“Tomorrow it All Begins FOR SOME and… FOR SOME, Tomorrow is the Beginning of the End.”

Smoking Mirrors – Sept 21, 2020

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My dear friends; Welcome to The Fall Equinox and let me begin with a synopsis from the teachings of Omraam Mikhail Aivanhov. I’m going to paraphrase for the sake of Brevity.
There are four demarcations of the year, which also herald the arrival of one of the four seasons. There are two solstices and two equinoxes. They also match up with the four Cardinal Feasts; Christmas… Easter… The Feast of St. John the Baptist and The Feast of St Michael Archangel. Each of these points in time is a Nexus for VERY powerful forces. The whole process is controlled by The Sun. Out of the Nexus of each solstice and equinox are distributed the force that powers the pending changes set to occur within that time frame.
The Spring Equinox is under the purview of the Archangel Raphael. He lives in the Sphere of Mercury and his name means, “God the Healer” or “Divine Physician.” He brings Nature back to life and the feast of that season is Easter, to commemorate the RESURRECTION of Jesus the Christ.
The Summer Solstice is under the guidance of Archangel Uriel. He is the Archangel of Light. The church does not mention him as it does the others. Curious. The relative feast is The Feast of St. John.
The Fall Equinox is commanded by Archangel Michael, coincidentally (grin) this contains the Feast of St Michael.
The Winter Solstice is orchestrated by the Archangel Gabriel. Christmas fall within this sector of time.
Raphael is the Angel of Air. Uriel is the angel of Earth. Michael is the angel of fire. Gabriel is the angel of Water. How does the angel of Earth also qualify as the angel of light? It’s complicated and requires explanations beyond the dimensions of a post. I would have to go on and on and on. If you want further details, a search engine will bring more than you can ever read before you. The problem is knowing who to trust. I have solved that consideration for myself and each of us has to work that out for themselves. Knowing who to trust is made easy when your primary trust is INFLEXIBLY invested in the Supreme Lord of Hosts.
Once you have surrendered yourself UTTERLY to The One and there is ONLY one, you are good to go. Following that, you RELY COMPLETELY upon the instruction given to you through the Intuition. That is what it is there for. A GOOD exercise is to call upon the angel who is in charge of each element and ASK for assistance and insight, concerning the QUALITIES OF GOD, which they embody in respect of that particular element. Stability would be a quality of Earth. Give it some thought and you will be able to identify who is associated with which quality and then ask, in a sincere and focused manner, that you may be informed by what means you can acquire that quality. Believe me, there is NOTHING so valuable as the Qualities of God.
Returning to the matter of Trust, one whom I trust is Master Aivanhov and if you want further details on some of the matters discussed here today, I recommend you get a copy of, “The Fruits of the Tree of Life.” Purchase it from the publisher, unless you find a deal somewhere because IRONICALLY… those selling used copies often want ridiculous sums for them. Goes hand in hand with all the things they didn’t learn reading it; if, in fact, they ever did read any of it.
Why do I bring this up? Well… let us go back to each of these moments in time; the day of the solstice or equinox. Let us consider that these are inception points for the following 90 days or so, in which certain events are set to occur and at which point, the hand of Heaven, personified by the particular archangel, puts the imprimatur of Heaven upon that period of time. In other words… the one thing that must be kept in mind is “Thy will be done on Earth as IT IS IN HEAVEN.” Everyone has their plans and agendas concerning the coming times. These vary widely. None of them matter UNLESS they are IN ACCORD with Heaven. Otherwise, you can forget about it because it will come to naught.
You might then ask, “Well, visible, how come evil plans often come to fruition? Doesn’t, I mean, wouldn’t that mean that God sponsors and supports evil doings?” Yeah, he does… for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. Just because something happens in a particular way at a given moment DOES NOT MEAN that is the end of it. Give it time. And… he doesn’t support evil plans, he permits them so that they might arrive at their destined end, for THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION.
For instance, this COVID scam was set up for several reasons, but one of the MOST important reasons was to pave the way for mail-in voting, so that those who have hijacked the Democratic Party can steal, or give the appearance of winning this coming election.
Back to the NEXUS POINT which is TOMORROW. On that day, certain events are set in motion, to take place within the framework of that solstice or equinox. Natural occurrences are scheduled to take place and sometimes do take place, on that day. Nothing is left to chance. There IS some amount of leeway that has to do with individual and collective soul progressions and the results WILL vary widely, depending on who they are happening to and why. There are some pretty twisted individuals present at this time. Oh… I could give you plenty more. They come to my attention; I don’t know why. Perhaps it is because I enjoy God’s Laughter. He is quite an amusing fellow when he is personalized. We don’t hear much from the impersonal side, given the motionless aspect.
Not only are there many people like this but there are MANY MANY more who support this kind of behavior and even think it’s cool. The fellow engaged in this activity said something like, “If this is the future of masturbation, I’m all for it.” Here is an example of child abuse and the instantaneous responses of wackos from all over. Note the pose of the child with the designer handbag. This is the day to day inventory of an alarmingly large segment of the population. Great reaches of time are extended for people to come to their senses, which is hard… if your spiritual senses are not activated.
Huge swatches of virtual ink are devoted to the most inane and mindless enterprises. There is far more of these screen captures than I have time, patience, or space for AND… if you go to the British Press, the numbers are exponentially astronomical; or would that be astronomically exponential? Unreal. That’s actually what is all is… unreal, and you can only stretch the rubber band ‘of aggressively reaching beyond the bounds of all sense of reason and balance’ so far before it is snapped back to center WITH FORCE.
The Initiates of the Great Brotherhood are working tirelessly behind the scenes, in concert with the archangels and other angels, as well as all of the illumined entities, and servants of Heaven. You don’t hear about them in the press but THEY ARE A FACTOR. They are not working for their own gain. They aren’t even thinking about that. Selfless Service precludes that form of consideration. There is a Higher Calling and it is difficult to describe it. Imagine anyone so filled with LOVE that all they are able to do is give themselves away without respite. They have tapped the hidden wellsprings of the heart and NOTHING makes sense except to serve and to hope and pray for an eternity to follow in which they can continue to do the same; anonymously and with no thought of their own reward. They are the gleaming pearls around the neck of God. They are literally the stars shining in the sky.
If one is still trapped in their vain and frightened false sense of self, it is hard to understand how such activity makes sense. “Hey! Who’s going to pay the bills?” and always…. always… ‘what about me? What about me?’ Losing that sense of me is the gateway to freedom but… you can’t tell most people about this. They don’t want to hear it. They don’t know that they are dreaming. They don’t know that everything they want is not worth having; that it turns into a handful of thorns.
Here is the latest from Satanic Catamite, Georgie Porgie Soros. ‘They’ are VERY SERIOUS about plunging the world into chaos, confusion and DISPAIR. This is the power of money on the minds of those hungry beyond reason for it. Where is this money REALLY coming from? I’ll give you one guess.
Such circumstances in this time of tumultuous change can be disheartening to many whose hearts are in the right place and fear for what might come upon them and their Hostages to Fortune. Think about it. Take a moment and think about it. WHY would all of this be going on at this time and what is the single basic consideration at work here? It is all about what you have put your faith in and a test to see how committed that faith is. The sheer power of appearances is/can be INTIMIDATING. Of course, you can see and hear all of that at any time and all the time. You can’t hear or see (except in exceptional cases) The Invisible; the Realm of the Ineffable. “Faith is THE SUBSTANCE of things UNSEEN.” Ponder that AND… if it reveals the deeper meanings, it will amplify your faith considerably.
Fear and Love CANNOT occupy the same space at the same time. They are mutually exclusive. The Key is to possess enough Love so that Fear cannot even approach. Once again, it is a matter of FAITH. Get Faith, Certitude, and Determination. Don’t leave home without them.
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7 responses to ““Tomorrow it All Begins FOR SOME and… FOR SOME, Tomorrow is the Beginning of the End.””

  1. You know what? I would be willing to beat the living crap out of Bill Goetz Gates to receive the headlines ‘Doctor beats the living crap out of Bill Gates because of all the satanic lies’. I’ll do the time for assault causing bodily harm. 🙂
    Mvh, Glenn Dormer B.A. B.Sc. MSW, MD

  2. “Imagine anyone so filled with LOVE that all they are able to do is give themselves away without respite. ”
    NOW you,re talking!

  3. ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.’ –Liber AL I:40

  4. … except it’s not ‘…the whole of the law’.
    Verse 39 ‘The word of the law is Thelema’
    Now go to Thelema and there is the whole of it, being…
    … ‘Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Love is the law, love under will’
    Kind of changes it somewhat!
    And Mouser, get the feeling re Dollar Bill, especially poignant from an MD… good on yer! As for the GBH, if you must yet try not to leave any bruising 😉

  5. The name Gates reminds me to say that ” the gates of hell” are gates, not somehow a battering ram. Jesus and His followers do the battering. All churches have it the cowering way round.

  6. Emotions can coexist if they are selfless or divine. When you talk about Love removing fear… it is mainly divine love vs earthly fear. What do you think of “Fear of letting God down” ? Sure God is merciful and will forgive you again and again… BUT you claim to love god so much! So how can you be so sure that you have no shortcomings and Good is happy with you? Throughout history countless men and women claimed to love god, what makes you different?

    If we ignore God’s wrath and power and just consider God’s merciful side… As long as we are not dead yet we may commit crimes or do less or neglect, all of which at least can translate into eternal regret if not hell fire. What makes you so sure that God is fully satisfied with you and that he will not test you with yet even greater tests?! This certainty or lack of fear… what is the source of it? Negligence, Arrogance, Ignorance? So with love comes its own fear… anyone who claims otherwise is not honest with themselves.

    The Bible say: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” (John 4:18)

    This is however the selfish earthly fear. Indeed intensity of love will free you from such fears. Only after death and ending up in paradise you can feel safe and have no fear, while still alive… you must have divine fears otherwise you have no desire or incentive to improve. The time that you have on earth is ticking… if your only fear is to serve god and not let him down… then you fear and love nothing else… how can you define this fear as something other than love?

    Christians should refine their concepts and make room for divine wrath and stop believing Jesus ع would love enemy of mankind and enemy of God as in Matthew 5:44.

    The eastern dualistic religions that advice “balance” and not being in state of extreme emotions to improve their intellect simply don’t understand that selfish/primal emotions can’t coexist but selfless/divine emotions do! And you watch some martial arts movies in which an angry mob gets beaten by a super calm dude and conclude emotions are bad!

    Selfish ego based emotions are bad because they destroy your initiative and creativity, on the other hand selfless divine emotions improve your clarity and creativity and sense of purpose.

    You have not even properly defined fear and its opposite… some say opposite of fear is courage, others say it is faith… However let me tell you that the opposite of fear is best described as “hope”.

    Quote from Les: “Fear and Love CANNOT occupy the same space at the same time. They are mutually exclusive. The Key is to possess enough Love so that Fear cannot even approach. Once again, it is a matter of FAITH. Get Faith, Certitude, and Determination. Don’t leave home without them.”

    So in light of what we explained above. There is no balance in things such as love, the more the better. However love brings its own fear too. The stronger love is the stronger its twin fear will be as well. The problem is you guys don’t have a proper map of human soul and you mix up concepts or put the against one another or consider them as the same.

    You can’t win in this argument against me, you can try and see for yourself. Am I arrogant or really sure!? As I said before we are at the core just “see” and “seek”, I also destroyed the overgrown concept of “knowledge” for you. The idol of knowledge! …and I saved the orphan concept of belief, specially blind-belief, the logic is solid.

    my two rials

  7. I have to sound arrogant and poke you… otherwise you won’t think on this subject as you should nor will you try to prove me wrong! So I’d like to see what the proponents of pure love come up with.