long, long depression, with all of the central planners really having no more economic sense than when they established the Soviet Union. However, what they plan to have is complete control over us no matter how impoverished and miserable they have made us in the process.

    There are of course only two political camps in all of this, and both are now clearly on the side of the “necessity” of the Covid scam. In one camp are the globalists who site that all our governments agreed have agreed to implement all of the wonderful humanitarian-carrot UN goals, which to them are simply crucial for the “sustainability” of all life on earth, and human equality. They feel they can rightly cast a blind eye to any “necessary” means to make such improvements. In fact, they see nothing wrong with mass deception, media brainwashing, killing a few old timers, scaring and isolating tens of millions into anxiety and depression, destroying millions of small businesses and jobs, causing irreparable economic harm. Few of them really believe that our survival or that of the environment is at stake. Rather, they believe we are just too stupid and selfish to understand and appreciate the unquestionable privilege of those in power to utilize whatever means they deem fit to carry out their plans and impose some Agenda measures they happen to agreed with.

    The other crowd of elites are those with more of an anti-globalist and pro-sovereign nation loyalty, and appear to be represented by people like Donald Trump. MAGA means to many of them, US dominance on the world stage, and they generally reject real national sovereignty movements for lesser nations, as well as the rule of law to govern foreign relations. They are largely a “fee enterprise” crowd which has rejected fee trade, particularly with China, and anxious to move industry back to the US, or Western shores. They are not implicated in the UN globalist movement and their long-term Planning, but are implicated in carrying on with the the Covid scam. Apologists, like Jim Sinclair, argue that because of the collapse of the Repo market in the US and environs, and the “Eurodollar” market in Europe last year, the Covid pandemic and the economic shutdowns were fortuitous and necessary, to prevent the collapsed of the entire economy. This economic problem was of course allegedly is a result of the mother of all debt bubbles, created mainly over the past 30 or 40 years with the outsourcing of manufacturing to China, and other third-world nations, making in the process most Western nations debtor nations. What this faction appears to have bought into, is the idea that if we simply start up the economy again, the Repo short-term loan problems between banks will only accelerate bringing the entire system down. Interesting theory, but the fact is that the more we delay the bigger the debt bubble and the more damage done to the economy. How about just tightening up on the unsecured borrowing, and let the chips fall where they will, while the people and businesses find ways to flourish without the toxic government manure?

    What is still most disconcerting in all of this, is the evidence that all major political factions are parties to the Covid scam in major ways, and that is sufficient evidence that they all to some extent feel bound to the UN and bankster cartel aims being facilitated by the scam. First of all, just about every government of every nation in the world whether they are for or against the UN aims or free trade, is backing the scam. This means to many of us that it is only the international banking cartel which is the only body which could possibly enforce such universal compliance, which is the same cartel which funds and directly or indirectly controls the UN, its Agendas, and the WEF, the globalist movement, as well as the major political parties and politicians of the West. Their diktat appears to be that all heads of government, media, and industry must comply with the Covid shutdowns for the major Resets. My view is that humanitarian-carrot ones are not priorities, but that the emphasis will be on the long-sought globalist bank with enforced trade in a single currency, which the cartel plans to control. For any such universal currency bringing Russia, India and China into the mega cartel-controlled, silk-road trading plans, it could not be based on Western fiat currency, and they plan by 2022 to have a global bullion-backed currency. This process is expected to major devaluations of any Western currencies in the exchanges, and will be much to the advantage of the gold-rich, said Asian nations, and the cartel.

    The cartel owners are all heavily invested in China, and likely control that nation to some extent. The planning of the communist government China is very long range, but that of the cartel is even longer and far more sophisticated. If you can accept the fact that it is ultimately the cartel behind the pandemic, and you know that that planning likely arose some time before the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation documents, specifically to enable as a cover or a pretext the launching of UN Agenda plans which go back to at least 1987, then you would also have to admit that such a cartel which regulates and controls our currencies and our economies, would also have the ability, and most likely no qualms, to nullify regulations on bank lending practices, like they did in the late 1990’s in order deliberately to allow the biggest debt bubble to emerge in our history. These controlled banking regulation changes have led to the economic crashes since, and the big one following right on the heels of the “unforeseen” 2019 crash of the Repo & Eurodollar markets, which is the 2020 economic crash largely attributed to Covid pandemic, allegedly causing everything to tank, and the planned rescue scheduled for early 2021 of the cartel-backed NWO, high tech, digital “first reset” of our currencies.

    If anyone is free and truthful enough to see that the Covid pandemic was in all probability planned as a pretext to usher in the also-planned major resets of the cartel and its minions, then with the planned resulting “lockstep” economic shutdowns and clearly-foreseeable, adverse economic consequences, they ought to be able to see more clearly the fingerprints of the same cartel in a steady nurturing over the past 25 years of the gigantic debt bubble, which economists say is crippling our economy.

    To say that the Covid crisis did not cause the debt bubble or the economic crash which would have occurred anyway, is facile thinking in the circumstances, for the following reasons. It is clear that the Covid financial privations not only require the interventions of the cartel, but that the privations are directly facilitating all of the Resets backed by the cartel, and especially the key-ones regarding finances. That being the case, if one wanted to argue that debt bubble and economic crash was not planned by the same sources and is “organic”, one would have to argue that in order to facilitate the imposition of all of the UN Agendas including all of their key-financial ones, the cartel planned just to rely on the economic fallout from their planned Covid pandemic, which is absurd. The last thing the cartel would have wanted for their 2020 pandemic and Resets is a flourishing Western economy with balanced foreign debt obligations, and any debt bubble under control. In the temporal context, their planning for the pandemic started before 2010 and their planning for the imposition of Agenda 21 began before 1992 and as early as 1987, yet to pull everything off they had to create an economic crisis in the world economy, obviously so that they could come to the rescue with all of their measures.

    It is also by debt-rigging of nations that the cartel has assumed the control of most nations and that process is what it excels in the most and has given them such power. The occurrence of the crash of the financial economy in 2019, and the further deliberately-accelerated crashing of the economy in 2020 with the Covid pandemic, is not a coincidence. It has all been PLANNED to dovetail together, and it results in another purely manufactured crisis to serve the ends of a group despots seeking with the assistance of their minions and our sell-out governments, totalitarian control over world finances, resources, our nations, and our very lives.

  15. It is with some poetic justice that people get house arrest for the crime of believing politicians and MSM.

  16. Any which way, people will have to get off their arses and physically do something…. Freedom is not free…

  17. How many people of these 50,000 are actually going to get physically ill……