Millennials and the Holocaust

Gilad Atzmon – Sept 21, 2020

What is it that causes some to constantly measure how much they are hated?  What kind of people demand their host nation be intimately familiar with their past?  We learned this week that once again, some Jews are upset by the fact that a considerable segment of the American people refuse to see the past exactly as they themselves see it.
The Jewish Forward reported over the weekend that  “survey results on Holocaust knowledge in America are in, and the findings are terrifying. Not only do they show a shocking level of ignorance, but they reinforce findings about all adults, as well as trends throughout western Europe.” Those Americans who worry that Americans are uniquely ignorant should be relieved. Americans are only just as ‘ignorant’ or maybe as ‘rebellious’ as Europeans.
It seems that despite intensive Holocaust indoctrination and the fact that Holocaust museums and monuments have mushroomed all over the USA, fewer Americans are interested in their Jewish neighbors’ historic suffering and the question is, what can be done about it?  Perhaps they will have to erect  a holocaust museum on every American street corner. Maybe they can solve this acute educational problem by attaching a large and heavy iron Star of David to the back of every millennial.
The Forward reports that two-thirds of young Americans didn’t know how many died in the Holocaust. For some peculiar reason it is very important to most Jewish institutions that everyone parrots the ‘six figure.’ This is peculiar, as the notion of a genocide is within the realm  of the categorical rather than the numerical.  But if these institutions insist upon reducing the holocaust into a materialist quantified figure I am inclined to ask how many Jews know the exact number of Ukranians who were starved to death in the Holodomor?  How many Jews have even heard of the Holodomor? Which Jews know about Stalin’s Jews as Israeli leading columnist Sever Phlocker identifies them. Do contemporary Jews know about the impact of the Yiddish Speaking Spanish International Brigade on Catholic Spain in 1936? How many Iraqis died in the Neocon ‘war against terror’? I ask because Haaretz Writer Ari Shavit  wrote in 2003 that  “the war in Iraq was conceived by 25 neoconservative intellectuals, most of them Jewish.” If Jewish institutions want everyone else to understand  the holocaust in numerical terms, maybe it would be reasonable to expect Jews to know the numbers of colossal crimes against humanity perpetrated largely or partially by Jews.
The Forward is upset by the fact that nearly half of millennial Goyim couldn’t name a single death camp. In return I ask  how many Jewish millennials know about Deir Yassin or can name a single Zionist massacre in Palestine in 1948 or before? How many Jewish millennials know about the Sabra and Shatila massacre?  Or the  Kefar Qana Massacre?  What do they know about the malnutrition in Gaza caused directly by years of blockade imposed by the Jewish State?
Apparently “11% of respondents harbor ‘intensely’ antisemitic views by agreeing to six or more anti-Jewish statements. That’s 28 million Americans” the Forward writes. I was curious to find out what are those “intensely” anti-Semitic views. Apparently the survey refers to the following list produced by the ADL in early 2020.

According to the ADL, back in January  “44 percent of respondents agreed with the statement that ‘Jews stick together more than other Americans,’ 25 percent agreed that ‘Jews always like to be at the head of things’ and 24 percent believed that ‘Jews are more loyal to Israel than to America.’
Americans should be thrilled by the ADL’s findings and the recent study of millennials’ attitude to Jews.  These  studies  suggest that despite the tyranny of correctness,  Americans , at large and millennials in particular, aren’t blind to the reality in which they live. They still think independently and authentically.  Yet, despite the fact that almost half of Americans admit to being aware of Jewish clannish exclusivist culture, America is kind to its Jews as peace and harmony are embedded in its Christian ethos. Yet one issue must be raised. If the ADL and the recent holocaust study represent Jewish American attitudes to their gentile neighbours,  it may reveal that 2% of the American population disapprove of  the legitimate views of 44% of Americans as ‘antisemitic.’  Nearly half of the Americans are castigated as ‘racists’ for noticing the generally accepted notion that “Jews stick together.”  By doing so the ADL & Co actually confirms that from a Jewish perspective  it is ‘all about the few not the many.’
Admittedly, the situation is potentially volatile. Still, if fighting antisemitism is so important for American  Jews maybe people like Alan Dershowitz who struggles desperately to clear his name of underage sex allegations are not the best candidates to preach to Americans about who they should read and what history and education are all about.
Watch Alan Dershowitz preaching to the American people  about history and morality:

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Gilad Atzmon, a former Israeli soldier now a writer and an award winning Jazz musician resident in London, where he lives in virtual exile

12 responses to “Millennials and the Holocaust”

  1. The Holocaust is a HOAX. The IRC numbers for the Jews who died in the German labor camps in Europe during WWII is about 271,000. As for anti-semitism, Israelis planted the explosives that brought down WTC I and WTC II and WTC 7. Every American Christian patriot should be an anti-semite. Israel did 911.

  2. The only bad thing about the Holocaust is that it didn’t happen.

  3. The predator brainwashes the world into seeing it as a huge victim so that we will be blind to its relentless criminal activity. Next milestone .. the total destruction of America.

  4. cambridge magazine held a survey of its intellectuals and an astonishing 82% did not believe the official story.
    Look at the outrage when the British zio government said it would spend 12 million pounds on a london holocaust memorial, while we have growing numbers of our own people living on the streets, even the SAS said they would blow it up.
    Politics means poly = many and tics means blood suckers, so politicians = many bloodsuckers, in the UK we say politicians , shit for brains.
    While israel clears the Middle east of christians and muslims, our government people traffics them into the UK, if the USA does attack iran which it looks like it will
    the millions of muslims allowed in by our government have promised reprisals, and we allows these people in ?
    politicians = shit for brains

  5. We fought w w 2 to hand Germany back to the jews
    many old servicemen i spoke to said we should not have interfered
    Hitler did right, Chamberlian was negotiating over the jewish problem in the UK
    we could have fixed in then with German help

  6. The statement chart should impress Jews and Zionists. Considering that the sheeple are so thick. I don’t trust this reseach. I think it plays directly into the expansion of Jew propaganda.

  7. Oh yes, there was a Holocaust!
    But not to ”the chosen ones”.
    The whole Burnt offering was excercised on Germans and Japan.

  8. It is a very dangerous situation – Contemporary America’s parallels to the Weimar Republic are rather clear by now, and Naziism could quickly be revived. The consequences of this on the world stage would likely be terrible.

    As the insightful Mr. Atzmon points out, American Jews had better find better representatives than Alan Dershowitz – and do it post-haste! As well, they ought to relinquish most of their grip on power, sooner rather than later.

    Either they are too dense to realize their predicament, or it is a deliberate provocation by a small number of them (like World War 2 seems to be).

    May it work out peacefully!

  9. Advice:
    Tell the truth.
    Follow the constitution.
    Golden Rule.
    All else follows.

  10. This one clear “things” REALLY up I guess :

  11. Less than a millions Jews died in WWII, yet how many millions upon millions of Christians died in that war? TENS of MILLIONS of Russian Christians were outright slaughtered by the Jew-led maniacal bolsheviks alone. The labor prisons run by the Germans were NOT extermination camps, and there certainly weren’t gas chambers for mass executions, and that has all been proven time and time again. So shut the …. up, Shlomo, nobody is buying your lies any longer.

    Good on Gilad for pointing out some of the atrocities perpetrated by the tribe of eternal victims and bringing some perspective to the story.