Exposure – The Electromagnetic Human Test – James Grundvig

Making Sense of the Madness – YouTube Sept 7, 2020

Transcript https://johnmichaelchambers.com/5g-exposure-the-electromagnetic-human-test/

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  1. many experts who claimed that 5 G was a major factor, were dismissed as conspiracy theorists, this vid makes them right again
    Its been said by whistelblowers that Bilderberg Conferences discussed this very scenario
    Israel got away with the Fukashima disaster
    will they get away with this too ?
    Time to start burning down the synagogues.

  2. This is not an implausible theory – and it ties in with Jon Rappoports contention that we are dealing with a multi-factorial “disease”, counted under the one umbrella of “Corona-virus”. There is probably a virus also.

    Strange how he draws Q-anon symbolism into it in the end, though.

  3. So there is a bioweapon and it was deployed long before it was activated & this is supported by countries like Iran, North Korea & many others that don’t have 5G, but are being targeted. We’ve probably all been infected with this bioweapon, most in the West got the mild protective dose because at this stage, they don’t want mass death… but that might come.

  4. @ Thomas Faber
    “Strange how he draws Q-anon symbolism into it in the end, though.”

    That is why we must remain vigilant and do our own research. Is he merely a Dupe or is he part of the “plan” ?

    WWG1WGA is the pact that the Fallen Angels made at Mount Hermon, with each other, when they decided to commit sin and to disobey and do the opposite of what their responsibilities were. They exercised “Free will” as we all do. The choices we make are what makes us who we are and show to others who we serve as a master.
    Instead of fulfilling the requirements of their “estate” as being watchmen for humans they became the predators and parasites of humanity in the same way that the descendants of Cain carry on today as predators and parasites who want the return of the old gods and a new beginning from the ashes of the destruction they want to implement.

    Not mentioned in this presentation is the fact that both China and Italy had implemented mandatory vaccines on the citizenry prior to the outbreak of the mysterious illness in the hardest hit areas. The coincidences that are associated with this globally coordinated “plandemic” response are uncanny.

  5. @Ellis Taylor Why the Synagogues and the innocent people in them??? Why not straight to the source Rothschild, Rothstein, Soros, Gates etc?? They are the REAL problem NOT everyday Jews

  6. People who follow the synagogue of Satan are not ‘innocent’. They follow a Religion of fear, death and destruction and are the anti-Christs. That Religion hated Jesus to the point of death and everyone else that followed the teaching of Jesus. Jesus exposed their falsehood and they hated him for it. It is a disguised Religion of Satan and the Talmud as its most secret holy book.

  7. everyday jews are part and parcel of this
    very jew has to allow mossad to use their passports homes, cars and advice
    look how they treat palestiians/

  8. For years my Mrs used to hassle me about enabling the WIFI on the broadband connection so she could use it on her mobile phone in another room when her data ran out. I refused on every occasion and simply said if you want to use the Internet its next door on the P.C.

    She is in this ridiculous vulnerable group and has been made, along with a number of others in her workplace, to work from home since the end of March till who who knows when. Now I’ve had to enable the WIFI for her work purposes and can safely say when I use the P.C.now it gives me major league headaches and makes me extremely nauseous. To add insult to injury her work means getting not only are both of us being frazzled with cancer causing Electro Magnetic Radiation on a daily basis but were also having to pay financially for this ‘privilege’. 2 computers are having to be on for 40 hours a week to use this WIFI connection – the P.C. with the WIFI broadband connection and her work laptop downstairs !!!

    Come on people lets work from home and get frazzled with Electro Magnetic Radiation. Come on kids lets not go to school and lets do schooling from home and get frazzled with Electro Magnetic Radiation. Come on students (college and University etc.) lets do online education from home and get frazzled with Electro Magnetic Radiation !!! This radiation is literally everywhere and is no wonder the Cancer rates are through the roof.

  9. @No to agenda 2030 unless it is the leech countries that suffer NOT the West,

    Ah, the synagogues where on the eve of yom kippur the jews recite their kol nidre:

    Kol Nidre
    “All vows, obligations, oaths, and anathemas [curses]which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the nextwe do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect: they shall not bind us nor have any power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligations; nor the oaths be oaths.”

    And you expect us to believe a word a jew says??