“Microwaves … it’s a good way to kill people”

YouTube – Feb 2019

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  1. “Microwaves… Its a good weapon to kill people. We used it against catholics in Northern Ireland, we used it against woman to give them cancer”. Mr Barry Trower seems so concerned, i have seen the whole video but never a word of regret.

  2. All this radiation stuff never mentioned on the news yet the effects are flu like symptoms if you be on the computer or 5 G phone a long time.
    Just like 9/11 only a million times more of a hoax.

  3. Most profound interview and revealing. This should be shared widely by everyone. The only reason that the PTB and government getaway with their tyrannical ways, because people do not know the Truth and accept the Government and MSM media lies. Knowledge is power and that is what the PTB fear. Exposing the Lies and the Liars is the only sensible way to confront these enemies of the Human race.

  4. How’s that allowing mongrel maniac Jews (Musk/Gates/Bezos/Brin/Zuckerberg etc) to rule your nation/world working out for you?

    Enjoy your microwave dinner.

  5. Every time I posted this interview on another news forum, it was immediately removed! WHY? The PTB fear, that people become aware of the truth and they no longer control the narrative. I have personally experienced the effects of satellite microwave radiation before I had any awareness of it symptoms. Only after starting to research and by obtaining an Electromagnetic Radiation Tester, did I come across of the dangers of 5G/EMF.
    It even affected my dog, not knowing what the problem was at the time. I removed all of my WiFi and hardwired all of my electronic devises and can testify to the great improvement in my health. Unfortunately too late for my long time four legged friend who had to be euthanized. Even the Vet did have an explanation for the symptoms my dog displayed. I concur with this man’s presentation and hope, that as many people as possible become aware of this dangerous technology.

  6. Covid -19 is Electro- magnetic stimulation of Titanium dioxide in situ, It produces DIC effects in animals, including humans. Disseminated intravascular coagulation is the major cause of deaths in Covid victims.

  7. How come this guy is still alive? Seriously, I don’t know why he’s alive.

  8. @24 minutes about liability interesting…